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Summer Transfer Window 2021

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This is the place to discuss all Swansea City transfer related discussions during the 2021 Summer transfer window.

Although no official announcement has yet been made by the Premier League or EFL, FIFA’s Transfer Matching System indicates that the summer transfer window will open on 9 June 2021 and close on Tuesday, 31 August 2021 at 11pm.

Of course given the pandemic and the UEFA Euro 2020 Tournament, these dates could well change by a few weeks.

The 2021/22 season is due to start on 14 August for the Premier League and 7 August for the EFL.



  • Difficult to have a serious conversation on the Transfer Window when we don't know what league we will be playing in .

    Do we shop in Aldi or Sainsburys other supermarkets are available .

  • Malc,

    some real bargains to be had in Aldi!

  • Lidl too. picked up some Boss Beers in my local store in London, so saved a fortune in petrol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Could pick up a Rangel or two .

  • Well based on the long balls forward we are playing we need a 7ft striker who is a powerful header of the ball.

  • not so. We just need someone who can leap like a salmon.๐ŸŸ๏ธ

  • With better service we can get a better tuna out of Liam ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • Icing a tuna for you on your birthday

  • Whatever we decide we certainly shouldn't skip Jack!

  • I've haddock enough of these fish puns.

    For cod's hake, pike it in!

  • I don't care who it is, even if we have to trawl through the leagues to find him. As long as he sticks the ball in the back of the net, eel do for me.

  • If we make it to the prem we'll be living the bream ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • There’s a plaice bass ically for you koi lot, to have a monk on about these cod awful jokes, and that’s the carp ark !

  • you've Cod to be kidding. on a scale of 1 to 10, that's really Crappie. a comment I'd only expect from a Clownfish.

    On another note, is Steve Guppy still playing? Someone from the Minnows; the lower leagues. Maybe we should look at the Cobbler's striking option?

    Or Oscar?

    And what qualities?

    We need pace, as well as height. So a Flier is a must, or we will Flounder.

    I dont want any 80's wannabes with Mullets.

    Do we want someone aggressive and good in the air? A Ray Hartford type?

    He needs to be a Dab hand and putting the ball in the net, at any Whiff of a chance. Be able to Skate around the opposition defence.

    And make us all go Wahoo!!

    OK - I'm done now...like a kipper.

  • There’s something fishy going on here and I can’t quite get to the bikini bottom of it .....

  • Ok I'll take the bait...

    I sole reason for starting this thread is because I thought some of you would carp on about transfers and would be a dab hand at discussing it.

    Sadly the thread seems to be flounder'ing but no doubt it'll come in handy another time and plaice ๐Ÿ˜ฅ


  • I used to have a whale of a time going to the Vetch

    I used to hang around the Dolphin Hotel , you had to be careful of the sharks about ,

    Think we should trawl through the leagues to find a shellfish striker who wouldn't catch a crab ,

    Best keeper David Seaman.

  • Can’t believe the depths some people will go for a laugh

  • Ben Hughes Goalkeeper signed from Chippenham He is 17 and has 2 year contract Will be used in Academy teams

  • First grassroots footballer in history to get called up to Wales under 18's, according to Ben Church on Twitter. No mean feat.

  • On the subject ...

    Was in the Fish shop last night fight broke out

    Fish got battered!

    Sorry guys haha

  • The young keeper signed from Chippenham Town is a Brynmill lad who signed a scholarship with Chippenham last summer.

    Swansea City secure deal for goalkeeper as trial period proves successful | Football League World

  • He's a Brynmill boy, so the Sage, Colin (Swansea/Essex) tells me.

  • I'll stick to my guns, we need someone big and strong who can eat up the ball, is a Killer in front of goal and will make defenders whale. That's my Forcast and thats how we make them flounder.

  • Britt Asombalonga released by Middlesbrough yesterday should be on on our radar for next season

  • We won't be shopping in that market mate.

    The parachute payments are over.

    Ayew is off.

    Expect Roberts to be sold. Possibly Grimes too.

    And don't expect us to spend much of fees received.

    The club will be run on vapours from here on in until someone offers to take it off the owners' hands. That could be a while.

  • Woodman - average Championship goalie, needs to get some mars bars into his diet.

    Roberts - I think he is a touch overrated by our fan base. He will not be play PL anytime soon.

    Naughton - Good old honest pro, underrated.

    Bidwell - below average Championship player.

    Manning - would have liked to see more of him. Looks more natural than Bidwell.

    Cabango - I think he is our prized asset, think a few clubs will look to get him on the cheap while he is still developing.

    Bennett - Good honest pro, no pace at all.

    Guehi - still think he needs another year in Championship.

    Latibeaudiere - looks way to small for centre half. Don't think he let team down in few appearances.

    Grimes - Another player overrated by our fambase. Championship is his level. Our midfield has been awful last few years and he's been part of that.

    Fulton - Need out ASAP, if you want to get back to old style, Very limited.

    Smith - Not keen on him either, slow doggy performer with lack of skills.

    Houriane - Disappointing, another slow player who will struggle playing in the championship next year.

    Dhanda - League one

    Ayew - the only PL quality in squad, legs have gone though. He won't be playing much higher than championship next season.

    Lowe - another average championship player, he is the most frustrating player in the squad. He has cocked up so many break away opportunities.

    Cullen - early days, looks a natural finisher. But no striker in the world will get service playing for Swansea City.

    Whittaker - looks raw, i don't expect him to improve much.

    Looking at that squad, maybe I have underestimated Cooper's achievements.

  • it's not just the players that leave this summer, like Ayew and the loanees that need replacing this summer.

    Contracts for 8 players need to be renewed or sold and replaced. Although one of two, Hamer, Smith, Bidwell for instance, we could easily let their contracts run their course. Because we probably wouldn't get a fee for them.

    Out of contract in 2022:

    Keeper: Hamer

    3 fullbacks: Kyle, Connor and Bidwell.

    Midfield: Smith, Grimes, Dhanda, Dan WIlliams

    Also leaving: Ayew; Woodman, Guehi; Hourihane; Wayne (even if he resigns, he wont be fit until 2022); Freeman (doesnt need replacing).

  • I’m in total agreement that the club/team is being run on vapours. The fuel light started flashing the moment we were relegated. Good honest assessment of the team there Jokingfan although I’d say that Roberts isn’t underrated as he has been underused in his favoured position on a number of occasions leading up to and including the final. Why Cooper decided not to put Ayew where Roberts was started on the right and have Cullen down the centre I’ll never know. So I say, if he’s overlooked by any potential Premier League suitors, let’s hope he stays for another season and realises his dream of a return to the Premier League with the Swans.

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