Fly on the wall

I was watching the interview with Joel Piroe - and he referred to a long conversation with 'the gaffer" on the style of play he expects for next season.. Boy I would have loved to be in the room for that one - was it either (a) we are going to be a lot more open and possession based than last year (b) blowing the dust of his original power point on the Swansea way with its stale reek of bull sh1t or (c) you are going to be working your sloblocks off up front while we defend with 7 men behind the ball and we need you to pull rabbits out of hats.

It got me thinking about other fly on the wall moments for the Swans that I would love to have seen - two examples are the "business" meetings with Petty and the carrier bag of cash at the services and the Chico/Garry Monk difference of opinion.

Anyone else like to nominate their own iconic Swans related "fly on the wall" moment?


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