U23"s v Sheffield United @1pm live

On YouTube.

Wonder if the trialists will play as its on TV?



  • 0-0 half time. A few trialists playing.

    Jimiel Chikukwa being one. U18 forward from Leeds out of contact in the summer. Looking good to me.

  • Swans won 1 0 goal by Chikukwa

    Good result

  • Agree with Gazza4421 Chikukwa was the pick of the trialists

  • Trialists from today's game v Sheffield United.

    Keeper trialist Nicolas Hansen(Everton), midfielder Azeem Abdulla(Leicester City), c/back Iyiola Adebayo(West Ham), striker Jimiel Chikuwa(Leeds), midfield/striker Sam Leverett(Leeds)

  • Well done guys for passing on the information about who the trialists were.

    Did any of them play in previous games?

  • Sheffield United U23 v Swansea City U23 | Watch Live from 1pm - YouTube

    Just started watching a replay (at a loose end) and it is immediately clear that our U23 side try and play a LOT more football than the first team. You would never say the two were connected.

  • Interestingly, when K O'L managed the u21's a few years back, I was disappointed in the style they played then as it wasn't the passing / possession game we were familiar with from the first team at the time. It seems he has now changed that philosophy and if so, good on him.

  • For Wps

    Previous trialists were from Chelsea and Arsenal It seems we are looking at a number of players i expect a clear out at U23 level and about 5/6 new signings

  • It was very interesting to watch the match. we did look a little disjointed, but with the number of trialists that wasnt unexpected.

    Good to see the team even with 5 trialists trying to play passing football. Thomas and Al-Hamadi both played well, with some maturing still needed. A few of the trialists had reasonable performances in what must have been an unfamiliar group.

    The star performer for me was clearly the no. 4 Abdulla. He broke up a lot of the Sheffield play and initiated ours with simple but accurate passing. Tall and stylist but evoked memeories of Leon.

    It felt like he had more gears and things to show. One to watch for the future and he is the one trialist I hope we do sign.

  • Yeah he was good. Can see why BR brought him down from Celtc to Leicester.

  • Beat me to it @JackRaven I was also impressed by Abdulla - he looked Phillip Billing esque in style. Very easy on the eye and covered the ground easily.

  • Honestly Jackareme that’s rubbish, and you know it

  • Honestly Pablo, your post is rubbish, and you know it

  • Don't know what to say @Pablo - did you watch the game? It is a shame the stats on passing aren't available for U23 games - but we were consistently rolling the ball into the midfield with short passes and recycling possession using the keeper instead of attempting long balls forward.

  • yes I did watch. I saw a youthful squad coached to play in a system that transfers directly to the first team. They were mostly outclassed by their opponents who were the league leaders but counter attacked well with very little possession. If I wanted to make a comparison it was similar to the Derby game recently. The point is, you praise the U23 to bolster your arguments against the first team. What do you hope to gain from this? Get behind your team and realise they've performed wonders under ridiculously difficult circumstances. There'll never be a season like this one.... hopefully!

    You cannot judge the performances in isolation without reference to the extreme difficulties brought about by covid. To do so is short sighted. By the way, we recycle the ball using the keeper too....but of course whilst pursuing your targets that reality doesn't matter. The two situations can't be referenced anyway. The U23 games are nowhere near the intensity of games in the Championship. Nice try, but it doesn't wash....which is why I pointed out your exaggeration.

  • sorry if it doesn't jive with the hive! you're another one drunk on your own myths.

  • @Pablo

    Your happy to post an identical comment on Jackareme's opinion, yet are not prepared to receive it on yours.

    So, I'm sorry if it doesn't jive with the hive! you're another one drunk on your own myths.

  • @Jackareme Yes I believe we could see the same things in the player and the way the team played. I hope Kris can keep that style going.

  • Sadly you watched but yet again you didnt see. As the proverb says 'there are none so blind as those who will not see.'

  • Our U23's played at Colchester United earlier and drew 1-1

  • Honestly @Pablo I am not as Machiavellian as you think. I posted because it was noticeable how the styles differed from U23 to First team. While I was pleased to see this, it is important that the two are aligned to allow for smoother progression of U23 graduates.

    If I saw good passing football from the first XI I would appreciate and recognize it - I promise.

    Also if you read my posts you will see that I consistently recognize good qualities in our first team - defensive organisation, togetherness, effort and commitment etc.

    If you enjoy the style of football played - then that is great (we are all different) but surely I am entitled to criticise when the style is so far away from the aesthetic standards of entertainment we are used to?

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