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  • My impression is that it's a "you'll have to move on your own then" from his family, but who knows

  • Seems qpr offered him a huge pay increase to stay. Better than what we did. Although that's not a big surprise.

  • I think it's more likely that after discussion about who's leaving and how much is available for replacements he's weighed things up and come to the conclusion it's not that attractive a position after all and said thanks but no thanks.

  • Maybe they will have to ask Cooper to stay and give him what he wants😎

  • In the space of just a few days this week, we had a head coach who decided he'd rather be unemployed than have another year on our payroll, and now we have an assistant coach at another club who would rather stay as an assistant coach than accept an offer to become our head coach.

    I'm not going to speculate what the reasons are for all this, because I simply don't know the facts. All I know is, it doesn't look very good does it.

    Less than 2 weeks to our first competitive game - no pressure then, Mr Winter!

  • Yet again, the heirachy never fail to deceive us loyal fans. I feel so deflated after each close season, and this time I cannot believe how Winter and these yanks remain so silent. Sustainability is only viable if a quorum of reasonability is achieved. Bol to whomever takes over, but please Mr Winter... please tell these Yanks to LEAVE NOW!

  • There is no point in criticism without knowing the facts. This could be a blessing and we employ someone better that takes us back up.

    We still have an above average squad for the championship with a few extra additions, we could well challenge again. I honestly think most of the clubs this year are in financial disarray and this will be poorest Championship in donkey years.

  • Well let's see who wants to manage a top Championship club , 2 top 6 finishes , lots of good players , good academy , loyal fan base , lovely place to work and live .

    C V to Swansea City .

  • Fully agree Malc. You forgot to mention that there's under 2 weeks to get it right!

    As for 'jokingfan', I will hold you to this post for end of season response..."employ someone better" and "above average squad".

  • Back in 2003 we gave an untried manager a chance and he bought sone Spanish flair to the club - Roberto Martinez

    What would be wrong in giving another untried Spaniard the job, especially as he knows how the club should play - Angel Rangel?

  • Perhaps its more to do with what we were told last week that Andy Scott was going to be involved with the first team as well as his scouting role, and QPR manager Warburton, who replaced Scott at Brentford had a word in Eustace's ear. Or was it the fact that there was a limit as to how many staff he could bring in. Whatever it was, he declined the offer, move on, and have another look at the short list. That is if we had one!!

  • I’m with you DalinSussex. At least he’s Swansea through and through.

  • It really says a lot that an assistants role at QPR is more appealing than the top job at our club.

    Whether it is salary or level of autonomy or the messaging from Winter and the owners - ALL concerned need to reflect long and hard on that fact.

    Prospective managers SHOULD be crawling over broken glass to get an opportunity here - it certainly used to be the case.

  • Not forgetting that he could have been given a substantial payrise by QPR,all calculated to give him a reason to stay there where it will obviously be an easier life, and with less responsibility.

    Possibly better if he stays where he is if he has doubts, which may be within himself.

    As Colin says--move on

  • When does Winter’s job become untenable?

    (Not the Yanks would ever sack him anyway)

    Succession planning my arse !!!

    Time for Curt to dig out the kettle, to buy some time.

  • Gutless really. You’re right, it is an easier life as assistant manager. Less responsibility. Less significance. Less risk.

    Eustace has chosen to stick with what he knows and given up his chance to prove himself on the big stage. What other club of our size would offer him this opportunity? None. Completely unprofessional from him (especially if the reports of him leaving the club in the dark are true), and equally unprofessional from the Swans higher ups.

    At this stage nothing surprises me. The owners are pathetic. Winter is a shadow of Birch. The club is a shambles right now.

  • Big difference between approaching somebody ( you want them for the job) and them approaching you ( they want the job)

    First group analyse pick and choose - they may or may not choose you

    Sounds like Eustace was in the second group last time around and was in the first group - being chased by us ) this time around

    Maybe we should consider only people who actually want the job instead of needing to be persuaded!

    At least that way the runners know their own mind

  • Mr Winter looks a complete tw@t at the moment - so to retain any shred of credibility he should communicate with the fans..

    Are we starting the search from scratch or does he have potential candidates up his sleeve? Are we appointing a caretaker boss to start the season?

    I have a feeling that Ted Lasso is available and would be a good fit with ownership.

  • Think we should go for the other Ted , Super Ted .

  • Play off semi final, followed by play off final, Manager quits and not even an assistant manager wants the job.

    I watched QPR yesterday and as my post stated yesterday, I was more than willing to buy into playing like that.

    Now, we have a reduced squad with new players who we know little about, no manager and owners who we never see or hear from.

    FFS even the Pablo's of this World must realise by now, we are run by football non investors who have such a reputation that they cant even get assistants. We have become a joke and unless something is sorted out pronto, we will become the championship whipping boys.

    Without a leader, no football club can flourish, we don't have visible owners, a manager and lost our top scored and best defender.

    Is this part of the plan to take us to the next level because urgent action is needed to avoid a slide

  • Agree with everything you said, although QPR were only allowed to play so well and win as United played their reserves.

    To expand on your urgent action needed point, I would go as far as to say we are at risk of being strong relegation contenders if the club isn’t put in order quickly. While some on here could disagree, surely everyone can agree that as things stand the top 10 is out of reach, yet alone the top 6.

    To think just one league game ago we could have reached the Premier League.

  • I was under the impression that Eustace had an interview two weeks ago and that Winter asked Cooper if he could carry on with pre season for two weeks until Eustace was unveiled on Friday . So what went tits up in the meantime ???

  • Ex swan Kristian o leary has left carmarthen maybe he might be considered for the swans job

  • WpsWps
    edited July 25

    It can’t be the salary or we would never have got to this stage. My feeling is that Eustace had doubts about how much the owners will back him. He wants to be a manager and not just the first team coach. Too much interference and not enough backing from the owners.

    As supporters seeing the way the club is going should we be surprised?

    So disappointed but we need Mr Winter to speak up about why Cooper went and why this appointment has broken down.

  • Its a very strange development, especially the club allowed the name to become known, without being absolutely certain.

    Michael Appleton has a good reason to say no, so where does that leave us.

    Starting the season without a Manager it seems. Perhaps I should send the club my list of 3 overseas managers, at least its gives them some ideas, which is more than they seem to have atm.

  • What a sideshow we’ve become in the space of a weekend. What a slap in the face the non show of Eustace is right now. The club has got egg on its face big time over this and needs to wipe it off quickly. Let’s hope that, whoever they’ve got lined up, it’s before the season begins proper and they don’t throw Tate under the bus whilst simultaneously being thrown in at the deep end . No disrespect to him but he’ll have his work cut out for him and I’m not sure he’ll be up to the task at such short notice.

  • We are in danger of becoming the next Blackpool...... completely ruined by owners who are happy to take. They too were a play off final win away from the Premier League....followed closely by two relegations!

    The Blackpool fans have been through hell to get their club back but fair play to them, they did it. I pray we don't have to go back to league 2 like they did and take the actions their fans had to resort to. The current position we find ourselves does not fill me with confidence to say that we will not be heading down that path....sad times

  • How many now disagree with my previous comment, as it wasnt popular at the time.

    'Not so much mysterious, as rediculous and dis-organised. We need continuity during preseason so we can start well.'

  • Alun knill has left Sheffield United in the last few days wondering if that's pure coincidence...

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