Ryan Giggs Charged by Police

Wales manager Ryan Giggs has been charged with causing actual bodily harm to a woman in her 30s and common assault of a woman in her 20s.


  • Here is the FAW's official statement in response:

    "The Football Association of Wales has noted the decision of The Crown Prosecution Service to proceed with charging Ryan Giggs, the Men’s National Team Manager.

    In light of this decision, the FAW can confirm that Robert Page will assume the role of Cymru Men’s National Team manager for this summer’s EURO 2020 tournament and will be assisted by Albert Stuivenberg.

    An FAW Board meeting will be convened to discuss these developments and its impact on the Association and the National Team.

    The FAW will not be making any further comment at this current time."

  • be careful what you post on here, or on social media about this case.

    Nobody wants to see a contempt of court, or anyone to prejudice the case, and cause a mistrial.

  • Anyone have an opinion on why its taken this long to charge him?

  • evidence?

    reluctance of the witnesses/victims to testify?

    covid impacting ability/resources to investigate ?

    these cases take time to put together, as they are notoriously seen to fail.

    And the spotlight is on it , between the Domestic Abuse Bill going through Parliament, and this week's Ruth Dodsworth's case.

    Plus Giggs is a huge public figure. they couldnt afford to go off, half-cocked.

  • Not going to comment on Giggs but glad the FAW have clarified the situation for the Euros so we can at least start planning ahead and getting ready.

    I'm not sure about Page mind you. Personally I'd have asked Cookie back to take the team just for this tournament. Safe pair of hands, has the experience, knows the squad, knows how to get the best out of Bale.

  • Good thought Gary,I suspect that would have given the squad an extra lift going in to the competition.

  • Well lets be honest Ryan Giggs has a track record of womanising, but of course a track record of doing something doesnt seem to make a difference.

    Actions often speak louder than words

  • The fact he ****** his brother’s wife, says all you need to know about him

  • He is presumed innocent UNTILL it is proven otherwise.

    so as it stands at the moment he is an inocent man.

    Lets leave it at that .

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