Paul Arriola comments on whether Cooper really wanted him....

Take from this what you will.....

Your loan to Swansea was cut short after you reinjured your quad; but even before that, you seemed a bit snakebitten. What did you take away from your time in the Championship? What were your impressions of the league and what did you learn there?

It was a good experience, right? You try to take the best out of everything. But it was also very frustrating. It was a frustrating situation. I went on loan obviously really wanting to play and stay in form and help the team get to the Premiership before coming back to D.C. My main goal was just to prove myself over there and get a run of games and try and keep a good form. But it was tough. I can’t lie. 

The level was good, I don’t think it was anything different than what you see in MLS. The style of play was a little bit different, the pitches were awful. Every single one of the pitches was awful except Stoke; and I think it plays a huge factor into the Championship, and it’s why teams consistently play direct, and play with big center backs and big No. 9s and five at the back is because of the conditions of the fields — tight pitches. But Swansea itself was a great club. Everyone at the club was amazing, the players, the staff, a really young group of guys. It felt like a family-feel type club. The facilities were great, besides the field.

I think obviously in the end, looking back you want to go somewhere where you feel really wanted. And I’m not quite sure if the manager there really had great intentions of me helping the team or maybe he thought I’d just be an extra number just offering reinforcement at some position. When the opportunity came — as a player, especially one that hadn’t been to Europe, I wanted to go, I had to go, I had really high hopes to do great things over there for the club. And then when you get there and you realize and understand the situation you’re in, you can really only wait for your opportunity. And unfortunately I really didn’t get one. I got a couple of late features in a couple of games but besides that, it ended up being disappointing. I did make great relationships, though and I was able to see what it was like over there — now I know I can play at that level, obviously you see other young Americans doing it at that level and in the Premier League as well. It definitely wasn’t a setback for me and I don’t see it as a failure. Now I’m just focused on turning the page, going forward here and having a great season in D.C. and taking it from there.



  • Reads like a fair assessment.

  • Seemed a bit of an excuse to blame the pitches , the Liberty was re laid late December , improved week by week , Bournemouth pitch was excellent , Blackburn and Luton not so good ,

    What does he mean about tight pitches ?

    Most pitches are similar in length and width .

    Cooper didn't rate him .

    Where did he find we played 5 at the back because of the Fields .

  • Of course Cooper didn't

    rate him. Neither did I. I doubt Cooper had any say in his arrival here.

    BTW. What ever happened to the Trusts Court Case?

  • So the summation sums up what a lot of posters thought was a poor move both for the club and Arriola. I hope he can push on back at DC United and use the experience he had at Swansea to his advantage. If as is commonly surmised, he was simply a vanity project of the owners, him being an American player, then he can at least learn from this experience and not go to a club where there is a disconnect between what the owners want and how the manager sees it. His damning assessment of the pitches at most of the stadiums over here is also telling. Does anyone know what the pitches are made of in the MLS league?

  • he's a wide midfielder. Not what we needed for the shape Cooper wanted to play.

    And he didnt come here match fit, which was also an issue for him and Cooper.

    Also, as Cooper has shown. Even some of the younger players he'd seen loads of, he hasnt 'trusted' much. But those players, like Oli Cooper and Joel, have shown they can play at this level.

    But Arriola is right. You dont move for the sake of a move. You do your homework and go to a team who can find a place for your skillset.

    It's is very much like when Gylfi went to Spurs.

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