Match Discussion: Wales v Switzerland - UEFA EURO 2020 Group A

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Wales v Switzerland UEFA Euro 2020 Group A game on Saturday, 12 June 2021 at the Baku National Stadium in Azerbaijan at 2pm.

The game will be shown live on BBC One and S4C.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Robert Page's pre or post match comments and team selection.



  • I would lik us to play 4 3 3 with this team


    Roberts , Mepham , Rodon , Davies

    Ampadu Allen

    Bale , Ramsey , James


    More likely to play 5 3 2


    Roberts , Mepham , Rodon , Davies , N William's,

    Ampadu , Allen ,

    Bale , Moore , James

  • Mepham is an accident waiting to happen, would rather Cabango in there . His performances last week did not inspire confidence. If he is picked I hope hes got over the playoff semi

  • edited June 10

    forgot Aaron Ramsey! so edited my first choice.


    Robs, Ampadu, Rodon, Davies, Neco Williams

    Brooks, Allen, Ramsey

    Bale, James

  • I don't like Neco Williams at left back, square peg.

    I'd go


    Roberts Rodon Ampadu Cabango Davies

    Allen Ramsey

    Bale Moore James

  • That is probably why he will go with 3 centre backs Ampadu could play there .

    International football is about keeping the ball I would prefer Ampadu with Joey to keep the ball .

  • May not be a must win but surely a must not lose if we are to get out of the group. Keeping fingers crossed and will be in the Carmarthen Town clubhouse from 1pm with beer in hand. It’s not quite Bordeaux but it will do 😎😍

  • Switzerland are probably slight favourites but very marginal, as said above a draw would be a good outcome.

  • Moore starting is good. Mepham at CB is concerning. Cabango not even in squad

  • The Swiss are a lot better team than the Turks

  • Time to get morrell off and bring brooks on

  • Fair play embolo and servvic have really put themselves in the shop window

  • Great Equaliser now push for the win

  • Can’t believe he’s taken dan off

  • Serferovic is an animal in the box great first touch strong as an ox very impressed with them both

  • I think Page has been taking lessons from SC. Bale worst player on the pitch isn't subbed (AA anybody?) and he takes the most dangerous (Dan) player off!

  • Couldn’t agree with you more negative manager negative tactics how could you take our best player off who gave us an outlet unbelievable.that was a manager who didn’t believe his players could compete with the opposition.granted good opposition but bar the first 10 mins we never competed!

  • A draw that feels like a win.

    60-80 mins - better side

    Rest of game - awful

    All the pressure on Turkey on Wednesday

  • After such a good positive performance against France, tried to compete looked to attack,we witnessed that! Did you notice as soon as we went 0-1 down all the players upped their game every body wanted the ball and tried to inject a bit of energy into our play.efffin unbelievable.don’t get me wrong the Swiss are a class outfit.but they’re not unbeatable we could have got at their back 3.very poor!

  • I totally agree.

    Mepham looks dodgy.

    Bale's legs have gone

    30 degree heat and using steve cooper system of subs, we could have brought on Brooks, Tyler Roberts, Nico Williams a lot earlier. These type players would have provided good running legs in the heat.

  • Don’t tell me page is going to be another Coleman,lands himself in a job.after watching the first 10 mins I don’t see that performance coming!

  • Keiffer Moore is good at what he does - but if I sent a team out with Ramsey Bale Allen and James I would literally lose my sh1t when you don't get them involved in the game by giving them the ball..

    Bravery is more than physical challenge - you have to try and get the ball down and play.

  • Whether a conscious decision or not, we played not to lose. As @Brownie said, they only woke up after Switzerland scored. Realistically, they have to win on Wednesday to get out of the group so hopefully RP sets them up accordingly. I had enough of watching a team set up defensively and trying to nick a goal from a set-piece the last 3 years we spent in the PL.

  • Come on lads we’ve seen wales over the last year with loads of energy and pace. Ramsey hasn’t been involved Wilson needs to start and let’s get at turkey who iff you ask me made Italy look good with their negativity

  • My God different team but the same moaning winge bags!

  • Steve,it’s a long way from home welcome to the pleasure dome!

  • Spot on. I feel like it's an alternative universe on here. Have these douches no shame? Bit like kindergarten. Thanks Steve for giving me hope with your presence

  • Pabs so what’s your input we played really well we created loads of chances our goalie had nothing to do all game our midfield dominated and we looked a good slick outfit. Or for ten minutes we looked amazing then after that we had no control of the ball we chased shadows our multi million pound players offered nothing apart from dan James who was then taken off and our goalie kept us in the tournament is that better for you!

  • Dear Black fingernail - we had an off day and with guts rescued a point. Was surprised Dan James got subbed I agree. Can play much better but didn't lose. Still in with a shout and I'll back us to progress.

    Bit surprised at the line-up, but they fought hard in 30 degree heat against a team ranked higher than us and only one place below Germany. ....I know what that feels like, that temperature, but only walking in shorts, not haring round a football field. How's that? pretty accurate?

  • The temperature was the same for both teams so for me it was an even playing field on that front. However, I couldn’t fault the endeavour of the team and to rescue a point came as a huge relief and gives us a platform to build on. My only concern was that the big guns in the team didn’t step up to the plate. My hope is that this will be remedied in the upcoming games.

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