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Match Discussion: Brentford v Swans - Championship Play-Off Final 2020/21



  • Run-down of my day in Costa Del Hellesdon.

    1) Jnr. being a pain in the @r$e all day.

    2) Ant infestation in the kitchen about 2 hours before kick-off.

    3) Then Jnr. hides the Now TV remote (see 1) above).

    4) Swans manage to serve up 90 minutes of turgid old scrote, with Brentford seldom having to get out of 2nd gear. Sorry, but if that's the best Cooper can dish up, then it's probably best we stay in the Championship and he moves on.


    Oh well, at least I've got Peterborough as a "close" game next year.


    PS - the remaining ants had a headache come 5pm.

  • Today's game did remind me of this rather marvellous quote from Gordon Strachan:

    Reporter: So, Gordon, in what areas do you think Middlesbrough were better than you today?

    Strachan: What areas? Mainly that big green one out there...

  • Not quite sure how Brentford are "magnificent".

    Down and out v Bournmouth until the sending off.

    Team with the most penalties this season.

    Had some generous refs during the season.

    Have a very "nice" manager.

    Lucky enough to play a gutless manager in the playoff.

  • Well that was predictable just like to say a great thank you to sc and the players for a great season which I think most of us couldn’t have predicted.time for a big reset big rebuilding job now on and whoever’s in charge will need to bring in a lot more legs and energy into this team.big thanks to Andre Marc guhi Freddie woodman Connor Roberts Kyle naughton Matt grimes thank you for all you’ve done and wish you all the best in the future wherever it may be.on a personal note at least by not getting promoted il never have to watch Connor houraghane in a swans shirt again!

  • Nope... I shared what I have heard is happening.. enjoy the glory you find in a swansea defeat as you have done all season.

  • I take no pleasure in being correct.

    I was still hopeful that we might shithouse our way to promotion today.

    The fact we didn't saddens me. The fact we didn't in such a passive, pitiful manner makes me even sadder.

    That, to me, is not what Swansea City should be about. We were tame, submissive, and passive.

    Anyone prepared to defend it, is beyond me.

  • An honest assessment of our squad this season

    woodman- decent young keeper reminds me a bit of Wayne Hennessy I don’t think he’s going to make it at top level but in time will make a decent championship keeper.time for him to return back to Newcastle but did a good job.

    naughton- been a good pro and good servant I’m a bit 50/50 with him bang average player but he’s reliable maybe time to move him on due to his wages.

    cabango- hope he stays still a lot to learn I don’t think he’s as good as what people think he is but will get better and is a good prospect.

    marc guhi- future Chelsea captain enough said!

    bidwell- get rid!

    bennett -get rid!

    manning- good pro lots of energy very positive on the ball should have played more.

    connor- thanks you Jack ****** best of luck to you hope we get at least 12m for you!

    Grimes- all the best for the future my player of the season I just don’t get how any fan can question your performances even when you’ve not played well your work rate has never been in question hope we get 12m For you!

    fulton-had a great season and has a lot to offer.

    smith-get rid!

    dhanda-flatters to deceive but needs to play for a manager who plays the Swansea way otherwise he might as well move on!

    hourghagne-get rid!

    Andre-been great player and great professional let’s be fair you’ve done alright out of Swansea city financially but we’ve loved having you good luck for the future wish you all the best!

    jamal -great season even though you’re played out of position I’d like to see more balls played into your feet in around the box bags of ability pace and strength lots more to come from you.

    cullen-I wrote you off earlier in the season and you proved me wrong need to kick on next season and I think you will iff you get the service

  • bye bye ayew thank whatever

  • maybe now we can play some fluid footie upfront

  • I did find one positive from today: we won't have to see that shite away kit EVER again!!

  • I didnt think Brentford were that great today, if I am honest.

    But then they didnt need to be. We were poor.

    I can see why Cooper went with a back 3 - wanting to match up, and was worried about their front 2.

    But, and I warned about this before the game with my friends, going back to a back 3 would potentially have sent a negative message to the players.

    He rolled the dice, like Pep last night, and like Guardiola, he failed.

    We didn't create a chance, or have a shot at goal. The very reason he switched to a 4 of late.

    Even with the fact that Woodman made a mistake and they scored a pen early on. I'm not sure that would have made a difference the longer we played that formation.

    Nor would a different referee have made much of a positive improvement, either. There is no doubt he DID affect the game. Whistle happy, with no understanding of the game was shown crystal clear when, without even taking a breath, he sent Fulton off.

    It was never a red card. It happened right in front of me. We saw him slip, and that is why he collided with the Brentford player. VAR would have shown that.

    And while that decision wouldn't have change the result in itself, it was symptomatic of his poor performance, where you could see our players getting more and more frustrated. It didnt help.

    I dont like Frank. I dont like the way their players were constantly throwing themselves on the floor and exaggerating injury and fouls. And the ref bought them.

    I think they will struggle to stay up. Even with significant investment. As we would have. Their saving grace is their recruitment model is good, so they have a chance if that continues.

    Keep an out on Stuart James output in the Athletic. He hinted yesterday, post-match, that Cooper and Scott had a Championship striker lined up to take as a permanent transfer, only to see the owners kill the deal in January.

    I am not convinced Cooper WILL go. His most likely destination is Palace. But there are issues with some in the ownership group that are against that.

    And there is a £4.5 clause to get him and his backroom staff.

    I think they will probably go for Dyche. He's proven. Like Cooper, he's in the last of his contract. And there are reports Palace have approached Burnley - who have new owners.

    Those new owners have a similar sound to ours, not just because they are American. They bought the club in a leveraged buy-out, like United. They took over in December and gave him no money to spend in January, having spent eff all the previous summer, despite losing several of the 1st team squad.

  • I don’t think Cooper or his staff for that matter, are ready for a Premiership club to take a punt on him/them

    If I were a Palace owner Nuno Espírito Santo would be a no brainier over Cooper, especially with a £4.5m compensation package.

    I can’t believe the Yanks could not see the wood from the trees, on our chance to go back up to the Prem.

    Just shows it’s all about their investment, where they want absolutely no risk but thought they could do it on a shoestring.

    Im not a big fan of Cooperball, but to achieve what he has with half a shoestring has to be impressive

  • Big question. Did we get to Wembley because of SC or despite him? Remember the games v Norwich? That team could play. So why did we have so many dismal performances towards the end and yesterday? Tactics/selection/players?

    A lot of negativity and very little creativity?

  • Hindsight is a great thing, most supporters, if they left their hearts out of it, knew we wouldn’t win, we knew Freddie would do something silly ( although I thought he actually got the ball..just) because he made comments like” a debt to repay etc), and once the team was announced, you knew they were looking to grind out a win.

    Are we the first team in a final NOT TO GAVE A SHOT?

    I feel really sorry for Barnsley, we robbed them of the chance to play their way and possibly get to the premier L.

    never mind, it’s only a game, and here’s hoping we’re here again next year, either up or having WON the final......57 years and counting !

  • "We knew Freddie would do something silly".

    WTF are you on about. He's not faultless as a keeper. But he's never been silly.

    You just sound like the typical scapegoat supporter.

  • The reality was the Swans were the 4th best team in the Championship who lost to the 3rd best .

    Hand on heart did you expect us to win yesterday ?

    For us to have won , we needed to play well and the Bees to have an off day , the team with the better players usually win , 2 goals down in 20 minutes was too much to come back from , the sending off I thought was harsh summed up the day

    Their front 3 have done well all season ,

    Can't wait for August to come and start watching down the Liberty , being at the stadium is what it's all about .

    To finish in the top 6 was a great achievement , congratulations to Brentford on creating history .

    They will be buzzing next season .

  • I can honestly say I dont care about Brentford. I respect how their club is run, but that's the limit of my interest in Brentford.

    Lets not get mindless about next season, there are very real threats to the future of the club, unless we make a number of good choices, and personally I dont see anyone within the ownership and management of the club that inspire me with their ability to make the right choices.

    Not ensuring the club has at least one recognised striker for the whole season, when we had a very real possibility of auto-promotion, should be a warning to us all that they really have very little credibility in making the right football choices.

    Who will be buzzing exactly; the owners, the management, the coaches, the players? At the playing end half the first team squad will probably be gone, perhaps the whole management team, but at least we have the same owners and management. And if that gets you buzzing then please share some of the drugs you are on with the rest of us.

  • Reports say Ollie Mcburnie , Morgan Gibbs White , Rhian Brewster were in the crowd yesterday .

  • We can expect them to give an interview to BBC Wales or WOL this summer to manage (ie dampen) expectations for next season.

    Lots of references to having no more parachute payments, "cutting our cloth accordingly", we'll have to sell before we can buy, Andy Scott is doing a great job sourcing affordable players (as if he has any say in it whatsoever when they decide to help out one of their MLS buddies) etc etc.

    We will be left in no doubt that they are not going to personally step up and help the team. That'll be made loud and clear.

  • I bet they were malc iff we’d have won they would all have been playing for us next season gutted!

  • The reality was that nobody expected us to win but everybody expected us to have a good go at it. I won’t get over the fact that we set up trying not to lose and then spent 90 minutes without a single effort on target. This is down to the manager.

  • I'm sure the boss said to the players keep it tight first 20 mins , work your way into the game ,

    2 goals down after 20 mins the game plan goes out the window the sending off then kills the game .

    My disappointment we didn't learn from last years second leg where we conceded 2 early goals

    I was amazed we had more possession, passes with higher accuracy .

    They had 12 shots 3 on target , we had 9 none on target , they were clinical .

  • @JackRaven pay attention , who beat us Saturday what are their nicknames ?

    They will be buzzing after making history

    I can't wait for the start of next season , driving to the ground with my family and friends ,

    Watching the players come out to warm up , guessing the team selected .

    Standing up and singing as the players come out , booing the ref , barracking the opposition sharing sweets and stories with friends you sit next too

    Running back to the car , switching on the radio to hear the scores

    I'm fed up of watching the Swans on the small screen , I want to be back in the ground nothing beats watching live games with everything the crowd gives .

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    As I said I dont really care about Brentford, and the fact they stopped us from getting promotion (deserved or undeserved) makes me care even less.

    I'm interested in our club, and concerned about the potentially disasterous impact of the parachute payments ceasing will have on our ability to build a new squad and style that can even come close to the playoffs.

    So there is a long journey to the start of the season, and so, for me, being able to get back into the Liberty is a very distant and minor part of my concerns and hopes.

    By the way dont make the mistake of assuming this pandemic is over yet, there is a new another variant, just discovered in Vietnam which is even more transmissable than the Indian Variant. With the amount of people accross the world getting infected on a daily basis and the evolutionary pressure from the vaccines, there are likely to be still more variants to come. Lets hope they are benign but there is little reason to assume so.

    I guess you can tell how happy I feel


  • @Malc

    I still don't think @JackRaven 'got it' 😁

  • I would say if Cooper goes, it would be good to hold on to Marge. He lives local, so there is a chance he'd stay under a new manager.

    And it could be, like with Brendan taking over from Sousa, the right man could benefit from the defensive work Cooper has done in the last 2 seasons, by adding a greater passing flair.

    In fact it does have a similar circle to Martinez, Sousa, Rodgers with Potter, Cooper, ???

  • Interesting circle, but do we have the right people choosing managers (Jenkins had a pretty good track record at the stage)?

    If Potter was Martinez and Cooper was Sousa the question is who is the next Brendan Rodgers?

  • Mark warbuton

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