Match Discussion: Swans v Derby County - Championship 2020/21

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Swans v Derby County Championship game on Saturday, 1 May 2021 at 3pm.

The game is now being shown live on Sky Sports.

Referee Darren Bond will be assisted by Philip Dermott and Robert Hyde, with Dean Whitestone the 4th Official for the game.

Take a look at the Swans v Derby County Head to Head Stats since their first meeting in south Wales in 1926.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Steve Cooper's pre or post match comments and team selection.



  • Hope SC does not make too many changes as we fans need a good home win after some of the poor showings of recent times. Of course both Sheff Wed and Rotherham will be keeping watch on our game and trusting that we wont gift the Rams easy points like we did in the game at Derby earlier in the season.

  • Needs to rest players for playoff, chance to give some of bench warmers some game time - need to see how they play - probably be first choice next season if we don't go up.

  • We need to come 2nd or 3rd and avoid Brentford.

  • If we get through the first two legs we will play the best team anyway, so the idea of getting through to the final and losing isnt any more appealing to me than losing over the first two legs.

  • I think we will have more chance over 1 game against Brentford and Bournemouth , would prefer 2 games with Barnsley .

    On any day we can beat anyone or lose to anyone.

    What I like at this time is most pundits and ex players are making us underdogs who don't have much chance .

    Our management and players will like this ,

  • We are only underdogs because of our perceived inconsistency. We might see any change in our game plans against Derby and Watford especially if as rumoured Ayew is rested but whoever we play in the semis must be met by a positive confident Swansea team. Not one of the teams is clear from the others in the play off positions so over a season we are much of a muchness....

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    Nice to see Ayew's diplomatic injury for the next two games - I would also give Lowe a 45 minute run out in each game - or even sit him for one - and also Fulton and Grimes need a "blow".

    Woodman can also catch a cold - but he would probably drop it - JOKING I AM 😛.

  • I'm sure Fulton and Grimes needs can be met one way or another😃 also it's clear that Whittaker needs more mints, this season has been a marathon and the playoffs will not be a bed of roses, cooper needs to get his selections right as there's many a slip twix cup and lip. I'll get my poncho 😁

  • Awesome @Malaga whichever road we go down lets hope its a quality street.

  • As Ted Hastings would say ... O mother of god. Stop the jokes fella ... 😀

  • Bah Humbug is it Enaitch?😊 A win tomorrow and things will be sweet.

  • Thought the game was on Saturday?? 😀😀😀and lets hope whoever plays are Heroes

  • Yep my mistake. No point in me waiting in anticipation of a game tomorrow now that I know otherwise. Let’s hope that those Heroes give us cause for some Celebrations.

  • Yes let’s hope they rolo them over .

  • I think its a serbet for a bit of allsorts.

  • There’s a huge Bounty in their grasp at the end of the season

  • On an entirely different Topic, it could be a bit of a Marathon.

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    On a related note, seriously this time, apparently its not about resting players: its about building momentum.

    So If Andre was fit he would play against Derby, but he will almost definitely be playing against Watford.

    I can almost feel the injuries about to happen!

  • The boys just need to avoid any crunchie tackles to stay fit for the playoffs😁

  • We should be playing on another Galaxy or on the Milky Way .

  • I hope that Cooper rotates this team on saturday and starts to protect our assets for the play offs - if he doesn't he is a complete finger of fudge.

  • Something tells me that we all seem to have developed a sweet tooth on this forum.

  • I hope we dont rolo over and spiral out of control when it comes to the crunchie.

    They'll need to play like Lion bars. Beat the Yorkies.

    And I have heard a whispa, we might play in the old Green and Black kit.

  • That Green & Black kit was Divine. I hope we Cadbury the ghost of last season's playoff defeat. STID.

  • We will need to be Smarties.

    It would be a Kinder Surprise if we stopped playing Double Decker football, and played the ball on the ground instead of in the Aero.

    We also need rest players so they don't Flake out, play beTwix their lines and defend like Rocks!

  • I see on Twitter that Derby travelled to Swansea on Tuesday 'so that they have no distractions going into the game on Saturday'

    Shame Harpers is closed then.....

  • I do dislike this slightly 'we have won the match before it starts' type of article on how badly the opposition are playing currently.

    As we all know its too often a prelude to a defeat.

    Derby are at risk of relegation and desperately need the points. Last match, sadly, they deserved the points so are a threat especially if we dont quickly relearn the passing style.

  • Would go with a team like this to show we can be unpredictable .

    Hamer ,

    Freeman , Cabango , Joel , B Cooper , Bidwell

    Grimes , Dhanda , O. Cooper

    Cullen , Whittaker ,

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