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Match Discussion: Brentford v Swans - Championship Play-Off Final 2020/21



  • Poor coverage

  • 0-1 now we have to chase the game.

  • ...and Freddie kicks the ball out

  • Sky narrative is supporting their bias.

  • Negative formation for me today. Should have gone with Cullen instead of Roberts. We offering nothing going forward. No good have your winger receive the ball and it's first thought his to pass backwards.

  • How many free kicks are we going to give away? Freddie is bottling it. Grimes is bottling it. COME ON BOYS

  • Game over.

  • Game over now

  • Game over with negative tactics from the start.

  • Needs to change it before it's 3-0. This is a walk in park for Brentford.

  • What did you say, we definitely not turned up today, Brentford can’t not believe their eyes how easy it is today.

  • When Brentford play like they have in the first half not many teams will live with them

    Hope the owners are watching as they will have to spend next season

    lets hope its a game of 2 halfs ( best we can hope for sorry to say)

  • Its our lack of goals in the team coming back to haunt us. When this season have we scored 3 goals in the second half, its very rare we have scored 3 goals in a match.

    How do we go the whole season without one striker in the squad?

    So based on the 1st half performance SC will be gone and we will have to rebuild with a new manager without any parachute payments, so we had better find an extraordinary manager.

  • Did we even get off the team bus in that first half? STID

  • Frustrating thing is we are seeing glimpses of how shaky Brentford can be at the back.. We are just set up not to apply pressure at their weak point.

    inviting Brentford to come at us is playing to their strengths. Reverting to the back 3 almost inevitably forced us into having 5 players deep defending the runs of the Brentford attacking midfielders. Cullen should have started and played very high on the Brentford centre backs.

    Now Brentford can be vulnerable - but we have to start to play on their back 3 and hope we don't get a tanking. Nothing to lose COYS!!!

  • This is exactly how I envisioned the game when I saw line up. Your not going to win football matches when you rely on Bidwell and Roberts for width. I'm pissed off that they reverted back to system that we lost 4 or 5 games on the trot without scoring.

    I pray to God somebody poaches Steve Cooper because I don't fancy another Gary Monk x2 season.

  • Sadly we dont look like scoring, as I have said before you can't defend your way to promotion.

    Yan on for Hourihane and liam on for Kyle.

    Too little too late I'm afraid

  • Red card for Jay what a stupid challenge

  • All they have to do now is just see out the match

  • Not sure Freddie will save a shot on target

  • Cooper has got everything wrong today. Fulton today was the worst of three in midfield. He should have substituted him and Naughton at half time.

  • Yellow cards being replaced by subs for Brentford, sensible move.

  • You can say what you want about tactics, as many will. They don't cause the keeper to do stupid things.

  • A season in one match, it many ways this match sums up our season

  • Against Brentford we have saved our worst for last, and epitomises the deterioation of our season over the last 10 matches

  • The disappointment isn’t so much the losing but the not giving it a go. Negative from the start, allowing a team like Brentford to come at you was not a good decision.

  • Zero shots on target so far

  • Now that sums our season up

  • Spot on, I just hope we go back to more attacking team next year. The only way forward in the game is to play like Leeds/Brentford and our old style if you want to survive a few years in the prem.

  • How do we go almost 90 mins without a shot on target

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