Connor Roberts

I think that in a Back 4 Naughton is a better RB than Connor, but I would always want Connor in my team. For that reason in the play offs I would play 433 and use Connor up front, he did score a screamer of a volley on Saturday.

My preferred Xi is therefore


Naughton Cabango Guehi Manning

Fulton Grimes Hourihane

Roberts Ayew Lowe



  • that only works if Connor plays inside right.

    When Cooper has played him forward, he has asked him to play wide right, and that didnt work for me. Unbalanced, and he played poorly.

  • Connor is an excellent WB, but he is not a forward. How about we play a forward in forward positions and midfielders in the midfield.

  • Naughton is ahead of Connor in a back four for me, more experienced intelligent footballer and better ball retention and also doesn't leave the rest of the other defenders exposed by drifting to far up the pitch like Connor.

    MY XI for play offs.


    Naughton Cabango Guehi Manning

    Fulton Grimes Houriane

    Routledge Ayew Lowe

  • I think we will see a front 3 of Lowe Ayew and Cullen. Young Cullen has looked sharp and plays on the last man with a real finishers goal threat.

    I will bet my todger that Bennett will start alongside Guehi - My guess is

    Woodman (not my choice)

    Naughton Bennett Guehi Manning

    Fulton Grimes Hourihane

    Lowe Cullen Ayew

    For a home second leg (hopefully) I would start Connor in place of Naughton.

  • The above posters differ only slightly from my selection

    Bennett for Cabango- Cooper will probably do this, but I think his lack of pace and distribution isa problem

    Striker - Routledge/Cullen for Roberts, not really bothered if this were the case, but I would like our best eleven players on the pitch and Connor is definitely one

  • Connor surely has to be in our starting line up in any system. He's one of only four or five players we have got who actually have a regular impact in and around the opposition penalty area.

    Take him out, and you're automatically reducing our chances of winning football matches by about 20-25%.

    IMO it would be madness if he doesn't play when fit.

  • Interesting though Gary that the last few times he has played with Naughton - it has been in an attacking role and he is like a fish out of water.

    At the moment if you asked me to choose between Lowe Ayew and Roberts OR Lowe Cullen and Ayew - I would take the latter combo because of Cullen's goal threat and ability to play on the last defender.

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