Its obvious that cooper off so get michu the legend in please


  • Is he trained to coach in any shape or form?

  • Heard hes done all his badges also het angel assistant

  • From 2018:

    His brother Hernan is involved in coaching, and Michu has been working through his coaching badges in his homeland as he plots his next move.

    And he readily admits he would one day love to be stood in the dug-out in charge of his former team.

    “I am finishing off my studies to be a coach in Spain, it is the same as in the rest of the Europe, there are the three levels to work through and I am working towards the last one,” he says.

  • Another one who actually understands football.

    Rangel, Michu, Leon dream team please

  • After the last 2 years, I think we'd need a Frank Burrows-esque transition period first, otherwise if we went straight from Cooperball to the Holy Trinity, I fear we'd all end up blowing a fuse due to over-excitement.

  • id rather Michu playing before managing Michu could play with one legg in this swans team!

  • no matter who the manager is unless they have owners to fully back them wont go anywhere

  • I partially disagree @Pete - I don't buy the Cooper made a silk purse out of a sows ear theory. With or without investment we have a lot of quality in this team. With a more attacking outlook we could dominate a lot of games and win quite a few.

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