More racism

This time Morgan the target.

I saw one post on twitter where a so-called Swans supporter used the n-word.

His lovely girlfriend copped it too.


  • Ignore them Morgan and keep up the good work

  • It was a Derby fan. Changed his profile. Only started writing swans tweets in the buildup last Saturday.

  • Boycotts are not going to work.

    Moaning about it (justifiably) on TV, radio and social media isn't going to work.

    Letting the social media companies self police isn't going to work.

    The only thing that will work is all the governments of the world superpowers to get together, kind of like they do with the G8, and agree a programme of legislation that insists you cannot sign up for social media accounts under a pseudonym or without a recognised form of identification.

    The problem is, that's about as likely to happen as Boris standing up in Parliament and telling the truth for once. They're all too craven and in thrall to these companies to take them on.

    Don't hold your breath folks.

  • Well that is just ridiculous and worse as it's completely pre-meditated, surely it can be traced and action taken!!

    @garythenotrashcougar is right the governments need to step up and create the legislation and then the police and courts need to implement (and properly no early release bollocks). Plus the punishment needs a heavy dose of education.

    As for the social media companies something does need to be done about the influence they have, but I'm not holding my breath as the world is is highly addicted and it's not a good addiction.

  • Unfortunately the abuse these days runs the full gamut from racism through to bullying,mocking of disability,stalking etc.,etc..

    You name it and the human animal will stoop to it, especially if they can remain anonymous.

    I hope that MW and his family can manage not to let it get to them.The majority of people are behind them in deploring these cretins.

  • The new kid on the block, AKA Social Media, isn’t the problem per se. It’s the centuries old racial prejudices, discrimination and abuse rearing its all too often ugly head that is the real issue here. All that’s happened is that it has found another outlet. It’s like water, somehow it finds a way. The Prime Minister himself isn’t averse to spouting off racist comments in the column inches of his newspaper articles. Nigel Farage was allowed to voice his xenophobic thoughts and feelings through the medium of TV via the MSM platform. You won’t be able to stamp this out completely unfortunately as it will find an outlet somehow. And to throw the baby out with the bathwater isn’t the answer either. It would be like putting a stop to football all because the some fans of their respective clubs display racist behaviour and tendencies. What’s needed is for it to be tackled head on. Just as the clubs are in theory able to issue lifetime bans to those undesirable fans who hurl racist abuse from the terraces so too can Twitter and suchlike do likewise. Root them out by all means and the way forward to doing this is to remove the anonymity that these people are not deserving of.

  • Great post @SeaJack - you are correct. The fact that social media allows people carte blanche to be anti social (in many ways) under the cloak of anonymity and consequence free is the issue.

  • The difference @SeaJack is this is uncontrolled in the main, and has a wider audience than before.

    But no doubt politicians and media organisations have fuelled intolerance. And the lack of management by the social media companies have let it run riot, claiming they can't monitor every post - yet IA allows them to easily pull copyright infringements and target adverts very easily.

  • I appreciate what you’re saying MJL. Which is precisely why I would say that Twitter et al need to up the ante. I get the feeling that the owners of Twitter don’t want to remove the cloak of anonymity because they know that a great many users would be put off by this and move elsewhere. However if there was to be a user purge I believe the vast majority of what is assumed to be a minority of bullies/abusive types would leave and most certainly wouldn’t be missed. Either way the waters need to be tested. AI can be utilised to great effect and that together with proof of identity for use and the reporting system would make for a much more robust policing of what is in the main a marvellous tool for non abusive communication and connectedness. This very forum is proof positive of how like minded people can argue and agree on, debate and discuss all things that revolves around the Swans. And funnily enough it’s done so under the cloak of anonymity without much of a problem. If this little ole forum can do it then so too can a gigantic monolithic Social Media platform with all the expertise, money and technology at its disposal do likewise.

  • I think there is more abuse on Facebook to be honest, especially Instagram, and they really only care about cash. Zuckerberg should be in jail for some of the stuff he has allowed on his platform.

    But both Twitter and Facebook as companies are both culpable in not doing enough.

  • I see. I’m not aware of what has been posted on Facebook as I very rarely use it. I’m assuming that the usual photos of plates of food of and comments about what someone has had for breakfast/lunch/dinner//supper is not what you are referring to. As for Zuckerberg himself I find him to be a very odd character who I can’t get a handle on. I’m still haven’t worked out what he was talking about when he was up before the Senate. It was as if he wasn’t really answering the questions put to him and was reeling off a scripted response to deflect from what he was being grilled about.

  • I dont think any of the players have facebook pages. It's Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, that the abuse has been seen on.

    Twitter too. But Instagram is really toxic.

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    Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc, they are just all the faces on the same die.

    Of course they make a difference: without the megaphone provided by these companies, so they can make billions, that guy would be shouting out the window of his house and no-one would hear or care.

    And we would all be better for that

  • For a past that steeped in shame for tomorrow’s fair game,for a life that’s fit for living,good morning Britain!

  • I would say it’s not the megaphone that’s the problem, it’s who it’s given to. There is plenty of good done through Social Media which isn’t reported on MSM. But that’s the nature of the beast with how the world at large is reported. If I took the news at face value I’d believe that the world has a disproportionate percentage of murderers lurking, just lying in wait for their next victim/s. But it doesn’t. In the main the vast majority of the world population are no such thing. In fact there are many acts of kindness in the world that go unreported. As such the MSM news should come with a health warning about how it can make you feel deeply depressed and quite possibly suicidal. The amount of negative news broadcast is disproportionate to the amount of good news that can be reported as well. So much so that I believe there is a possible niche in the market for a Good News Channel to offset the obsession with the depressively negative news stories that the press and news channels pour over.

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    the example ought to be set by Government, but they've dispensed with morality and the MSM are just PR of the establishment now. All the anti China propaganda is ultimately racism. As is all the Russophobic nonsense and any other target country for the imperialists, not to mention the Tory 'hostile environment' policy, Grenfell fire and lack of response etc. This kind of white supremacism is the backdrop that emboldens people to voice abuse. Those in power should set an example but don't, though of course give lip service hypocritically. A truly democratic country would tackle it. Unfortunately all that has been abandoned and the MSM is able to whip up hatred with it's incendiary bullshit.

    We're surveilled 24/7, so it could easily be tackled.....seems like a divided nation serves them well in protecting their power and deflecting from responsibility. If we were a decent fair country, then the Sun, Mail, LBC Talk Radio, Daily Express would be prosecuted for incendiary racist content.....but they get away with it. There are no real journalists anymore in the MSM. They are all compromised.

    So a perfect environment has been cultivated to allow racist abuse.

  • @Pablo

    If you want countries lacking morality, where the media are puppets of the Government, I suggest you live in China or Russia, but sadly they will be surveilling you 24/7. Both countries are avowed supremacists, people not Russian or Chinese arent welcome (respectively).

    Open your eyes and see the world as it is not through some ideological prism that distorts everything you see.

  • I feel that seeing the world for what it truly is is something of a fallacy. Either side of the argument for or against different countries and races is flawed and distorted by the respective media outlets of those countries whether consciously or unconsciously. As the saying goes there’s two sides to every story and then there’s the truth.

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    and that reply in a nutshell is the problem. Only two countries in the whole world invade butcher and use the world as a playground for imperialism, and until everyone realises this then this white supremacism will prevail. China has NEVER invaded another country . Russia also doesn't make a habit of it. The UK has toppled and enslaved the people of 172 countries in their imperialism. The US a staggering 191. There are only 194 countries! We have all been living in the ignorance that we

    somehow hold the moral high ground. Like it or not, the Western war for profit industry is based upon subjugation and racism. and you Jackraven sorry, haven't a clue when it comes to propaganda.

    Do you understand Jackraven? are you getting it that the West are the ones causing havoc all over the world? everyone else wants to live in peace bar our allies Israel and Saudi arabia....who have the same lack of values we do, hence them being allies. Another ally Australia is perhaps the most racist of all if you look into their treatment of indigenous people and asylum seekers.

    Yet you prefer to believe the lies fed to you. Wake up...go read up and see if I'm lying. This ridiculous nationalism is what is at the heart of racism...and it's now out in the open. Some choose not to see.

    And I'll bet you've never been to China. of course you haven't, you just prefer to judge them on information supplied by the propagandists of the West who have duped us for two hundred years with the fallacy of civilisation.

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    Aztec Camera.....and great lyrics too. I met Roddy frame back in the 80's at an Edwyn Collins gig. didn't talk about racism with him though. nice one Brownie!

  • So @JackRaven, just for my benefit, are you saying that in comparison to these countries Britain is not as bad, or are you outright denying that we have a problem with our media in this country?

  • Come on @Pablo China and Russia are no angels and both have questionable human rights records and claiming China have never invaded another country is laughable take a look at the Korean and Vietnam wars, both which China were on the aggressors side and in the case of the Korean War both Russia and China were sided with the North who invaded the South.

    By the way I am not defending the actions of the UK or the US but your claim the the US has toppled and enslaved all but 3 countries surely can't be true I mean which are the 3 countries the US has so far failed to topple??

    Sadly Racism is and has always been present and will always raise it's head and claiming that all countries apart from the west in peace is just not true, the east is as bad as the west, again sadly there has never been true peace there is always a war or invasion.

  • @garythenotrashcougar

    There is a big difference between countries where the media is controlled by the Government and countries where the media pursue an agenda which promotes a certain type of accepted, within the organisation, agenda.

    So Russia and China are examples of the former we are an example of the later.

    Where is the media in Russia or China critising the Government? Probably too scared for their life, and justifiably so.

    We have the Telegraph, a clearly right wing paper. The Mirror clearly Left wing. the Guardian and the Independent, or correctly 'I' are classic liberal pro-metropolitan elite papers with an inclination for environmental issues. The Times is a bit of everything. The FT is Financial-orientated. The Express, Mail etc will say whatever sells newspapers.

    The BBC is a pro-technocratic, and intellectually arrogant. The ITV is a poor version of the BBC, Channel 4 is pursuing a combative anti-right wing agenda. Channel 5 is trying to compress the news into sound bites. And Sky News seems to want to be friendly and doesnt really challenge whosoever they have on the news no matter what the ideology.

    The New Statesman, Social Worker and Spectator represent their factions. The Youtube stuff, Novara Media, Uk News and others are equally biased, the main difference being the left wing version rarely makes their points in under an hour but without rigour. The right wing version equally have no rigour and seem to repeat the same things about 4 times in a 10 min block.

    They are all ideologically predictable and hence boring.

    I'll leave out Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the younger platforms, as if you believe anything on them then its not really worth having a discussion, as they represent personal opinions, pandering to being liked, and tend to the emotional and 'my truth' rather than truth. plus they are infecting the MSM. They are by far the worst and most dangerous of the current media.

    So do we have a problem with the media? Yes the same problem we have always had. You can't believe what you read, without constant challenge of what you are being fed. That is the one item. where @Pablo and I agree, you have to search for the reality. We differ in that I apply the same criteria to the bullshit being fed by the Chinese, Russian etc media, whereas he seems to swallow it whole.

    The truth is rarely simple, rarely easy to find and often is hidden by layers of complexity. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling you a story you should be wary of.

    Is Britain Good? Well its both good and bad, as a country we have done terrible things and brilliant things, and more to the point if we dont like the Government we can get rid of them. China and Russia cannot.

    The most important lesson from History that people dont like to accept, is that given the right circumstances we all could all take part in the worst things that have happened in history, as well as the best. If you dont accept that possibility then you need to read more.

    Reading History is not about blaming people for the terrible things they did, but trying to understand how it happened, so it doesnt happen again.

    The frightening aspect is when people read history through the microscope of their ideology, whether based on current views or based on books written hundreds or thousands of years ago. This blame game condemns every person who has ever lived to date as some sort of villain, which is exactly how the same type of people in a 100 years time will think of us, whilst they live on the rather smaller islands which once was Britain.

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