Captain choice.

Surprised nobody's mentioned this yet but if we sold our team captain as people think we will, who do you all think it should be handed to and why. Personally if he stays I would prefer him to stand down and concentrate on his game but at the same time I can't think of a natural replacement other than Routs but he won't have enough game time to play the part I think.


  • If matty goes I would have Ryan Bennett ideal captain .

  • Kyle Naughton?

  • Would Jamal Lowe be a good shout? He has a certain presence about him that could translate into Captain material. The only downside for me though is the position that he occupies although that didn’t stop Ayew leading the troops and he was upfront along with Lowe. Any thoughts?

  • Jake Bidwell?

  • I could see Korey being made Captain, but do you need to be certain of your place week after week?

  • Ryan Bennett when fit

  • Connor Roberts “ Mr Swansea City”

  • has to be someone who is a guaranteed starter IMO.

    Bennett often out injured.

    Is Corey a starter?

    Jamal will be.

    Then it is a toss up between Kyle and Connor.

    Of course, there could be a transfer in, that is made captain

  • Agreed @Wps BUT he is in the last year of his contract and will need to be sold before Mr Swansea City walks away for free..

  • Are we talking about a captain on the field regularly ( So who is the most regular selection) or a club captain who doesn't play regularly (Wayne Routledge?)

  • The former @StephenR - non playing captain is a complete no brainer

  • Sounds like we may have a non-managing manager, more to the point!

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