The latest rumour COOPER being chased by EVERTON.



  • Latest I read 2 interviews with Crystal Palace

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    Anywhere, anyone. Truth be told, I don't care where.

    Palace / Everton / etc fans - you'll love him. Full of the non-negotiables, such as an entertaining, free-flowing festival of total football (admittedly, I may have missed a word out, can you guess which one and where?...)

    Don't delay, sign him up today. Please. I'll be your friend.

  • Looks like Nuno is the front runner for Palace now. Dammit.

    I wonder if Everton or Spurs might go for Potter, and Brighton come in for Cooper?

    West Brom are still managerless too.


  • Chris Wilder favourite for West Brom manager ,

    Interesting to see where Eddie Howe goes .

  • This managerial merry-go-round really is hotting up. When you reflect on the number of managers that have left the Swans for the Premier League we’ve got quite the impressive track record. First there was Martinez, then Sousa, Rodgers, Potter and now possibly Cooper. Since Martinez every single manager that we’ve had managing us in the Championship have gone on to manage in the top tier. That is some impressive CV for the club to draw on to attract any budding managers with potential. Based on that they could see themselves as having two shots at the PL bullseye. One would either be with the Swans themselves or with a Premier League club that could come in for them. When you factor in the players that have left and have either gone to or remained in the Premier League we’ve become quite a football factory which those top 20 clubs have fed off.

  • I just hope a decision is made in the next 2 weeks or we have the worst of all worlds

  • Pochettino has asked PSG to let him go

    Eddie howe linked with Everton job

    cooper linked with palace job\

  • If Cooper goes anywhere, and I still dont think he will, it will be to West Brom.

    I dont see PL clubs taking a punt on him yet, espeically with other candidates available, with proven records in the top flight - Nuno and Howe available.

    And as has been mentioned, Wilder is a bigger candidate that Cooper for the WBA gig.

  • I can't see SC being in the frame ahead of the fairly numerous out of work managers around at the moment.In my view he hasn't yet got the years in at senior level for these clubs to take him over the others around now.

    I tend to agree with JackR, that long lived uncertainty about the situation, and consequently delay in executing plans for next season would be a big drawback .

  • if what has been written on the other site is correct we should know this week if he goes or stays, its all well and good saying stay or go but he will want things from the owners, namely a promise of cash to improve the squad ( maybe to take us to the next level is that not what was promised 5 yrs ago?) if he does not get that assurance he will be gone

  • @Pete If that is the ask of these owners, then we can be fairly certain SC will be gone, as they wont put their hands in their pockets for anyone.

    In anycase we need to know now not let this drift on.

  • I don't think Steve Cooper will be asking the owners for mega bucks (he will also more aware of the financial situation than any of us)

    Unless an approach comes in for Cooper then he will stay and as @Mark_Jack_London said there is many managers available with top level experience like Howe and Nuno that will be much more attractive than Cooper.

    I think the big conversation is around how the squad can be strengthened with a mixture of loans and low cost signings.

    If we can get some top quality loans in early like Brewster, MGW and Guehi level of player then add a couple of young signings to replace the departees then Cooper could well be more than happy.

  • I think may of us will agree that if we had brought in that quality striker in January we would have been a good bet for an automatic promotion bid and throw in also if Gibbs-White had played the full season, would his role have cemented that promotion place.

    We were rank unlucky to lose Gibbs-White but to be still in with a chance of auto promotion by March will surely go down as extremely poor management from our owners not to back Cooper with cash for that proven striker. We are not talking about £4/5/6 M but far less.

  • @Colin_swansea

    What do you class as far less ? We spent £700k on a striker we didn't use. Add in the costs of Freeman, Hourighane, Hamer, Morris and Areola and there is a reasonable argument that the Yanks authorised the expenditure but it was spent in the wrong places.

  • The owners want to know how little they can spend and still make some progress

    They got an answer last season, which is if you get good loans especially strikers you don't have to spend a lot

    The owners and maybe Andy Scott failed on the striker front

    Toney was a big success, ditto Adam Armstrong at Blackburn and Pukki at Norwich

    Any one of those 3 and a half decent set of squad players and you get very close

    For me we need to raid Arsenal for Balogun on loan

    Sheff U wanted him before they signed Brewster

  • I was given the impression that the striker identified cost less than £2.5M plus whatever wages were involved.

    I would think that Freeman arrived as part of the Garrick loan plus paying his wages, while Hamer, Morris and Arriola were just added to the wagebill.

    Hourihane most probably cost us a loan fee while most of the £700k for Whittaker was future add-ons.

  • Yep. They refused the 2.5 million and give him two Americans he didn’t want . I generally have no problem with SC on the whole, I do however have an issue with Winter (Yes man) and bill and Ben the American men. However I am hearing rumblings of positivity in that regard.

  • chatz that's one hell of a throwaway line now. What rumblings....?

  • I do have a problem with SC as he doesnt play a pass and move style nor is he attack minded. However he has been hamstrung by the Owners and Mr Winter so I can see a very good reason why he would want to leave.

    Without Leon involved I have little confidence that Mr Winter and the Owners can find their own asses with both hands nevermind the type of Manager we need.

  • I am hoping the talks of Mr Coopers future will be short and sorted soon this week will be good one way or the other, but cannot see it myself talks with our C O who then reports back to the owners ( who could not be bothered to come over last saturday) the time difference and dont forget when Mr Birch went over to U S they could not even turn up for the agreed meeting tells you a lot guys and gals , for me the owners have to show the fans they are not here just to "make a buck" and invest with in reason but DO NOT LET THINGS DRAG ON like in the past and keep their word to take the club to the next level ( and i dont mean down)

  • I was not aware of the infamous owner no show meeting with Birch in the US. It must have passed under my radar. The decision not to make an appearance for the play-off final does point to an AWOL ownership and also leadership at the very top. My hopes (and fears) about what will happen next are fighting it out at the moment. I really do feel that, just like previous seasons since relegation, our stay in the Championship is on a knife edge. Also since the current owners took control of and had a say in the club’s affairs they have proven that they are not a cut above the previous way that the club was run. Unfortunately it wouldn’t sit right with me for the sellouts, as they are now referred to, to take back control as they are what got us into this position in the first place. Both sets of owners have revealed that their self interests over-rided/overrides any true passion and commitment towards the club. Neither have covered themselves in glory and ultimately we have to cross our fingers that somehow whilst asset stripping the present owners hit upon the right formula for the coming season and we either remain a Championship club or better that by climbing up to the Premier League.

  • I would think Covid restrictions and travelling overseas would have been a problem .

  • I wonder sometimes what would have happened if we had appointed Graeme Jones coaching now with Steve Bruce at Newcastle also working with Gareth Southgate's England at the Euros .

    Must be regarded as a top coach by many people , I wonder why he wasn't appointed after being interviewed at least twice .

  • No doubting that he's a top coach.

    However, his stint as manager at Luton didn't go too well, maybe he's not really manager material and better suited to coaching and the No 2 role (much like a certain Paul Clement)

  • As my London mate whose a non league coach says to me the guys a fraud! He’s a a good coach but don’t hoodwink everybody in that you play the way the way Swansea have always played because you don’t and you never will

  • Brendan Rodgers didn't do so well at Watford or Reading , you can never know who will be successful must have learned so much off Roberto

  • Let’s be fair iff our next manager took over a group of young players got them playing triangle at a quick tempo everything into feet give and go plenty of pace in the team probably win a few lose a few he’d have cult status!

  • Well like most things in life, achievement is great but it is important how you achieve as well.

  • In all honesty Brownie there's far more to Roberto's and Rodgers's game plan than triangles. Square pegs in round holes comes to mind.

  • the 'next level' quote, as explained at the time, was guaranteeing cover of any debt; that was the next level. Making sure there was no temporary shortfall in cashflow as happened and had to be covered with the sale of Shelvey. Fans invented their own interpretation for it to mean splashing the cash.

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