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  • the toe rags set fire to a dog.

    And put the windows in of a 90 year old lady. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • There’s been no mention of a dog being set alight in the updated reports on Walesonline so that may have been misreported thankfully. There is footage of a dog running away from the carnage but it didn’t appear to be on fire. Either way the riot must have been horrific for the locals of the area.

  • Heard that a few local older men got together last night in Mayhill and brought the kids under order, over 200 youths had run riot and the police had no choice but to retreat but the local men would not hold back and dished out a good kicking, the police don’t have that power anymore and the youths knew this from the off, many youths are hoping to get arrested this morning than have a knock on the door from the men.

  • Ricky Owen and Dai Ishmael were two of the men that stood them down.

    You dont want to fcuk with those two, esp Ricky, being an ex-boxer. He knows exactly who they are, and they have been warned when he sees them...

  • This all took place about a 5 minute walk from my front door the other side of the hill.

    Absolute scumbags.

    And what does it say when only a couple of local nutjobs were capable of bringing it under control, and not the police? Absolutely pathetic policing.

  • The fact that no arrests were made on the spot is proof that the police presence was almost non existent. The real worry is if the crowd numbers are big enough then it’s likely that the police would be powerless to stop this from happening again.

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