UEFA EURO 2020 Tournament

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the UEFA Euro 2020 Tournament, such as the games, players and of course any interesting points for discussion.

The purpose of the thread is NOT to discuss Wales - as there will be dedicated threads for all Wales games.



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    So who do you think will win the Tournament?

    I'm going for the current World Champions France.

  • Cant decide between France or Belgium. Italy had a very strong qualifying campaign, barely conceded a goal I think so I reckon they will do well too, cant see Spain hitting previous heights at the moment, their last warm up game will be played by the u21s as the 1st team are in isolation after bouquets tested positive.

  • Busquets πŸ˜‚, can be a bit flowery at the back thoπŸ˜ƒ

  • France are my favourites for the tournament , Portugal would be a good bet .

  • It's another France v Portugal final for me. France to win this time though.

    England will win their group and lose to Germany in the first knock out round.

    Wales to qualify in 3rd but also go out in the last 16, to Spain, Belgium or France.

    Turkey will be the surprise package and reach the quarters, or even the semis.

    Lukaku to win the Golden Boot.

    Put £10 on that in the bookies and you'll win £0 πŸ˜‰

  • Wales to beat England in the final! ha ha...[fantasy football]

    Germany always do well at tournaments, but if it was on form and ability I'd say Belgium are due. their last chance with their golden generation.

  • Given that former Swan Eder (all 13 appearances of him) scored the winning goal in the last Euro Final, would be nice to see a Swans connection to the winning team this time around too πŸ˜€

  • I would love to see a repeat of our 2016 performances. Can lightning strike in the same place twice? I live in hope. However, the problem that we have in any international tournament, is injuries and suspensions. We were fortunate in 2016 not to suffer any serious injuries, but the suspensions of both Ben Davies and Aaron Ramsey, in my opinion, cost us the semi final against Portugal. With those two playing I believe we would have won, and then the final? Who knows. The major powers will not suffer through injuries and suspensions in the same way as a lesser nation, like ourselves. Still - CYMRU AM BYTH!

  • I agree the loss of two of our best players cost us think the semi final was one game to much , the Ronaldo goal was something special .

    Loved the Euros 2016 from how well the team did to the contribution of the fans .

    From time to time I look on YouTube to watch t he Irish fans singing Sweet Caroline it is amazing .

  • Could be Italys year..they are scoring goals but conceding very few .England are favourites according to the British media but I think they will come unstuck in the knockouts.

  • good point. the only difference l can see though is we have greater strength in depth than 2016.

  • Best thing England can do is finish 2nd in their group - because if they win it as expected, they'll have to play (unless Hungary spring a massive surprise) France, Germany or Portugal in the last 16.

    Sorry but they ain't beating any of those sides. Not a snowball's chance in hell.

  • I hate to say this - but I am impressed by the strength and depth of the England squad. I think they are a s good as anyone and overdue.

    My heart wishes otherwise, but my head tells me they are very strong on home soil.

  • I'm fully aware I'm in the minority @Jackareme - many people, including yourself, seem to fancy them. You're by no means alone.

    Me, I look at that squad and I see a lopsided mixed bag.

    When was the last time they took a squad to any tournament with such rich attacking talent as Foden, Grealish, Sterling, Sancho, Rashford and Kane? I can't think of any. The quality there goes deep. No questions there. They will score goals.

    Fullbacks - all excellent.

    But then I look at the keeper situation. Losing Pope is a massive blow, because Pickford (who automatically assumes No1 now) is erratic, prone to clangers. He doesn't inspire confidence in his defence. The other two are just back up goalies, making up the numbers. That would be a huge concern if I was Southgate.

    In central defence, they lack a truly world class player. Maguire has the turning circle of an articulated lorry, and is not going be 100% fit. Stones started the season well, but ended it badly with silly mistakes creeping in. Mings is nothing but a mid table player. Kyle Walker is a square peg in a round hole at CB and prone to rashness.

    Finally, central midfield. Kalvin Phillips and Declan Rice are honest players, but bang average. Jordan Henderson? Great at Liverpool, but you've only got to look at how he chased Modric's shadow around in the 2018 CL final and World Cup semi final to understand that here is a guy who again is honest, but can't cut it at this level. And he's not 100% fit either. France, Portugal and Germany's CMs will destroy that lot.

    So for me, England will struggle the minute they play the first decent team they come across due to a lack of balance in the side.

  • I hope you are correct Gary - we will know shortly!

  • It's Belgium for me, or "Aw, Belgium man" as Zaphod Beeblebrox said

    Underwhelming v France in last world cup semi but good otherwise

    England? Don't see any progress, and expect them to be well second best to Croatia on Sunday

    Wales will do brilliantly to get out of the group though and watching Bale and Ramsey in the same Welsh team is always entertaining

    We will be competitive for sure

  • England for me if Southgate concentrates on England winning rather than not losing (sounds familiar?) and doesn’t play Henderson. I hope Wales have a good run again as following them through Europe last time was one of the best holidays I’ve had.

  • Can't see England winning , lots of talented forward players who will score goals .

    Big weakness through the middle with their centre backs , need their best defenders playing .

    The top teams will expose them through the middle

  • An interesting conumdrum, can you defend your way to a title or does the ability to outscore the opposition count for more. From what we have seen this season perhaps England have the right approach.

  • I havent looked at the possible match ups when they get past the group stages, but I understand that England have the more difficult path.

    Ours, if we finish 1st or 2nd looks much easier.

    But on paper, I fancy England to get to the semis, with France the obvious other in the last 4.

    I think Belgium may struggle. I dont think their defence is that great. If De Bruyne is missing then that is a massive blow to their creativity. And they have one fit striker of note, Lukaku. the others are, like Hazard are far from fit or in form. Or just not that good, like Batshuayi and Benteke.

  • How about a long throw from Robert's into the box, Cabango heads home, boom 89th minute winner!

  • I'd take that all day long @steve πŸ˜‚

  • Looks like having an attacking attitude and goals in the team is winning out over a more negative approach in the Italy v Turkey match. Mancini is a good manager!

  • It remains to be seen whether Italy are great or Turkey are poor.

    An early goal v the Turks and I think we could also put them to the sword - their striker looks a handful the rest of them very lacklustre.

    Like you say though Mancini is a good manager - creates lots of problems for opposition teams.

  • Convincing win for Italy, barely a sniff for Turkey who spent most of the game chasing the ball

  • Micah Richards said Mancini works continually on the shape of the team , very impressive , passing and movement superb

    Good result for Wales

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    I think Turkey let themselves down badly tonight. They had no outlet whatsoever, they just could not hold on to the ball. Italy were good, don't get me wrong, but they're not that good.

    A draw for us tomorrow would be a tidy outcome. All the pressure will be on Turkey to win on Wednesday then. We will have them where we want them.

  • @garythenotrashcougar

    Well Mancini has got Italy playing really well and his record speaks for itself. I watched the match yesterday, and Italy were very good. That is as comprehensive a win in the opening match at an international tournament as I have seen in a long time.

    Not unbeatable, but we are going to have to at the top of our game to get any positive result.

  • Any team can be made to look better than they are when the opposition does nothing but put 11 men behind the ball and, at times, in their own penalty area.

    Italy did pull away nicely towards the end and the last goal was class, but let's be clear about how poor and lacking in any ambition Turkey were. Many people's dark horses going into the tournament as well - absolutely not, on that showing.

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