Jay Fulton to miss start of 2021-22 season

Swansea City midfielder Jay Fulton will be suspended for the first three matches of next season after his sending off in the Championship play-off final.

Fulton was shown a straight red card for a foul on Mathias Jensen.

Swansea boss Steve Cooper bemoaned referee Chris Kavanagh's decision after the game, but the club have opted not to appeal against it.

Fulton will therefore miss the start of the 2021-22 campaign.

The Wembley dismissal came at the end of arguably Fulton's best season since he joined Swansea in 2014, as he played 47 times and scored three goals.


  • Controversial view but I think it was right not to appeal it.

    There's no way he meant it, but he did plant his foot on the Brentford player's ankle just before he slipped, it was very clumsy and unnecessary. The slip and follow through afterwards made it look ten times worse and probably convinced the ref to give a red, but that's not to say it wasn't a red card offence, on balance it probably was.

  • Surely the season ended for us at the play-off final and the slate is wiped clean in preparation for the next one? What an odd decision. Can we carry over our playoff position to the upcoming season as well?

  • Agreed @garythenotrashcougar - it pains me because Brentford were disgusting in their theatrical attempts to con the referee throughout the contest.

    However, the penalty was a penalty and the red card was deserved for the stupidity of charging in from behind in that area of the pitch. The slip made it look much worse - but if that had been a challenge on a Swans player i would have been screaming for a red card.

    With regard to the suspension - I think you have to carry them over or players will have carte blanche to carry out vendettas at the end of the last game of the season. The only silver lining is that the early round of the league cup are normally one of the first games - unless I am wrong? when squads get rotated routinely.

    I was thinking about the resources we have in midfield - and we seem to be quite thin in this area - unless we see a big leap forward from Ollie Cooper George Byers or Yan Dhanda.

    I would personally like to see (apart from the obvious investment "up top") a box to box midfielder with good passing ability. I believe we have anchors in front of the back 4 and options in the 10 role - but high energy defence stretching runs are not something we specialise in.

  • Can we please invest in longer studs for the players boots,, as our players were slipping throughout the season and not just at home.

  • Video evidence would have shown that it was totally accidental and may have had a chance of a reprieve. I really wish people would stop calling it a slip as the slow motion video clearly shows his foot landing on the players foot as he ran in front of him. There was no “tackle”, as his foot landed the Brentford player dragged his leg along causing Futon to trip over his on leg, the ref was far to quick to show the red before speaking to any other official, I don’t think he had a clear view of the incident either.

  • Video evidence showed it to be a red card - hence no appeal....He might have got a yellow on a different day - but stepping down on an opposition player from behind is a terrible look - particularly when you follow through and dump him on his arse.

  • jeez it was an accident.....the player was going nowhere.... Jay was just going to close him down and shepherd him to the touchline. He slipped miraculously caught the player's achilles. It looked terrible is the problem. The pundits were quick to call it a red card, then on seeing the replay even they, with their bias had to admit it was an accident. Anyhow we know how these appeals go....3 becomes 4 games suspended.

    Agree best not to challenge it

  • Agree @Pablo it would have been a stupid challenge and certainly unsuccesful

    Talking of stupid challenges, as you say, the guy was going nowhere and in a non threatening area of the pitch - big teachable moment for Jay.

  • And like @Pablo I dont think Fulton intended to do anything other than shepherd, just a bizarre accident and the only thing Fulton would learn from it is ref's often get it wrong, or love bringing out their big colourful cards to wave around!

  • I played my football in an era when that sort of tackle would have been a marginal freekick to the opposition. However the world has changed, and even if you slip (longer studs please) there are things you can do to indicate you didnt intend to clear out the lower limbs of the player like a set of bowling pins.

    If he had just attempted and moved his feet slightly, so only his kness had made contact, he probably then would have been given the benefit of the doubt. Anyone who has played the game at any serious level knows how to control their body even when you have slipped.

    I like Jay, he is a hard player and he did slip, but he allowed his feet to take the player out, in that split second he had a choice and he left his feet there.

  • the slip was after he stepped on the back of the Brentford players ankle.

    being welsh i love a shepherd as much as the next man..but when you get caught that close to a sheep you are asking for trouble - like I say a teachable moment ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • the slip wasn't after contact with his ankle, go look at the video again. His back right foot went before his left foot caught him.

  • 'he did slip, but he allowed his feet to take the player out, in that split second he had a choice and he left his feet there.'

    He should have unscrewed his legs quickly after the slip, tucked them under his arms . and he'd not have made contact. yeah I can see your logic..๐Ÿ˜‚

    Time for me to go lie down now. I need a break from this profound thread๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

  • I am glad it isnt just me that was left scratching his head over that one! I didn't realise Jay was the Flash.

  • He had time to move his feet, anyone who has played the game would know that. On your view lucky he didnt trip over and gone head first into the players feet, or do you think he might have found a way to protect his head!

    Think of that with your expected speed of reaction, they dont let you drive do they.

  • yeah he had time to do the Sailor's hornpipe, cook a three course meal for two and still have time to reminisce about his goal against Man City. How silly of him to have legs in the first place!

    but if you say so.

    you're not the first to knock my driving.....you must be clairvoyant! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    Just pulling your leg JR.

    that's enough about legs now or the minister of threads will be on us for being off topic

    Have a great day, and stop watching all those John Wayne movies.

  • it's hilarious really to hear people try to turn themselves inside out to blame Jay for a totally accidental collision. We know he's not that type and why would any player for no reason suddenly think...i'll just ruin our chances now by getting a red card?

    it's totally illogical. Hope you're enjoying the summer break by the way Stevo

  • I got to say Pablo we don't see eye to eye that often but "Minister of Threads" made me laugh out loud, fair play ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  • You to Pablo, going to take a break from here because I just cant go through another summer of JR's timetable if desperation.

    8 days to sort this, 2 weeks to do that etc....

  • I always like to view arguments about decisions by considering what my reaction would have been if that was a challenge by a Brentford player not a Swan. If we all are honest with ourselves we would have been screaming for a red and would have been outraged if they had appealed the decision - Rico Henry 12 months ago anybody??

    I like Jay a lot and I am just saying that he must choose when and where to charge into the back of players with enough force to put the opponent airborne.

    That was neither the time or the place.

  • More of an Akira Kurosawa and Sergei Eisenstein fan myself, but I like milk and can ride a horse, so the John Wayne reference isnt totally unrealistic.

  • @JackRaven. high brow stuff there. Remember studying Battleship Potemkin in college....I say study. What I really mean is I watched it๐Ÿ˜. Bunuel is my man. and Victor Erice....good socialist filmaking.

  • still repeating the myth that it was deliberate and not a weird accident, brought about by slick surface that made him slip I see. Brentford isn't your second team is it?๐Ÿ˜€

    It matters not. I'd like to move on...shall we?๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I'd go nuts if I didn't take breaks....they swarm over me when I'm around like voracious ants! so for sanity's sake it is good to not think football. The thing I find mystifying is carrying round all that hate all the time for the board or manager or the targetted player this week or that.

    I'd get heartburn or an ulcer.

    I never worry about recruitment - nothing we can do about it. Best left to sort itself.

  • Brentford are one of my least favourite teams @Pablo - although I respect their footballing model and achievements.

    The fact we didn't appeal the decision tells you everything you need to know - agreed we move on! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Cheers Gary, yeah self appointed police annoy me too. Never had much respect for authority.

    Also I don't take it to heart either. I'm learning to see the light.

  • edited June 9

    Cool. I wouldn't mind Brentford so much....it's Thomas Frank I don't like. Did you see his theatrical pointing at his watch in the semi-final against Bournemouth? what a tosser๐Ÿ˜‚

    Makes me think how fortunate they were to play against 10 men twice in two games. Still there you go. Used to live quite near their old ground. Extemely middle class club.

  • Yes @Pablo Frank is the major issue with Brentford - otherwise they are a charming non controverial club run well by a visionary owner.

    Also Frank related - the way their players simulate injuries is disgusting - and it seems to go right through the tea. Would be happy to see them take a regular drubbing and get relegated with their tales between their legs

  • The Strike is my favourite but Battleship Potemkin is close. Not a huge fan of Bunuel but I do like Exterminating Angel.

    However for me Kurosa is the master. I remember watching the orginal seven samurai on BBC2 I believe late on a series of saturdays in the 60's. Extrordinary and i've seen every film he has made many times.

  • @JackRaven yeah Seven Samurai is a fab film. My favourite Bunuel is That Obscure Object of Desire. wonderful comedy! Subtitles don't phase me! Potemkin was banned in UK for being 'too revolutionary!

    Erice made the beautiful movie 'Spirit of the Beehive' incredible film

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