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  • @Andrew_North_Hill that must mean Bob Bradley was successful as in American Football the idea is for the offense to run a play that the defense does not recognise and thus progress up the field and I think we were all with you in the non the wiser stakes (may he just need time๐Ÿ˜)

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  • There is an unfortunate attitude with the americans and football. basically they dont quite get the grips with the fact the rest of the world is way ahead of them in football terms. they are used to a very different style of sport, primarily no promotion and relegation.

    They will never come to terms with football until they change their attitude

  • Well just for once explain to me where this 5 to 10M has gone into the club, its not in any of the books.

    They admit going into last season with a 3m profit, we also know we then got 15.5M parachute, they admit 6M was kept from people not taking refunds, we sold Rodon for 11M and sold Celina for 2.7M

    They then stated 15M was their total wage bill, I have allowed an extra 5M for other expenses that's 33% more than any other club in excess of total wages.

    What part of reality am I missing.

    5 years of shit owners.

    5 years of shit cheap managers playing boring football with some players better than that, 2 play offs more by negativity than attractive flowing football.

    I want to see attractive football, provided by owners who are transparent and engaging, not a bunch of bankers selling shares to recoup and make money for themselves rather than spending investors money on what it should be spent on, football for the spectators, without them there is nothing

  • He played quite a few Premier league games for Coventry over 20 years ago and got relegated.

    He's been on loan at Hereford and Derby where he eventually finished under Maclaren.

    All his other 300 games have been tier 3 and championship.

    He had a managers job in the 6th tier, then assistant to Maclaren.

    He has won nothing as a player or manager/assistant and played under some of the most negative managers of all.

    He comes from this school of coaching, Clement, Woodgate, Southgate, Cooper, Maclaren all known for scoring no more than 1.2 goals per game.

    Being unleashed as his own man, will he change us back to what we want, attacking flowing football, I bloody well hope so, I will give him my full support if he does that, regardless where we end up but if its back to grab a goal and hang on, then they can shove it.

    If they let him keep Roberts and Cabango then we might have half a chance

  • Oh yes Bob Bradley. I’m still scratching my head over how he won against Crystal Palace.

  • I couldn't believe we went from 3 - 1 up to 4 - 3 down ,

  • Whittaker was not one of his choices.

    He wanted an experienced striker, or more finished product. one of the reasons he fell out with the owners/Winter.

    But he agreed with the philosophy of buying and developing rather than loaning and developing. Not good business sense when you loan too many in.

    The loans need to be fewer, but of the Brewster and Guehi quality. Not the Gyokeres or Hourihanes.

  • if any go, they will need to be paid off, as they have no club to go to.

    And if any go, I'd say Marsh is the more likely candidate of the others.

    Keith Haynes site claim a familiar face could be returning to a coaching position within the hierarchy.

    Could this be Angel coming in as No2 to Eustace? He's got his badges.

    Or the return of Toshack, who I am told has applied. But if he doesnt get the job, what position would he fill? Cant see him being an assistant if he has applied for the top job.

  • Angel of course will know John Eustace from his time at QPR. He could be a valuable link for him.

  • Sorry, are you saying that the backroom staff are leaving because they are being dismissed?

  • JackRaven - you post a lot of good stuff on here but that is way off the mark and verging on offensive (although I am sure you didn't mean it to be). You can't categorise all people from a particular country/culture like that. And these people did not get to be multi-millionaires without doing due diligence and understanding exactly what they were buying into, what the risks would be and how to manage them to ensure they make a profit in the end - however long it takes.

  • None of the backroom staff are being dismissed, that is clear in the club statement.

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    Yes, it's frustrating that we aren't in a position to attract a high calibre of applicant but it's the reality of where the club finds itself right now, regardless of how we got here. Hence if he had won titles as a player or manager then I doubt he would be a) available, b) affordable or c) interested in coming here.

    The only evidence to go on with regard to his football philosophy, or what school of coaching he prefers, are his two seasons actually managing a team at Kidderminster Harriers and a very short spell as caretaker manager at QPR. Reports of his time at the former were very positive about the style of play he implemented.

    As AndrewNH points out earlier in the thread, we will soon be able to see with our own eyes in the early games the direction of travel with regard to the playing style. I intend to be optimistic about that until it's proven otherwise.

  • I must admit I am less confident until I see how he sets up the team and how he gets the team to play.

    That applies to any manager we decide to bring in.

    I hope we recruit a manager who is really committed to playing a possession/passing game with an assertive mindset in both attack and defence

  • In which case no compensation required if any of them decide to resign and leave with Cooper… Thanks JR

  • Nothing quite like 'knocking' a player or manager before he actually puts the kit on or gets to work with a new set of players. Marc Guehi was no doubt a classic example from some on here but he didn't turn out to be that bad!

    The return of an old favourite - Angel Rangel to a role off the field could be the catalyst to change or abject failure, so for me, wait and see.

    @JackRaven, I have no doubts that Americans have a different attitude to many other nationalities and no doubt finance has a bearing in the way they operate the game. No relegation in the MSL and no different to the franchise system in other sports in the country where teams get shifted all over the country by the highest bidder.

    I wouldn't have thought they were losing out when it comes to coaching, especially at High School, University or senior level, as many an ex-pro in this country unable to get a new contract has found out.

  • Morning all no matter who is in charge of the team unless the Owners are prepared to back them no one will do more than average with what we have today im sorry to say, back them within reason and dont give them players they do not want ( like last january)

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    £5M was loaned to the club by Silverstein's company in September 2020

    £5m was loaned to the club by Kaplan and Levien's US company in December 2020

    Those amounts will not be "in any of the books" (at least the ones currently visible publicly) because they took place in financial year 2020-2021, the accounts of which probably won't be published until 2022.

  • No definitely not , my heart wouldn't be able to cope .๐Ÿ˜

  • BBC sport Wales reporting Eustace will be unveiled this weekend or early next week.

  • The guys a fruitcake, can only add up what comes in, does he not realise we've had no revenue for 18 months yet still balanced the books, we will not throw money at it like Stoke or Derby and we go about our business sustainably, if that's not for Phil then he's got a long wait before we become Man City lite...

  • I know what you mean, I was the same when Brendan came in, I had to eat my words.

  • When Jacket came I was angry Brian Flynn had been sacked

    when Martinez replaced Jacket I was ecstatic

    I was pleased to see Sousa come and even more pleased to see him go

    underwhelmed by Brendan he proved me wrong

    when Laudrop came I was like a dog with two dickies and when he left I was like a dog with no dicky

    Hey I even thought Bob could be the saviour!

    only time will tell with any managerial appointment.

    I have followed the Swans for over 50 years and I still expect to see at least another 10 managers at this rate before I go to the Vetch Field in the sky !!!

  • (I hope the link works as i’m not sure whether i’ve linked it correctly).

    Don’t know a lot about him like most on here but love this interview he gave on leaving Kidderminster and about striving to play ‘exciting’ football and other managers saying during the season that they couldn’t believe the type of football his side was playing at that level. Very encouraging and for me exactly what we want back. Like i’ve said earlier he deserves a chance so hopefully when he’s announced we’ll all get behind him. Good luck to him.

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    Not entirely sure what you think is so off the mark, but perhaps you have mis-understood what I meant. That could make it worse or better from your perspective, but I will explain and see what you think then.

    On the offensive point, that doesnt make a lot of sense to me. so I'll make some points that are genuine from my perspective and lets see how that goes. Rarely do people like to discuss this issue, because of the current approach to be offended, but lets give it a try.

    In any discussion with a wide range of participants, there is always a risk of saying/writing something that someone doesnt agree with or like. Perhaps that is what you mean?

    To be offensive, I believe there are about three ways that term can be used.

    1. There is pretty clear personal slur against you as an individual - reason for being offended high and justified.
    2. Being offended on behalf of an individual/group you are part of, following a clear personal slur - reason for being offended medium and medium for being justifed.
    3. Being offended because a personally held view on behalf of some group which you are not part of - reason for being offended low and justifiability low.

    The most I can see is that you feeling offended falls into the third category. From my point of view, I cannot know nor control what will offend you or anyone else. No more can anyone judge what will offend me. I tend towards assuming most posters dont intend to offend, unless its pretty clear its personal.

    Okay on to the body of the comment. I believe you seem to be interpreting my comment of Americans as relating to the Club Owners. Actually its not, except in a very general way.

    My point is all American Professional Sports is franchised, (American Football, Baseball, Basketball, and MLS) and doesnt involve promotion or regulation. The model may be described as sport as an entertainment business for making money. There is actually not that much amateur club sports in the US.

    The major sports in the US have developed where they only play against themselves rather than other nations. Hence the 'World Series' for baseball. That's not the case with Football.

    In the UK, and most other countries our sports developed completely differently. They tend to be grass roots based where individuals band together to create institutions and the sport develops from amateur to professional. Inherent in that model is the concept of promotion and relegation. We dont tend to think about it much because it is natural to us.

    It is a fundementally different philosophy. Here is where it does sort of apply to our owners. If you asked them would they want to abolish relegation they would say yes imo, but certainly not promotion atm, but if we got back into the PL, yes both could go. Protecting their investment would overide other considerations.

    That's why the top PL clubs want to pull up the drawbridge, to protect their money. You might call it socialism for the rich. Interestingly even the stock market has promotion and relegation, what do you think happens to a stock when it drops out of the FTSE100?

    A long answer to a short question but sometimes its easy to get the wrong end of the stick. However my clearer explanation could have made things worse, but that isnt the intention. Disagree if you like, but there is nothing offensive here imo.

    I try to keep an eye on Football in other countries and there are some really passionate football fans in the US. I dont know if you have seen it but when The US team didnt qualify for the 2018 World Cup there a great unscripted on air reaction by one of the ex_US team players working as a pundit. For me it encapsulates the passion fans feel.

    Take a look, and enjoy it for the passion and honesty, not the schadenfreude. I believe its a great reaction - context the US team just lost away to Trinidad & Tobago, when they only needed one point to qualify.

  • And now this thread is alive again as it is NOT going to be Eustace says the Telegraph

    Back to fantasy football manager land again

  • If this is true then it does not put the club in a good light, perhaps he has talked to Mr Cooper and been told about the lack of backing by these owners But whatever it is makes Swansea F C a laughing stock, my opinion of course 2 weeks to sort and still cannot get it done

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