Player of the Season

Having played 45 games this season , who is your player of the season .

In my opinion no one stands out , many have played well ,

My nominations

Connor Roberts played in nearly every game , goal assists and goals scored , chances created , passes made and accuracy one of the best in the Championship .

Matty Grimes , plays consistently well in my opinion , hardly misses a game .

Jamal Lowe , brought in as a wide man , plays anywhere along the front line , without his goals we would have struggled . I think he has improved under Cooper .

Andre Ayew led the line all season , scored his goals , top professional , works hard also has the x factor .

The strength of the team is as a collective , the defence has been the best part of the team until recently regardless of who plays .

Mentions to Woodman , Guehi and Bidwell .

Best wingbacks in this league Roberts and Bidwell assists , goals and chances created by these two can be seen in the stats .

Looking forward to see who you think it should be .

Connor Roberts is my player of the season .


  • Got to be Marc Guehi for sheer consistency

    Hardly a bad game all season

  • Connor Roberts or Mark Guehi for me..

  • Matt Grimes for me, Guehi close second.

  • good work Bob - yes Matty is certainly a candidate!

  • Connor would be my pick.

    Two reasons.

    Direct impact on games: twice scored the winner against Forest, several other goals and assists. All from full back/wing back. Impressive stuff.

    Consistency: very rarely has a poor game, at worst he is always around a 6 or 7/10. Energy levels absolutely insane. Up and down that right flank, twice a week, week after week.

    Ayew was very good in the first half of the season but has tailed off somewhat since January, he'd be my runner up.

    Guehi gets my bronze medal. Had a bit of an iffy patch in February/March, but has otherwise been one of the best defenders in the league.

    I have to say, the rest of the squad have all been a very mixed bag. They've all had some very good games, but some absolute stinkers as well. I'd struggle to pick anyone else out as a POTY contender.

  • Connor Roberts all day long for me.

  • Stand out players Ayew, Roberts, Gheui and Woodman

  • Connor Roberts for me.

  • Connor Roberts, take a bow.

  • Connor Roberts for me closely followed by Gheui and Ayew

  • I agree that Connor Roberts is player of the season

    2nd Place goes to Ayew for me

    3rd place is Guehi

    Honorable mentions go to Bennett (Was immense in the early part of the season) & Fulton (I think he has had a great season)

  • Hard to ignore Matt Grimes who has been outstanding. Connor has been a revelation and Guehi too has been outstanding. I’d throw Fulton in there too. Every player has played their part.

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