New Contracts needed.. or we need to sell this year.

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Players with contracts expiring in 2022.

Matt Grimes

Connor Roberts

Jake Bidwell

George Byers

Kyle Naughton

Yan Dhanda

Korey Smith

Ben Hamer

Dan Williams

Josh Gould

Cameron Evans

We need to make sure we get an additional contract term signed for all these players or we should be selling this Summer. We need to start making some money from transfers and we can't afford to just let people run done their contracts and go for free. Something which has happened too often in the past few years.

Its tough but if players dont want to sign contracts then we need to look to move them on and get a fee.


  • I can see Byers, Smith, Hamer and Gould not being offered anything, Dhanda unless things change on the pitch will most likely not sign.

  • @Steve

    Dont mention goalkeepers or the next thing you know we will be buying more ahead of outfield players!

  • Need Roberts and Grimes to resign above all others

    Tier 1 Matt Grimes, Connor Roberts

    Tier 2 Jake Bidwell Kyle Naughton, Korey Smith

    Tier 3 Cam Evans

  • I think we can let Hamer, Kyle, Smith run down.

    All over 30. Kyle signed another 1 year extension at the end of this season, having signed a 1 year deal last year.

    I am hoping Manning becomes 1st choice next season, so I'm not sure I'd offer Bidwell another deal right now. We got him for free. Doubt we'd get anyone willing to pay a lot of cash for him now.

    Maybe get some money for Yan and Byers - again not big figures. Maybe time to move them on, and bring some new blood in. But they are 2 of the few midfielders who actually are creative in the top end of the pitch. Neither are the full deal, yet. Not sure George ever will be, due to lack of pace. Guess it just depends on how Cooper wants to play this season, and where he wants - if he does want - them to play.

    But to loose both without replacing, would be an issue IMO. It's all very well buying 2 young strikers. but if nobody is supplying the bullets, you aint firing your gun.

  • Spot on @Mark_Jack_London - I would handle it exactly as you suggest player by player.

    Connor Roberts is the problem with his injury - we cannot let him walk next summer - but the window for getting market value is closing rapidly.

  • the answer to the Roberts situation is to sign him on a new contract, with a buy-out clause in it.

    He loves the club. He is very settled at home. I think he can be persuaded.

  • I can see Hamer as our first choice keeper this coming season.

    Dont write him off yet, he is more commanding of the area that either Freddie or Steve.

  • @JackRaven i am not agreeing or disagreeing re Hamer.. but wondering genuinely where uou have seen enough of him to form an opinion?

    i personally like the look of Benda - and he proved enough on loan and the bits i have seen of him to back his potential and toss him the gloves.

    @Mark_Jack_London - i love your optimism re Connor, but no doubt he has an agent who will be telling him how short his career could be (and he has a serious injury as evidence) - At his age he has 2 big contracting opportunities left and I would be amazed if (as an established international) he didn't cash in for his family.

    I love the Swans more than words can say - but if I was Connor I would (being 100% honest) let the contract run down and take the free with a huge pay packet - and i doubt we have the financial clout to stop that.

    needless to say I hope you are correct

  • I have watched a number of his matches online and he is quicker at getting down low than Benda and is more commanding in the air. Freddie has better reflexes but its marginal.

    Overall from what I have seen Hamer is the better keeper. We will see over the preseason who gets the nod, but my money is on Hamer at the moment.

    Benda might have more potential in the long term but he isnt there atm.

  • Not seen much of Hamer, however he didn't play a first team game last season and not really done a full season as number 1 for around 10 years (seems to be a perennial back-up) !!

    In fact between them our goalkeepers last season played a sum total of 1 game, so I would argue that it's position of concern and either keeper is downgrade on what Freddie Woodman delivered these past 2 seasons (despite Freddie's kicking woes).

    Oh for a De Vries, Vorm or Fabianski

  • Disagree @Chris Sharman - Benda played 24 games last year in League 2 - keeping 9 clean sheets and getting rave reviews in a relegated team.

    I want to see this up and coming talent getting a chance to prove himself. Woodman was expensive salary wise and certainly did not concede many goals - but I would argue that was behind a team set up to keep it tight and defend from the front (with some excellent defenders). I do not want to see a keeper at my club who cannot contribute to us keeping the ball and distributing quickly and accurately.

    From what I see of Benda - he is my cup of tea.

  • I would like to see Hamer and Benda start 3 friendlies see who does best .

    Woodman was on 5,500k per week not that expensive

    Benda 1,200k per week

    Both keepers need to dominate their 6 yard box , be brave , be good with their feet .

  • I thought he was at Swindon the season before?

    Last season 1 game and the back up to Woodman .

    I am not saying Benda or Hamer wouldn't be a decent keeper next season, just saying for me it's a position of concern (has been a relative strength these past 2 seasons).

    BTW I would like nothing more than Benda to establish himself as No 1

  • There is a rumbling that Woodman is coming back!

  • Lets hope its nothing but wind @Steve

  • All these contracts still need sorting or transfers need to happen.

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