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Members of the Swans Trust will have received an email regarding the petition below, but it is worth sharing with the wider fan base (for those that may not have seen it yet).

Enforce the “50+1” Rule for professional football club ownership in the UK

Bring in a law which enforces professional football clubs to have at least 51% fan ownership similar to how the Bundesliga operates this rule.

The new “European super league” plans show the clear greed of elite football club owners in England. This precedent of profit over people is already taking the game away from everyday people who founded and made the sport what it is. This law would ensure decisions made around the clubs would take the fans and good of the game as a priority over money.



  • Signed it.

  • So Have I, isnt at least 250k signatures required?

    Get signing guys, and any other football fans you know.

  • At 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament

  • Signed . Cant happen soon enough

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  • Just signed - petition showing 76k supporters at 2pm BST 28th April

  • Signed up, plus forwarded to loads of footy loving mates. ⚽️⚽️⚽️

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    I can't see how this 50% + 1 idea could work here. I spent about an hour last night reading around this but still can't see how it can be done.

    Germany was a completely different scenario to what we have in the UK. German clubs were historically fan owned associations but in 1998 they were allowed to become commercial companies as long as fan associations retained over 50% of the shares.

    It's completely the opposite way around here in that commercial companies would need to be forced to give or forced to sell over half of the existing shares and financial wealth of the club to a supporters trust or suchlike.

    So you can't see them giving away half the shares because it would reduce the value of their holdings and reduce potential dividends by a half. Might work for Rochdale but not for Man Utd. Supporters Trusts won't have enough funds to buy shares for the higher level clubs and the Government won't buy them on their behalf.

    If the Government introduce a new law to somehow FORCE the clubs to give away half the shares, then most clubs at the higher level would surely lose so much value for their current owners that they'd pull out of the whole game. They might be able to sell at a low price but investment in those new companies would surely reduce massively as a result. On the legal side, you can imagine the Government being sued by the current owners to fight this; for me, it doesn't feel equitable that a Government can legally impose something on a company that has such a major commercial impact without significant compensation at the very least. And if the league authorities did the work on this instead of the government by imposing license restrictions, I'd say they'd be sued too.

    The situation with our club then also gets messy and complex because supporters already own a significant % and in parallel may eventually pursue a court case that could force the owners to buy those shares anyway. The Americans might have to buy our 21% shares via court case and then give us 50% back for nothing ??? They'll fckn love that.

    Maybe I'm missing something but I can't see how this can be done in the UK, particularly at the higher levels of Premier League and Championship.

  • I suppose informally/unofficially the fans did once “own”the clubs that they loved as gate sales were by and large the main source of revenue to keep them solvent. Nowadays the revenue from the fans is a drop in the ocean compared to the TV revenue in the Premier. I am a fan of the German model and I hope that the fans of the clubs in the UK get the opportunity for this to be implemented. How that’s done however is beyond me for the reasons that Fledge alluded to in his post. It may be that the administration route is one way of rebuilding clubs in the fans’ image.

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