Nicely done Walsall. Obviously a club that understands its fans.


  • Alaves did this 20 years ago

  • Then congrats to both teams. It would be a good thing for us to include in the design for next year, either those who kept their money in or even the season ticket holders for next season. At least the season ticket holders have put their own money with no prospect of a return, unlike the owners.

  • Err dont want to be a knob @Jack Raven but season ticket holders in most years including next put their money in to purchase 23 tickets. You can hardly say they dont get a return (apart from an argument about the quality of their entertainment in those 23 games).

  • Clever marketing by Walsall too. Let's face it, if your name is on it, 100% guaranteed you are buying one!! 😀

  • Well we didnt get to see the team at the Liberty, so we didnt get what we were paying for. That amounts to more money than the owners have committed. Unless the money we paid for the season tickets were a loan that we are going to be repaid? That's how the owners seem to define investment!

  • I’ve been thinking about memorial screens that could be installed at the Liberty communal areas which displays those fans that have sadly passed away. An online form could be set up on the Swansea City website that allows the loved ones to post their details along with a photo of the person. This can then be fed through to the screen on match days. The look of it could be very much like the way the 2012 London Olympics ceremony commemorated the London Underground bombing victims with their faces appearing and then slowly disappearing to be replaced by different faces of the deceased fans. The screen could be touch screen interactive too thus allowing you to choose a person that interests you and whom you can read up on further. This could also include a donations page detailing what organisation/charity the family would like donations to be made to. Is it being a bit too morbid or could it fit in with the build up to the game as a part of the match day experience?

  • Swans did this in season 2004-2005 - on the Re-Max horribly coloured red away shirt.

    The slight difference was that season ticket holders had to pay a fee (£20?) to get their name on it.

  • Sorry to say but what are you quibbling about, you were given a choice to take the money out. We may not have been at the stadium he but we got to see all of the games anyway and most away games and next seasons tickets at a very reduced price.

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