Out of contract

Good evening,

Don’t know about anyone else, but the nerves are already kicking in!

Apologies if this is an old discussion but I’ve just heard we have 8 players out of contract after tomorrow.

Who are the 8?

  1. Wayne R
  2. Ayew
  3. Guehi
  4. Freddy
  5. Conner Ho.
  6. ?
  7. ?
  8. ?



  • Routledge and Ayew out of contract, the other 3 are on loan, I think Naughton has signed a new contract but the likes of Cabango and Roberts will need to be tied down longer regardless of tomorrows result. Not sure how long Fulton, Grimes and Dhanda are tied for

  • Fulton, Grimes and Dhanda I believe are under contract, we took up the option on Naughton to give him another year, while young pro Al-Hamadi, Freeman are out of contract. Garrick signed an extension earlier this year as did Dan Williams, keeper Gould while young pros like Gibbings(already posted on twitter he is off) and the likes of Bevan, Jacob Jones, Blake and Jake Thomas could be on their way.

  • i think you misheard/read.

    I posted that 8 will be in the last year of their contracts next season.

    Hamer, Naughton, Roberts, Bidwell, Grimes, Smith, Dhanda, Williams.

  • actually, I forgot Byers. So 9 not 8 out of contract next summer.

  • Hi Mark,

    I’m not sure if the miss heard bit was at my post but it wasn’t from you I was referring to.

    I heard it from a pundit on a podcast I was listening to.

    Although there are some key players leaving, it doesn’t look as bad as I first feared when I heard it was 8. (Which now seems an inaccurate point).

  • We are not going to be affected by the departing players.

    I was all for Benda over Woodman - we are good at centre back (regardless of how awesome Guehi was) and the savings on Ayew are huge to the financial stability of the club.

    We will be competitive without the departing players - by selling one asset and investing wisely we will have the potential for a top end finish.

    However, whether Cooper stays or not - we have to be less of a shit house team trying to kill the game and snatch a 1-0 win. 56 goals in a 46 game season just does not cut it with the most expensive striker in the league.

    Also - enough with this 5 at the back crap - this only works for me when the coach is using it to throw players forward and the two wingbacks are providing attacking width.

    When you insert Bidwell (fantastic defender and honest pro that he is) alongside 3 centre backs - the message to our own dressing room - never mind the opposition is CRYSTAL CLEAR.

    Cooper spent last week tossing and turning about what damage Toney Emiliano Mbueno and Canos could inflict on us. I would have spent the week looking at an ageing Pontus Jansson, a limited Pinnock, an out of position Dalsgaard and a sketchy keeper and planning to spend the maximum amount of time in our attacking areas. BIG FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCE and the reason Cooper is not my cup of tea.

    We should have picked 4 good defenders and put Cullen to play on the shoulder of the last defender - with Lowe and Ayew providing movement in and around their back 4.

    I will never forgive Cooper - not for the defeat - that is part and parcel of the game..It was the total shit house surrender and passive tactical approach where we sat there and waited to get beaten.

    We didnt have to wait long - it only took 20 minutes.

  • Great post jackareme can’t argue with any of that.and I don’t buy into this notion that we’re run on a shoestring budget whe we’ve got Ayew hoursghane and Bennett in our squad!

  • if you include the players who loans end, meaning they are included in Out of Contract:

    1. Guehi
    2. Woodman
    3. Hourihane
    4. Ayew
    5. WR
    6. Freeman
    7. Declan John
    8. McKay

    There are the 8 I mentioned contracted until 2022, some of whom will need to be sold if they dont extend - Connor, Grimes, Byers, Dhanda - all have a resale value.

    Others like KN, Smith, Bidwell, we can let their contracts run down.

    Contracted to 2023: Bennett, Lowe, Manning, B & O Cooper, Joel, Garrick, Rushesha.

    2024: Cullen, Benda, Fulton.

    2025: Whittaker and Ben Cabango.

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