Filip Lissah signed

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Is one of the Chelsea U18 contingent through the door for next season.



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    Think one of the other Chelsea lads looks the better prospect.

  • A kid called Zane Meyers signed yesterday as well from the same agency. So I'm assuming he's formerly Chelsea also.

    Thought that Courtney Clark signed for Derby in the end.?

  • Both Clark and had trials at Derby

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    he was on trial at Derby along with Clarke, who did join the Rams last month.

    Clarke described as a box-to-box, Viera-type midfielder. So looks like we missed out on a possible gem there.


  • We're not really looking for midfielders because we have Cotterill and Lloyd coming through. Picked one up from Man Utd though, one of many "possible gems" moving on from the big clubs.

  • Zane Meyer seems to be a midfielder from Minnesota College USA

  • Just looked at him again and found pics of him playing for Chelsea in an u14 tournament in 2119. Been with them a whole.

  • So presumably Meyers will be part of our U18 squad

  • We seem to have signed at least 10 new players for the Academy

    U18s Ben Hughes Kieran Petrie Zane Meyers

    U23s Nico Hansen Ben Margetson Lincoln MacFayden Azeem Abdulai Sam Leverett Tarelle Whittaker Filip Lassah

    A player from Man Utd also mentioned

    Quite a shake up and I look forward to seeing them play

  • Charlie Veevers is the ex-Man Ltd lad (centre mid). Kyrell Wilson is another Chelsea lad for the u18s (winger). David Roberts also Chelsea (centre half). A centre half from Palace also on my list.

    Be surprised if it's less than 15 players between u18s and u23s. Focus in the u18s was on bringing in a back 4 (Harry Jones arrived last summer for RB) and wingers to complement what we had coming up.

  • Thanks Jasper

    If these new signings prove a success then, together with our local talent, we will have strong teams at U18 and U23 and some really exciting prospects for the future

  • A lot of it is just standard recruitment, most of the players we bring in at 16 don't go on to become professionals at 18. Does feel like a step up to be taking players Chelsea don't think are good enough than those from Derby, but a big name academy doesn't mean everything.

    Very important to get numbers in, though. Horribly short last season, and needed the right balance to get the most of out the very exciting prospects already here.

  • It will be interesting to see the style and formations Kris and Byron have the teams playing next season.

    Sad to say the youngsters and u18s increasing sounds like a cattle market, I hope the club is still making sure these youngsters get excellent support with education and off the field life issues.

  • You're absolutely right Jasper, last year we lacked depth and next year the stronger squad should benefit some of our existing squad such as Lloyd, Congreve, Cotterill, Akande etc

    Exciting times

  • Let’s hope that this is the case rather than them coming in because the quality of the local talent is not there consistently.

  • A lot of turnover is to be expected at the moment as staff have changed quite a bit and everyone will have been eager to put their own stamp on things and right the ship. New managers, recruitment team has grown and new academy head honcho started around December iirc. I wouldn't expect this number of signings every year.

    The new group of local scholars is very strong. Congreve stood out last season but Evan Watts, Cotterill and Lloyd are all at least as promising. A few of the u15s are also likely to get more u18s football this season despite all the recruitment (Dabrowski, Dan Watts, Iwan Morgan). Potential golden generation after a couple of subpar years... no pressure or anything.

  • Lissah and Roberts are (nominally) central defenders with some versatility to adapt to other roles. Myers is a wing back with traits to adapt to whichever end of the pitch he fits best as he develops, Wilson is a forward, wide or 9. All talented with a strong Chelsea education.

    I asked on twitter about these signings earlier. All sounds promising.

  • Thanks Gazza4421

    It does indeed sound promising

  • One of the conundrums of the way Cooper set us up is that we never attacked through the middle in a team that contained next to no genuine sideman talent.

    I really hope that normal service returns soon - lots of wingers through all age grades and the academy and even more whingers on this Site.

  • The downgrading of the academy, staff redundancies plus the pandemic resulted in a totally mish mash of a season for our 18's and 23's as well as a complete postponement for the age group kids within the academy.

    The unprecedented amount of trialists in U23 matches towards the end of last season has so far produced around 14 new signings for the 18's and 23's next season and one hopes that the gates to the Landore training ground will be open come August for fans to cast their eyes on what appears to be a new dawn at the academy, not only for the new signings but also for the likes of youngsters Congreve, Lloyd and Cotterill but also for some of last season's signings Akande and Campbell.

    There is enough evidence so far in the squads that are being assembled to suggest that wide players will feature prominently next season, so plenty to look forward to I think.

  • Full U18 and U23 squads updated on OS

    As Jasper said Palace player is Richard Faakye

    Ben Eriksson back, pleased for him

  • No Al Hamadi in OS U33 squad

    His contract is up, has it not been renewed

  • Been offered one. Not signed yet asfik. Agents at work no doubt.

  • Perhaps that's why we're chasing Abdulmalik from Milwall

  • I'd heard the name aloud but was nowhere near the spelling to look him up properly.

  • Was pretty sure Cian Williams left, was on trial elsewhere before the end of the season.

    Shouldn't read too much in the details and oddities of the official site anyway.

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