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Match Discussion: Brentford v Swans - Championship Play-Off Final 2020/21



  • Wore the white kit away to Watford .

  • While we have Wayne and Ollie out tomorrow, Brentford have bigger injury issues.

    Star left-back Rico Henry and midfielder Josh Dasilva are definitely out.

    Midfielder Christian Norgaard, who the last game vs Bournemouth will have a late fitness test.

  • Yes that's correct of the 6 defeats away 3 white and 3 Blue kits

    Also good we have S C manager of S C .

  • Hoping everyone on here is as nervous and distracted as me but probably not because, as you all say, you’ve been here before and experienced the bad as well as the good of the Premier League, for us we just want to try being back at the top table for the first time (in nearly all of our lifetimes).

    For what it’s worth, my view on a few of the recent comments:

    • Unfortunately I’m not sure either set of fans will make themselves heard as they’d like to. Noise escapes away from the pitch and out of the stadium at the best of times let alone with 5000 spread across half a stadium with huge gaps between them.
    • @Fledge I think you may be right that a number of neutrals may not give you credit or praise if you win and get promoted. I’d hazard a guess though that you’ll all be celebrating too much to give a monkeys what anyone outside your club thinks.
    • @northernswan2 I think our two legs with Bournemouth could of gone either way but then starting to time waste and even take the game to the corner before the end of the first leg didn’t help them psychologically. You could say our penalty would of been overturned by VAR but we’d of also been given a penalty at their place at nil nil so ‘swings and roundabouts’ and all that
    • @Mark_Jack_London fair to say neither team would stay up with their current squads and both would need significant improvement. Partly the reason play off winners normally fail to stay up; less time to prepare and starting from a lower base
    • If we got promoted it would take a mammoth bid for us to sell Toney when he has so long left on his contract (four years I think) and we’d already be giving him the premier league football he wants
    • @enaitch i didn’t realise your Wembley history was so good! You lot must relish trips there, we treat them with trepidation having lost every final (old Wembley, millennium stadium and new Wembley) in all competitions (play offs and the freight rovers/LDV cup).
    • All the reasons you’ve all given for wanting to get promoted but not really wanting to be in the premier league I share. Kick offs moving left right and centre; VAR taking the spontaneity out of the game and celebrations; scrapping for every point but losing most weeks; everything seeming more corporate franchises than community clubs; arrogance of players, agents, pundits and ‘sky sports’ fans. However, we’ve never been there and would love it, if only to say I’ve seen Brentford in the top tier and to pay back Matthew Benham for his phenomenal investment and running of the club

    Sorry I’m droning on and possibly out staying my welcome but I’m too nervous and excited to do anything but talk about the game and my wife has moved beyond ‘glazed eyed’ vacant nodding along to straight up “will you stop going on it’s just a bloody football match. And don’t you dare ruin the rest of the weekend by being a hungover miserable git if they lose again”

    Hence you lot get my ramblings instead.

  • Keep it going Dr Brentford. I am really enjoying the conversation.

    How much will you miss Rico Henry, Josh Dasilva, and Christian Norgaard if he is ruled out too?

  • The simplest answer is massively. Along with Toney they are our best four players.

    But a more nuanced response... It was no coincidence that the end of our long unbeaten run happened when Da Silva and Henry got injured. Without those two the 433 just stopped working and we drew lots of games in a row because we were slow and pedestrian going forward with no one that could carry the ball from defence to attack quickly.

    Credit to Frank (hoping that isn’t a banning offence on here), he changes the formation to 352 and our results and, crucially, performances picked up again. Neither Henry or DaSilva have played (bar a cameo in the Bournemouth away leg) since we adopted the new formation so, whilst they will always improve the team, the recent results haven’t relied on them.

    Norgaard is the biggest miss in my opinion, the three in the back worked with the new formation because he was in the middle bringing the ball out and turning defence in to attack from the back. It just doesn’t work with three ‘traditional’ championship centre backs so not sure how we replace him.

  • Hard to believe we are one win from playing in the premier league with the best players and managers in world football .

    Seems so long since most of us watched the West Brom game at the liberty on the 7th March 2020.

    2 playoffs later here we are , good luck today to the players management and the Jack Army give everything , win the game for those who didn't make it through the Pandemic who will be watching from high.


  • This Is Our Day.

    Good luck to our Swans.

    All we can ask is giving 100%, good refereeing and try and enjoy your day team, squad and Steve Cooper and your staff.



  • So here we at base camp of what is a very large mountain to climb. There is only one more obstacle to get past to reach the summit. The pundits and I’m assuming the bookies have Brentford down as the out and out favourites. What we need to do to is to prove that once again the odds being in favour of the opposing team does not guarantee a win. Nothing is nailed on, no one has a God given right to be promoted over the other. We need to take heart from what has gone before. That dreams can become a reality and manifest themselves in the most unusual of ways. There is lots to be positive about today not least because history proves that the Swans got to the Premier League for the first time in its history. All those who are purring about the opposing teams’ greater chances rule us out at their peril. A more recent historical fact is that Brendan Rogers (remember him?) only just the other week lifted the FA Cup trophy for the first time in Leicester City’s history. All it took is a moment of magic from Tielemans with his wonder strike an absolute worldly of a save from Schmeichel and the odd VAR decision going in their favour to allow them to beat the favourites in that monumental encounter. So it’s true that we have a humongous mountain to climb. But, it must be remembered that so do they. The big question for both teams is, who is the better equipped on the day?

  • Andre Ayew to score at Wembley again .

  • The sun is shining and the Swans are back at Wembley, this really is what football is all about and for all those with tickets ENJOY (I can still feel the goosebumps from 30th May 2011)

    I believe we can do this and if we do we will fully deserving, I'm getting really excited now !!

    It is really never dull being a Swansea City fan (if if some do find the football boring😉)


  • SC has pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes this past year . Getting to 80 points and into the final by painfully drab football but winning games .... today we’re going to see the best tiki taka football the Swans have ever played ... and it’s going to shock everyone . Now where my JD gone

  • Go for it lads.

    Give it your best and make this oldtimer happy.👍️

  • No regrets today lads. Give it everything, give it that extra 5% you didn't even know you had. Play for the shirt, play for yourself. The Jack Army is behind you.

  • Team News: The expected team with Connor playing upfront on the right. I still think if we are playing Connor upfront it should be wide on the left so he cuts in on his right foot.

    This is the day, the team is there and the Sunshine reminds me of a certain day 10 years ago in May 2011.


  • My first post on here, I moved to south west Wales a couple of years ago, Swansea are the nearest football club to our house.

    Good luck today, hope you beat Brentford. It should be a close game.

  • Who is the Freeman on the subs bench

  • @UTB

    Welcome, I hope soon it will be 'I am pleased we beat Brentford'

  • @Martyn

    kieron freeman, we signed him from Swndon in January

  • oh yeah i remember now, where has he been hiding

  • @Martyn

    You've just given him the starring role to come on and score the winner!


  • What kit are we in today, hope it’s the white.

  • Wow do Sky ever have a Brentford love fest!!! It is ice of us to show up for their victory procession..

  • edited May 29

    As I have said, the Stars are aligning for a lot of humble pie to be eaten today. We are so nice, we are going to spoil the party.


  • Onceajack their unbeaten in the league with this kit ..😀

  • @Jackareme

    Well we are almost there, 5 mins to kick off.

    Strangely I'm not feeling nervous...yet!

  • ...and here we go.

  • Brentford fans are really ugly, as we have seen over the last few seasons.


  • Home ref with that yellow card

  • Toney is trying to drop off onto nauts

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