2020-2021 Season Review

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Now the curtain has come down on the 2020-2021 Championship Season, what have been your main observations and feelings about the campaign.

Despite the Play-Off Final defeat, has it been a success?

Do you think Steve Cooper will stay - do you want him to stay? And what of the playing squad, with loans and contracts coming to an end.

Which players were the star performers and who do think underperformed.

This is the place to discuss YOUR review of the 2020-2021 season.



  • Woodman - not without his flaws, but a decent keeper at this level. 7/10.

    Roberts - player of the year. 9/10.

    Naughton - a very solid and versatile player at this level. 7/10.

    Bidwell - an absolute carthorse. It saddens me that nowadays we sign players like this. 2/10

    Manning - we didn't see much of him, but he must surely be better than Bidwell. 5/10.

    Guehi, Cabango - way too overworked imo but still, excellent seasons. 8/10

    Bennett - did ok but seems very injury prone. 6/10

    Latibeaudiere - again did ok but like Manning didn't see enough to really tell. 5/10.

    Grimes - solid but unspectacular. And like the rest of our midfield, got sucked into hoofing it far too much to my taste. 6/10

    Fulton - he's a decent enough ratter but that's about it. Another player whose regular game time tells you all you need to know about how far our standards have fallen. 5/10

    Smith - ho hum. Beige. 5/10

    Hourihane - sorry, but a big flop in my eyes. Started well but soon descended into nothingness, I just don't see what he brings in open play. 4/10.

    Gibbs White - wish he'd stayed longer. Good player. 7/10

    Dhanda - I like Yan, I think he's a decent player, one of very few in our squad who can actually play, which of course meant he hardly featured at all under Cooper. He'll be hoping for a change of coach more than most. 6/10

    Routs - criminally underused, still our best footballer and what a sad end, if it's the end. 8/10.

    Lowe - hot and cold. Clearly not a centre forward, so of course Cooper plays him there for the bulk of 49 matches. Gets an extra point for Cardiff away. 7/10

    Ayew - clearly too good for this level and scored some very important goals, but selfish and individualistic and I'm not sorry to see him go, along with his wages. 7/10

    Cullen - looks a decent prospect. 6/10

    Whitaker - again, a decent prospect, but could we have better used the cash elsewhere? 6/10

    Morris and Arriola - shame about Morris's injury and wish him all the best but both looked way out of their depth and a baffling, dreadful waste of our meagre resources. 3/10

    Gyokeres - simply awful. 1/10

    Steve Cooper: I'm not going to waste more words on this guy, except to add please Palace or West Brom, come in with a cheque and put us out of our misery. Makes Garry Monk look enlightened. Gets a point for that glorious week we upset Stoke and Warnock. 1/10

  • Agree with most of that Gary I think your being a bit disrespectful to sc to give him 1/10 I’d give him 8 for his achievements this season even though his football has been pretty dire!

  • You're probably right Brownie, but you know my views on him and still I'm fuming at how awful we were yesterday. I would struggle to go higher than a 4, tops.

  • for me this was a season that could and should have taken us back to the promised land,As i think Mr Cooper has done a very good job, with what he had to work with , making many mistakes along the way getting us to the final, am not going into team selection yesterday but that again i m o was a mistake, it is his 2nd year and still has a lot to learn and if the club is not going to back him he will be gone or if another club offers compo to the board he will be gone with i am sorry to say some of our better player s as the owners are here to make a buck no interest in Swansea what so ever and instead of financing a striker they sent over 2 unfit players from usa our manager did not want ( hoping the injured guy makes a full recovery) when the lad from Southampton who was on his way her got injured did they go to plan b ? No and our recruitment team MUST have had other targets I honestly think WHO EVER is the manager unless the board are prepared to back him/her we will stay where we are or worse.

    this is the time for the owners to say we will back the manager or sell to some one who will and care for Swansea and needs to be done sooner than later ( not holding my breath tho on any count)

  • To rub salt in the wounds pete Paul Ariola scored for dc united yesterday

  • The owners?

    As dreadful as ever. Still interfering, as we saw with the MLS transfers foisted on Cooper in January.

    They took over in 2016, and 5 years on they still haven't invested one penny of their own money on the team, whilst selling anything that moves.

    That isn't going to change.

    The only way ahead for us is to get back to our footballing principles with the right type of coach in charge, and hope that Scott can continue to turf up decent free transfers and loans for us within the meagre budgets they allow him to work with. Then pray someone comes in to take the club off their hands sooner rather than later.

  • So we are at end of year Report Card now.

    We all went through the 'trauma' of our School Report experiences,even I can remember those days.Many have also lived through it with our children.

    Continuous assessment in the workplace now brings this analysis of performance into many careers for us as adults.

    The big difference is that the Report Card or Assessment is produced by a professional who is trained to make such judgements.

    Records of the last two seasons will always be there,while personal disappointments about playing style will not figure.

    To the world outside this forum, two top 6 finishes and playoff appearances will look pretty damn successful.

    Thinking of the future, it rests with decisions taken on the other side of the Atlantic.

  • @moorlands

    I've done the 'end of season report card' thing on here for a good few years now.

    I've never claimed to be a professional. I'm just a fan with an opinion. Agree, disagree, it doesn't really matter. It's just a bit of fun.

    Maybe you should try having fun sometimes. It might do you good, instead of constantly leaving snide little comments below others posts. Give it a try.

  • Gary has an opinion. That's for sure 🙃🤣

  • We all know his opinion on Cooper, that's for sure!

  • @garythenotrashcougar, interesting report but just a few of them scores I felt (IMO) you were a little harsh.

    Starting with Cooper, no matter what you think of his style and tactics, it can't be argued that as manager of Swansea City FC he had a very successful season (time will tell if the tactics he has used this season are his modus operandi or a result of the limitation he has worked under). I would give him a 9/10

    Whitaker I don't personally rate and can't see how you score him 6/10 !! I appreciate he is young but he cam with 1st team experience at Derby (and plenty of England representation at various levels) so I would expect more than he showed, plus if your good enough your old enough. I would score him 4/10 and with a note saying "must do better next term"

    I think you have been a tad harsh on Grimes and Fulton.

    Grimes, I was critical of in the early part of the season but he definitely turned his form around and even added some goals (note to Cooper get him more involved in the final 3rd) so I think an 8/10 would be fair.

    Fulton for me is extremely underrated and whilst he is not always pleasing on the eye he does the things that every midfield requires and add some goals as well and his fitness levels look to have improved no end, I would also give him an 8/10

    If we could just get a 3rd midfielder to add the attacking spark, maybe Dhanda can do this, which he showed in flashes (just needs to do it consistently over 40+ games), the big what if here is Morgan Gibbs-White whom I feel would have been the difference maker had firstly he been fit in the early season and secondly if Wolves had not recalled him just to warm the bench.

    Defensively I think you have been unfair on Bennett and the impact he had on the team/squad following the departure of Rodon. Yes he seems a tad injury prone but still played quite a lot of games (29) and that fact probably was a huge benefit to Cabango as he got to play regularly (and not too much) whilst learning from an experienced centre back.

    As for Bidwell, whatever your opinion giving him a score of 2/10 is just ludicrous, this is a player who was a mainstay in one of the best defenses in the championship (and for a long period the whole of English professional football) this past season, add to that he provided 8 assists, which was not only the most in the team it was the most of any defender in the Championship, so he can easily justify 7 or 8/10.

    I can agree largely with the rest of your scores, but I would add that I will personally be sad to see Ayew go (I do appreciate it's not viable for him to stay) and he will be massively missed and will take one hell of a signing to replace him (and we haven't been doing too well recruiting forwards of late!!)

    It certainly has the potential to be interesting summer (as usual) starting with the manager and how quickly his future is sorted and then the comings and goings!!

  • It will be exciting pre season for a number of reasons, my team currently at the moment for next season.

    1 .......

    2 Roberts

    3 ........

    4 Cabango

    5 Bennett

    6 Grimes





    11 Lowe

    If Cooper leaves, I would be looking at possibly Cameron Toshack or foreign coach/manager with proof of attacking technical football.

  • Morning one and all,

    The planning should already have started for next season, 1 Are the owners going to put new monies in or not ? if not cannot see Cooper staying and whilst i am not a big fan of his tactics he has like it or not got the club to 2 play offs so be careful what you wish for

    2 if we are to look for a new manager who will come in to work under financial restraints?

    3 who will have to be sold? ( hopefully no one but again not holding my breath)

    4 for me unless the owners, there are 28 plus of them ,commit to NEW money we will struggle next season to get anywhere near the play offs never mind the final or auto promotion and it will for me show the true lengths they will go for Swansea city f c

    lastly will thank the manager and his team for this season and the players one and all for their efforts

    Now mr Winter GET THINGS SORTED as a priority we are behind other clubs already planning for next season

  • I have

    1 Benda or Hamer

    3 Bidwell or Manning

    7 Fulton or Smith

    8 Cullen or Garrick

    9 Dhanda or Whittaker

    10 new signing

    Lots of players available out of contract .

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    Just finding and getting the good ones a bit of an issue.

    Depending on who the manager is going to be, will dicate the definition of good. The nightmare scenario is we get in players to fit the SC mould......then he leaves and we have to get a new manager, hopefully with a more passing and attacking mindset, but none of players suit.

    IF SC is going to go he needs to go in June, ideally in the next two weeks, so we have time to recruit a new manager and players which suit his style.

    Otherwise SC and the club have to commit to him staying in the same timeframe. Any delay beyond that time frame will make next season a disaster.

    Anyone want to take any odds on what our Owners and Mr Winter will allow to happen?

    1. Decision by 14 June - SC stays we focus on getting the right players in.
    2. Decision by 14 June - SC is going, we will take til mid July to find a new manager then we will need to go flat out to find good players by the definition of the new manager.
    3. There is delay and indecision on whether SC stays or goes with no final decision until the end of July. Then we panic.

    Based on the track record we have seen, sadly option 3 is looking like a distinct possibility. I really really hope I am wrong.

  • What about sol cambell iff sc goes?

  • @Brownie

    Personally I'd prefer someone with experience as a attacking midfielder rather than a defender!

  • Sound familiar? Hollins' side certainly proved to be effective and functional, rather than pretty, seemingly winning 1–0 every week on their way to the title. The side conceded just 32 goals during the 1999–2000 season, largely due to the form of excellent centre-back pairing Jason Smith and Matthew Bound, as well as keeper Roger Freestone. During the season the side set a record of nine consecutive league victories, and, during the same period, seven consecutive clean sheets

  • And board the pants of everybody who likes to watch good football.Steve Jones hitting flat crosses on top of Julian alsop head didn’t cut it for me!

  • The problem was that the pragmatic style of football played was unsuited for the next level up and , coupled with lack of investment, we were relegated the following season. That sounds a bit familiar too.

  • Really?

    I'd prefer Russell Martin. He plays Swansarola style football. And played as either a CB or Right back.

  • edited June 2

    Russell Martin certainly has his team play possession football, however not a big increase in attacking intent. Which is why I'd quite like an attacking midfielder as Manager.

    In many ways he is an SC with passing, which could be a step forward, but sticks to 3-5-2, and over attacks down the left side (Connor would be happy!!!) yet concedes a lot of goals, perhaps showing how much the 3-5-2 has been worked out. But he didnt change formation really all season, so sounds like SC there as well.

    Actually looking at the overall performance perhaps a League 1 version of GP, playing possession football, conceding as many goals as they score. In fact the outcome is almost identical to GP, mid table finish ,+2 goal difference and only about 37% win rate.

    I hope even with our limitations we can find a manager who wants to play a possession/passing style but with more attacking intent.

  • Perhaps we avoid the Swansa-rola style, hard on the outside and soft on the inside! Instead we go for the Swansalona style instead, keep the ball and outscore the opposition!


  • I had to snickers when we got onto this topic.. we are twix a rock and a hard place, whether to hob nob with our new anti football style and recruit accordingly, or let Cooper walk and get our players passing the ball (and recruit more footballers). For me the celebrations would be to walk again down quality street and regain our identity.

  • Is webmaster trying to Boost his clicks and thus his advertising Bounty with this Topic?

    There will be Ripples of discontent if he does earn a pretty Dime from it this cynical move.

    He's lit the Fuse now. But is he a Zero? A Drifter? Or one of our Heroes with a 100 Grand Bar?

  • Yes and let’s hope Ben cabanna stays!

  • Apropos of nothing, does anyone remember the old Double Decker?

    Sorry, I digress. I Mars-t stop doing that.

    The truth of the matter is we are a Galaxy away from the Club we once were. We've got to Milka the free transfer market for all it's worth. There'll be a lot of rumours and Wispas but it's no Secret we haven't got a lot of cash. We need to be clever and KitKat-ch people unawares.

    What we don't want is a Flakey start to next season. We need to hit the ground running, or that will be hard to Digestive. We could Spira towards relegation. But in that scenario if it came to the Crunchie, hopefully some of our players would make themselves Aeros.

  • What we need is Heroes!

    Fulton is great because he is a bit Crunchie, Ben is a Lion in defence, we have a few Flakes in the squad and I heard a Wispa that Andre is trying to regrow his hair, Curly Wurly style.

  • Whoever we sell this summer I hope there’s a good bounty on their heads!

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