Cooper Gone

Two sources in mainstream press reporting he's off. Mutual consent, in the next 24 hours.

Swans fan Stuart James, who has been sitting on the story for a few days, waiting for the club to announce. But with the Torygraph publishing, he has too.

I've spoken to a few good sources. no names in the frame that they are aware of.

But as this has been on the cards for a good while, you'd hope Winter has his ducks lined up.



  • if what wales on line are reporting leaving because he is concerned the way the club is going not putting the club in a good place to get loans or new people in

    best of luck Mr Cooper thank you for your efforts over last 2 seasons

  • Yes. Seems to have started when he needed a striker in January and they didnt deliver what he wanted, but parachuted in the 2 Americans instead, who werent either match fit or experienced of British League football.

    All slowly downhill from therein.

  • Style of play notwithstanding, better results than I expected and very few cases when we were a soft touch after he and Marsh took over, so all credit to SC for sticking to his guns and organising them to 6th then 4th

    Little or nothing to excite the crowd though, and hamstrung by the ownership in differnt ways

    I wait to be surprised by Mr Winter when he produces a brilliant left field coaching genius from nowhere

  • Am so saddened to read this and I think his departure will see us towards the bottom of the Championship next season if not out of it. The Club needs new owners not a new manager.

  • now the cat is out of the bag, they need to sort this even more swiftly, as the players wont know wtf is going on, and they need a manager in asap, as transfer targets will also be at risk.

  • I dread what he will come up with, if I am honest.

    Then again, I was very surprised about the appointment of Mark Allen, who looks to have been a top acquisition.

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    If this is to be believed, then it's quite obvious he didn't back himself to work with the reduced resources that come with the end of the parachute payments.

    On the one hand, fair play to him, he's looked at it and thought, it's not for me, he could have limped through to October and probably waited to be sacked and paid off, but he's big enough to go now.

    On the other hand, it doesn't say much about his self belief to work on the coaching field to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Personally I think he knows that without Ayew and Guehi, his system just won't work. A good coach would explore different ways of coping with that. Instead it looks like he's doing a runner.

    The truth is probably somewhere in between.

  • Well rugger me - now this story has some legs.. Goes to show that some on here are better connected than I thought - although i am amazed that he is voting for unemployment! Apologies to those i doubted in previous posts!!

    Now comes the defining moment of Julian Winters leadership - has he been prepping for this moment or sleep walking?

  • It will not be an established manager as they want too much money for themselves and transfers

    So no Chris Wilder or Eddie Howe

    Wouldn't come without a promise of some resources

  • Now being reported on Sky news, negotiations to terminate ongoing, statement end of week.

  • Having watched last nights game, and read the post match comments, I find the news and particularly the timing very strange?

    Why start a pre season and go to a camp, if he knew he wanted to leave?

    I appreciate what he did regards fantastic results. In my opinion he exceeded expectations. But I was rarely entertained and am not sad to see him go.

    Ive always loved Leon and would be happy if he was involved in some capacity?

    Other than that, no idea who could be in the frame.

    Never a dull moment🙄

  • I echo @DenmarkJack here - Cooper proved himself a very capable coach and the results were largely impressive.

    I can hear @Pablo with his "be careful what you wish for" mantra - and of course he is correct as this will be yet another sliding doors moment - BUT all of that said I also am not sorry to see him go - he really challenged my love of the beautiful game - and his general cautious sh1thousery approach to games really ground my gears (especially Wembley).

    Thanks Steve for instilling defensive resilience and for two successful campaigns - BUT realistically I look forward to seeing a lot more football with cheaper players and probably mixed results.

    Lets see what rabbits Mr Winter is able to pull out of his hat!

  • The silence from Cooper and the club since the debacle of Wembley has been deafening to be honest leading to all sorts of speculation among supporters and not the positive kind. Last night was a friendly yes but surely it was an opportunity to try something newer than the sideways backwards stuff we have been given for what seems an age. just hope that whoever comes in likes to play to win not plays not to lose.

  • As I said yesterday, Keith Haynes and Phil Sumbler are both trusted sources when it comes to all things SCFC.

    Cooper and the management’s silence in the last few weeks has been deafening, it was all pointing one way

    The King is dead, long live the King, but I’m not holding my breath on Winters pulling a rabbit out of the hat, with owners who didn’t back SC, plus parachute payments ending.

    It’s going to be interesting times ahead, and I still can’t believe how SC got us into 2 playoffs, the football was awful, but you can’t take it away from him, the boy done good

  • As I put on this site a month ago. ( see below) This was inevitable, even the stupid Yanks must realise an employee applying for new jobs is not happy and has to go.

    We need to be rid of Cooper as soon as possible.

    He has applied for the Crystal Palace and Fulham jobs, so he obviously wants to go for a bigger salary.

    Palace were not prepared to pay the 2.7M compensation fee to gamble on him but we now know his long term plan is to leave.

    If he gets success this year and I doubt very much he will, as he has exhausted all his known loan players from the under 17's.

    By success I mean top ten which would possibly catapult him to a struggling Premier side, top 6 definitely, promotion would keep him but that's a big doubt.

    He knows that success this year will be extremely hard with owners who don't invest, he also knows failure to get top 6 will see him fade into insignificance.

    Top 10 and he's gone, Top 6 and definitely gone, Promotion and he stays, anything less and he will be begging to stay.

    Ashleigh Williams should be looked at as a long term replacement, if Joe Allen is given a free, take him as captain, we need people with strong Swansea roots and who do not need to look as much for financial gain as they are well off.

    Its time to move forward and Cooper is not the one, otherwise he would have been snapped up already, so why assist him when we know he wants away.

    I will be even more happy if the owners sell up to someone who understands football

  • well the king is dead (or at least dying) and i for one wish him well when Mr Cooper leaves


    are they going to be the penny pinching we have all come to love or are they going to, within reason back the new boss?, we were told about hard medicine, we have had it, and if they had listened to the out going boss we may have been in the prem and this conversation would not be taking place, because with this squad as it is there is only one way to go and i m o its not up, i cannot see any of the names already spoken of coming unless they have a transfer buget and facility to bring in some loans

    If they dont how is their investment going to look come the end of the season i wonder ?

    so come on Mr Winter get the deed done

  • This is why I hate changing managers, its a leap into the dark.

    Mr Winter will prove his worth to the fans, one way or another on the appointment and the time it takes.

    It saddens me that this is another indication of the club not being well run. I had hoped we had turned some corner but apparently not. This crisis could and should have been avoided, and it seems there is fault on both sides. To leave this 'slow motion train wreck' to happen until 2 weeks before the season starts, when it has been clear from early June there was an issue that needed resolving is disgraceful.

    I'm not going to over praise or vilify SC. He did an excellent job, without being supported by the club, when he and we really needed it. That is the unforgiveable part of this: with a striker and no 10 in January last year I still believe we could have kicked on and into the auto promotion places.

    When GP left, I hoped SC would sort out the defence and build on the groundwork GP had done to return to the Swansea Way. Instead SC sorted the defence and took us in a different direction. Now was that a real intention to play that way or was he left feeling that was the only way because of the lack of support from the club. At times the football was appalling.

    My feeling is he did feel he had taken us as far as he could without more support from the club with transfers. I dont believe we have seen the best of what he could do, because of the shoestring budget and the hierarchy of the club believing they know best when it comes to buying (or not) players.

    I hope SC now finds a job, but more importantly we need the right type of manager in now.

    No pressure Mr Winter, but the bell is just starting to toll.

  • I wouldn't want to work for our owners either

  • I really hope they are as wrong as they normally are: a very depressing list.

  • These are the odds.

    · Eddie Howe - 4/1 No Chance

    · Frank Lampard – 5/1 Less chance

    · Alex Neil – 8/1 Possibility they like ugly managers

    · John Terry – 8/1 Not a chance in hell

    · Neil Lennon – 8/1 Definitely not

    · Paul Warne – 12/1 Possibility

    · Gareth Ainsworth – 12/1 Probably the best option but doubt if he would come

    · Tony Pulis – 12/1 Please no to the bottom 3

    · Mark Hughes – 12/1

    · Sam Allardyce – 12/1

  • Sounds like the imminent sale of Matt may have been the final straw. On top of the lack of a striker last season thats understandable.

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    Good luck to SC and whichever of his coaches move on with him.

    Can't fault the two years of results they delivered.

    There were some individual games of which I felt proud of the classy performance.Others which made me proud in a different way-- for the determination and resilience and obvious team spirit and togetherness.

    Many other games were a hard watch for fans,but it's hard to see how the Owners could be dissatisfied as no doubt they are results orientated, if only to protect their investment

    Whichever way you look at it,the league positions tell a positive story.The record books will show that and will be the Manager/Coaches legacy.

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    I'd rather cameron Toshack than virtually all of the managers on that list.

  • Me too @JackRaven - had the same thought. It is sad that Cam felt he had to leave to develop his career - because if he had stayed we could have started to develop him in house and create a boot room type succession plan. I am not sure we could afford the compo to prise Waggy away from Haverfordwest though.

    Probably way too early - but I also like the "cut of the jib" of KOL.

  • I cant see us bringing someone in from another club, so likely to be someone currently out of work. But then money will come into play, they wont pay the kind of money the likes of Howe and Lampard will want. So they might for some one who has done their badges but lacks experience and maybe bring in say Cameron Tosh to assist.

  • Yes I was going to suggest Kris. He was a midfielder and he understands the passing game very well. I'd be happy with him as well.

    The issue is going to be having the rest of the coaching set up as well.

    How often have we said, we need an in-house team ready to be promoted and planned to be ready to do so.

  • I wouldnt take anything that site says as gospel, @JackRaven

    They are using something Stuart James wrote, which we have all thought since the start of the summer.

    Grimes either signs a new contract or he has to be sold. It's not a decision that the club can do much about but sell if he wont sign and wants to go.

    We cant afford, with no parachute payments, to allow him to leave for nothing next summer.

    So I very much doubt that has any significance in his going.

    I think it is more deja vu times 2.

    1. Same January transfer debacle that Potter faced, and by the following summer he was gone. Both ambitious managers. Him going now preserves his standing of the last 2 seasons. whereas he stays and they dont strengthen the side, as Curt was very vocal about on comms last night - the need for.
    2. Him not going yet has echoes of summer 2010. This was when Jenkins held out, hoping someone would come in and take Sousa off our hands, and we didnt want to sack or pay him off. The Americans and Winter desperate for a bigger club to come in for Cooper. Not just for the compensation, but also sacking him after getting to the play-off final having got to the semis the year before is not a good look for potential replacements. I suspect the money was more the issue.

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    Fair points all, but sadly that is the stuff the media will promote, as its a better narrative.

  • it needs to be someone who understands the playing style. but also someone who has the connections and will be an attractive coach to any teams we want to borrow players from. And also players we want to sign.

    Not sure either Cameron or KoL fit either category at this moment in time.

    I think they will go elsewhere.

    Now it is one thing that they have identified their preferred man.

    It, as Spurs, Palace, Everton, West Brom have all discovered, it is a whole different ball game getting that person to sign up. And those 4 were all better propositions than we are right now.

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