Match Discussion: Brentford v Swans - Championship Play-Off Final 2020/21



  • PROUD .... #myclub

  • the way we are playing if we had 180 mins we still wont get a shot on target

  • We over achieved and came up short... the positive? They are more likely to sell the club.... Cooper to palace... get on it

  • congratulations Brentford best of luck up with the big boys

    when you look at the squad Mr Cooper has had to work with this season there is no doubt he has done well to get us to the final, it has not been good to watch and he has made mistakes, the Players to be fair have done their best and thank you one and all for that, for me t( and people WILL dissgree i know) the owners are the people to look at, they still have not put much if any new moneys into the playing side and for me we have just wasted the best chance of going up by not investing in a goal scorer, and instead of sending 2 unfit guys from usa in jan every one and their dog could see what was needed in December so unless these gentlemen and women are prepared to put their hand in their pockets am dreading next season already.

    Unlucky today lads hope you all will live to fight another day for what ever club you are with next season thank you

  • Sorry Pete but there was nothing unlucky about today. We were set up to get exactly what we got, nothing. STID

  • I’m not that gutted to be honest .. ten years ago my whole family were buzzing with excitement with the prospect of premier football and couldn’t wait for the game .. probably due to the fact that we played our way out of league 1 and the championship to get there . Today was more like hoping that my raffle ticket won me a prize and not having it drawn . That’s just my feeling but well done to SC for doing his best to try and get us there . Here’s looking forward to next season fighting relegation because I think that’s what’s coming

  • Well done Brentford - thoroughly deserved.

    For us we saw in the biggest game of the season the limited quality (and issues) that we have.

    Woodman terrible with his feet and time wasting for Brentford when we were 2 down.

    Bidwell a journeyman defender with no ability to pass and maintain possession.

    Hourihane a complete ghost

    Ayew the most over rated and over paid player in the league

    The recruitment team with an abject failure in not recruiting a striker in multiple windows (even Gyokores would have added something)

    Lastly our coach. There were two ways to prepare for this match:

    Emphasis on worrying about containing Brentford's attacks

    Emphasis on what we could do to cause them problems.

    My beef with Cooper is that he is obsessed with the former - hence the switch to a back 5 (and don't try and tell me that first 20 minutes was 3 at the back).

    The Brentford defence was vulnerable -and a positive coach would have concentrated on how to phuq them up. Not our esteemed leader.

    We literally rolled over and waited to get beaten. GUTTED!!!

  • Poor /defensive/lack of ambition team selection (hardly the first time for SC) Equated to NO shots on target (not the first time for SC).. Also forwards don't score if midfield can't PASS to them

    For those having a go at Fulton (Jack Raven) in detail. Commentary like you said stupid then changed it to slipped. The Brentford player caught his foot..causing him to slip .....then his legs went into their player......crap reffing. VAR anybody! Also didn't like their tactics of playing mortally wounded every time a foul was given.

  • jack dragon, i was not infering we were unlucky look at the squad, to be honest i have said that in my opinion Brentford when they are playing like they can are the best footballing side in this Div bar no one and unfortunatly i have voiced the opinion to others on this site we would be also rans today, unfortunatly

    you could be right about the way we were set up but who did we have on the bench to change the game, we also have had many games where we have had no shots on target, far too many in fact and as i say it is the money people you have to look at

  • The things that I didn’t want to happen during the game to decide it happened. Very frustrating to see us go down 1-0 to a penalty and then be reduced to 10 men in the 2nd half. Everything imaginable that could go against us did in a clash that promised much but delivered very little. Well done to Brentford for winning comprehensively although despite deserving it I would have preferred that we made them earn it. If as rumours suggest SC will be a Premier League manager next season then I thank him for his contribution and wish him all the best for the future. It’s just a real shame that his final game as the Swans manager didn’t live up to expectations and I can only surmise that the tactics employed were in part responsible for this. The rest was taken out of his hands by refereeing decisions which were rightly awarded so no complaints just a deeply unsatisfying feeling that’ll be difficult to shake off for some time yet.

  • Nobody is surprised at the result and nobody should be surprised at the approach taken by the coach

    Brentford deserved it as we finished behind them scored lots fewer goals and played poorer football all season

    You get what you deserve

    Last time SC took an attacking approach was second half v Reading last season's last game

    Thought he would go back to a back 5 for this game

    SC said earlier this week we have developed a different identity since relegation

    He's right there - it's called "we'll never get promoted playing like this but we will hack the fans off"

    Eddie Howe is too expensive and high profile for us, but we do need a new identity all right, the one developed by Roberto and honed by Brendan and Laudrup

    I'm looking forward to seeing Benda in goal next season, with Connor Cabango Cooper in defence, backed up by Latibeaudiere Bennett and Naughton, new MF's plus Grimes, Garrick back from loan a proper CF to lead the line and Lowe playing wide more

    We need a reboot back to an attacking style

    I'm not disappointed - we got what we expected

    Team have not been good enough except in brief periods

    Did well to get 4th and getting to today was a big achievement

    Maybe it will get SC a new job maybe not but the club will survive it and come again

    Maybe a better January window might have made a difference and the owners should look hard at themselves over Morris and Arriola, but that's all gone

  • They were better than us in every square inch of the pitch. Not only did we have no plan B, but the plan A was no plan at all! Bye Steve, I believe there's an opening with Lithuania U18's...

    Over to you, Mindy Kaling, for where we go from here?

  • However hard it is to take, the better team by far won today, and good luck to them. I'd much prefer to be embarrassed by one match today than have to suffer a whole season of embarrassment in the Premier League.

    Cooper's style and tactics have been appalling all season, and I hope he does move to Crystal Palace, and that we can appoint an exciting, energetic, charismatic, possibly Continental coach, who can enthuse both the players and the fans.

  • The Chickens finally came home to roost. 

    Fair doos to Cooper, To get us to one game from The Premier league, with those players, takes some doing. 

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s thanks very much, can’t believe you got us into the playoffs twice. 

    All the best for the future. 

     Now let’s get back to playing football the proper way.

  • Cooper went for the 4-3-3 in the 1st leg against Barnsley with Liam Cullen up front. Against a team like Barnsley, Cullen was completely isolated as was the same for Routs in the 2nd leg.

    As good as Cabango and Guehi were for us in those games, we had no control when of either leg and I wouldn't have blamed Cooper if he'd gone back to the 3-5-2 or 5-3-2 in the semi finals to combat Barnsley's pressing game.

    Today however against a footballing side like Brentford, he returns to the 5-3-2 when it was actually the right time to play the 4-3-3 with Liam Cullen up front. But no Cooper never picks the right team for the right particular game.

    To make it worse we are 2-0 down by half time and he didn't bring on Cullen and Manning straight away. We have 45 minutes left of a play off final where we haven't got much left to lose and he didn't change a ****** thing when he should have.

    He finally brought on Ryan Manning on after 82 minutes when we were down to ten men and long out of it by then.

    I'm fed up of Cooper. I'll drive him to Palace if it means we get rid of him and his dire footballing tactics.

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    Best team won today,we had a sniff briefly until Fulton was sent off.No-one should be surprised because on form and on results over the season it should always have been Brentford.

    The team has fought all season and showed huge resolve to reach today's final.So well done to all the players and staff for a great season.

    No doubt the Cooper Bashers on here will have their fun with the opportunity to jump on the band wagon to indulge themselves.

    From my point of view Cooper has achieved as much as anyone could and he has my support whatever happens.

    He needs the owners to stand up and be counted now.

    On wards to next season.

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    Brentford are a bunch of histrionic fakes, like their manager. I would much rather have seen Bournemouth, Barnsley or Reading promoted.

    Referee was as biased as the commentators. Painful to watch. Fulton would never have been sent off if we’d had VAR.

    Having said that, once we went one down I thought it was probably over - this squad hasn’t had goals in them since Lowe lost his confidence in the second half of the season. Ayew’s genius and Cullen’s passion are not enough by themselves.

    Interested to see people predicting we will be relegated next season. Under the current owners we have just missed the play-offs, just edged the play-offs and just missed automatic promotion. The only way you can argue we are going down is (a) relentless pessimism in the face of the evidence, (b) the drink talking or (c) both of the above.

    We saw periods of really good football this season under Cooper, but I rarely enjoyed watching the Swans play. Hoping for a change next season, either of manager or playing style.

    In the meantime, I would like to salute Wayne Routledge and Andre Ayew, two giant servants of this club and true JBs. I wish them all the best for the future and thank them for all they have done.

  • And so it came to pass that the team that trusted to luck and not control all season failed to prevail today. It turns out you can't shithouse your way to promotion after all. I hope all the happy clappy brigade have woken up to that now, at long last.

    The best thing that can happen from here is for some dullard like Palace or West Brom to actually write a cheque for Cooper, and we appoint someone like Rangel to take us forward and get everyone pulling in the same direction.

    Otherwise, we are in for a very difficult season next season.

  • True fans knew today was coming, the build up was bad, we rode our luck for many of our points this season, didn’t actually deserve our position on footballing ability, only on results......... the really shocking part is not1 shot on goal during the match....Freddie, ? I thought he got the ball, but ?..... second goal, midfield players sauntering back ?......and Fulton WTF.... I know you slippedbut...ref was looking for opportunity....... next season?, who knows, but we will all be back.......COYS.....

  • On top of the three very difficult seasons in a row you have predicted, Gary. Good luck with the lottery my friend, your heart is in the right place but you have the predictive talents of Mystic Meg

  • Thanks Cadleigh. Nice to hear from you from the first time in about 6 months

  • We played Moneyball style football all seaso, which can sometimes work over the course of a season, but will never work in one-off matches.

    Brentford weren't particularly good, we were just very poor.Time to get back to playing football rather than Moneyball.

  • Bad good season. The football has been dire but we have ground out results. We were never going to win today the way Cooper set us up from the start. The negativity was ingrained by the time we had to play football.

    My main wish would be to have a back 4, pass and move and be more concerned with the way that we are going to approach a game rather than with the opposition. I can’t stand the way that Barnsley play but it is a hell of a lot more exciting than the turgid garbage that has been served up all season. I’m sure Barnsley would have had many shots on target today rather than the big NIL that we had.

    Here’s to a new, and hopefully, exciting season.

  • Very good post.

    It bears repeating that we reached a play off final and failed to have one shot on target in 90 minutes.

    I'll say that again.

    Our biggest game for 3 years, and we didn't trouble the opposition goalkeeper once.

    Not once.

    In actual fact, we had 2 shots on target in 270 playoff minutes.

    If anyone wants to defend Cooper after that, then I hope you enjoy our return to Leagues 1 and 2 in the coming years.

    You indulged it. You need to own it. You don't get to complain.

  • It means don’t try and motivate people whilst being so negative

  • Oh, right.

    You waited until we lost the playoff final before joining the 'Cooper out' brigade.

    Despite spending the last 9 months castigating anyone saying the same thing.


  • Hi Gary ,

    Your opinions are your own, so they should be and good luck to you, but your ability to exaggeration and hyperbole is unparalleled on this site.

    Calm down,take a few deep breaths😀

    See you next season I expect,venting as usual,

  • Moorlands,

    Sorry, did we have a shot on target in the final then?

    Happy to downgrade from fact to "opinion" on that one if you want to correct me.

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