Spurs and Cooper

A few reports of this, interesting to see what people think.

I am sure it's a nothing story, really, but you never know!


  • Sorry I have been a big supporter of SC, but we could never be that lucky.

    Kris O'Leary if it it happens

  • Roberto Martinez looking more likely , Spurs in no hurry to appoint their new manager , Roberto after the Euros would be a good fit .

  • As well as Cooper is doing considering the lack of resources he has with Swansea, what a ridiculous article to suggest he could become Spurs manager lol

  • more chance of him going to Palace, who still havent made any comments on whether Woy is retiring or not, at the end of the season.

  • Hi mark ,

    Be interesting to see where Eddie Howe is going .

  • I think Celtic, probably. But Spurs could be an option.

    What surprises me about Spurs is that Allegri has not been linked.

    Although I have read rumblings in recent days that people want him back at Juve.

  • Have read Allegri is going back to Juve .

    Spurs not in a rush to appoint a new manager ,

    Levy probably waiting on someone .

  • Although Potter did a fine job in his first season for us I didn’t expect any club from the Premier League to snap him up after his maiden season which saw us miss out on the playoffs. But lo and behold Brighton did. Cooper, despite my frustrations with the performances, has now gone one better than Potter twice in a row. So, if a Prem club didn’t come calling at the end of this season, then I’d definitely be scratching my head over the lack of interest.

  • Potter got the job because of the style of play and the intelligent way he spoke about the game more than the results. Brave move by Brighton. Given our style of play and performances under Cooper I would be very surprised if he was approached by any Premier League team.

  • Allardyce springs to mind when determining whether or not Cooper will gain interest from the Prem. I don’t rate the managers approach but yet again, he has proven that the turgid stuff didn’t put WBA appointing him as their Premier League manager.

  • It's interesting, because results over the two years (play offs twice), suggest there is something there. Considering the strings being pulled behind the scenes, although to my knowledge he did get some of what he wanted regarding players.

    But performances, to any ambitious club, says absolutely not.

    Is also hard to gauge as any commentators still think we play with style and any lucky escape is a matter stroke, they may be the key in our fortunes 🤣

  • Chairmen are not romantics like us fans so they will be impressed by results and hard pragmatic approaches like Big Sam's and Pulis'

    What matters is what works in their view

    On that basis Cooper is a better manager than Potter even if team less attractive to watch

    Certainly got the defence and set piece right most of the season

    Spurs fans are romantics and want attacking rootball

    Cooper is like Mourinho in approach

    Palace a better bet for SC but I think woy will carry on

  • Post Cooper, it occurs to me that a well travelled in football terms, and an obviously intelligent man like Andre Ayew could make a good fist of the job here.

  • Would be very surprised if Roy stays , no contract given yet , major rebuild with lots of players out of contract plus an ageing squad .

  • Spurs and ourselves are (huge financials aside) very similar. A fan base that by and large wants a manager that sees the game and how it's played in a certain easy on the eye style but unfortunately have owners who only see ££££, or dollars in our case. You don't appoint someone like Mourinho if you care about the style of football. I don't see Levy coming after Cooper but then there is always the ”well if he can get Swansea to consecutive playoffs on relatively no budget, what could he do with players worth Tens of Millions?" view. STID.

  • Looks like Graham Potter is on the Spurs watch list!

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