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  • How about we change our owners first!

  • Where is Mike Marsh in this? WOULD NOT be my choice because he is tied to a sale I abhor - but he hasn't left yet - so why not?

  • Disappointing outcome and situation for the club to deal with at this point in pre-season. Lots of speculation around the reasons for Eustace changing his mind at such a late stage but it's best that we have a manager who is fully committed to the job.

  • I read into the apoointment of Tatey for the Rovers match as a pretty clear indication he wasnt planning to stay around.

  • I suppose Andy Scott has managed before, just not very well.

  • Sounds like money to me. Eustace reported to have been offered more to stay than we would pay. We aren’t great payers on the scheme of things….

  • And as far as Eustace is concerned.. it’s shows a complete lack of ambition on his part no matter how shite the owners are

  • Truly awful, I know Jenkins cashed in big time and probably couldn't care less, but I am sure he didn't envisage the Americans running the club in this way, with no interest or ambition, other than seeing what money they can make from the club.

    It's clear from the interviews Cooper gave over the last two years that he was working in a regime that was blocking not aiding him. Considering there is again nothing of any real note to invest in the first team, the final straw must be the failure of the club to at least secure two of our existing stars who are now in their final year of contract - Roberts and Grimes.

    We now have confirmation that Grimes our captain in the prime of his career is finalising a move to Fulham, a fellow competitor for a pathetic sum of 4 million- I really hope after the Rodon transfer fee disaster this fee cannot be true.

    This is surely why Cooper is leaving. It is one thing not investing and looking for bargains but it's another when you not only sell to a club in your own league but your owners take what they are offered to ensure they can have a few million for their shareholders.

    Why would Eustace even consider joining when at the same time the club are once again selling one of the last top end championship players we have to a fellow challenger for a ridiculously paltry fee.

  • maybe Eustace gave Cooper a call and asked him why he left?

  • Bit harsh “******”, doesn’t matter who’s in charge could happen to anybody, he won’t be the first to accept a job in history then turn it down last minute It’s all speculation at the moment without any facts, and another thing his signing was never confirmed in the first place, as all press speculation, who’s to say they haven’t been speaking to others. Ever wonder why Cooper didn’t leave straight away, that says to me nothing had been set in stone, I joked in an earlier post about him staying well funnier things have happened in life and they did try to get him to sign a new contract so it’s not like they wanted rid of him in first place.

  • Bit harsh @Gingertit?????

    Every man and his dog and the fleas that jump around on the dog knew that SC would be going for a better job or walking away because of internal tensions over a perceived lack of support. For sure since January (and i believe a lot longer)

    YET HERE WE ARE 13 days before the season starts with all our eggs in a basket that appears to be leaking eggs - and no ability to recruit new players as we remain rudderless. Our best player is about to leave for 50% of his value - are you still ok to keep "cutting slack"?

    What would it take for you to criticise the goings on (or lack thereof?) - serious question!

    Oh and just to make it more unacceptable - zero communication with the fans

  • Nothing wrong with criticism, just the personal attacks, Winters just the errand boy doing the owners bidding, do you really think he makes the big decisions off his own back. As for being forth coming with any info, since when has the club ever come out with anything, they are not even capable of giving out match reports before anybody else. Im more annoyed by the silence from the trust and other share holders over the past year. The point I trying to make is that it’s all bullshit and rumours without the correct info and not worth getting work up over, if you think we have problems you only have to look at Derby at least we will be able to field a team, COVID allowing.

  • Sooooo…… Jody Morris???

  • Toshack and team please

  • There was never going to be a good ending,

    My prediction as Phillip Egypt in 2016 was laughed out of town.

    My assessments of how we were raped financially were also ridiculed despite rigorous explanations.

    My attempts to state that their reign would never exceed 5 years based on the hedge funder model was dismissed out of site.

    Showing how they could make millions on further investors and 20% of asset value take out also vilified.

    Will some of you please wake up, We have been done like a kipper.

    This is not " We have to manage within our means" this is " You have been stuffed like the Welsh ****** you are" Live with it!!!!!!!!

  • As the managerial hunt continues the name of former Chelsea and Leeds United midfielder Jody Morris is one that we are being told is the new man the Swans are turning to as a replacement of Steve Cooper after first choice John Eustace opted to stay at QPR.

    Morris has previously been assistant to Frank Lampard at Derby and moved to Chelsea under Lampard but left the club earlier this year when the latter was sacked due to the first team results.

    Prior to writing this article there was also significant movement in the betting odds for Morris which also tends to back up a source and whilst managerial odds don’t take much to move, any significant move tends to suggest that he is being backed and that isn’t something that happens out of the blue as word “leaks”

    Morris – at the time of writing – stands behind the likes of both Cameron Toshack and Alan Tate in the odds but we are hearing that he could well be the man that the Swans turn to as they look to complete their managerial hunt and give the new man chance enough to work with the squad ahead of the season opener at Blackburn in just under two weeks time.

    It was speculated earlier this summer that Morris was after his first managerial job and was prepared to cut loose from Lampard as both considered their next moves after four months out of the job. Lampard of course is someone who knows Swansea due to his time here at the start of his playing career and it could be that Morris sees this as the ideal chance to build his own reputation as a football manager.

    42 year old Morris was hailed – with Lampard – as part of the great coaching teams of the future back in 2020 by the Sunday Times and speaking after leaving Chelsea earlier this year Morris said “It’s hurt twice previously that I’ve had to leave this great club, but it’s been on my terms and both times it was done with the bigger picture for myself and my family in mind…

    “Yesterday was tough to take on all levels… I’ve always felt lucky to be able to say I’ve played for the team I’ve supported since I was a young boy growing up on north end road..

    “I am also immensely proud to say I’ve been stood next to our gaffa, who has worked tirelessly to improve the players and the culture every single day.. us as your staff couldn’t ask for a better leader!! “

    If sources are to be believed this evening then Morris could well be our man and the move in the bookies odds is a significant one for someone who barely had a mention as we went in pursuit of Eustace which suggests that things are afoot which backs what we are hearing.

    Time will ultimately tell but it does feel that we could be moving closer to Jody to Swansea.

  • Cameron Toshack with Angel Rangel. Why not.

  • I don’t mind the sound of Jody Morris.

    Apparently he did well with Chelsea U23s and would’ve gained good experience with Lampard.

    It does look like we are going for young managers with a point to prove.

  • *Chelsea U18s

  • Eustace family wouldn’t move…. Hence his reluctance to take the role…

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    I often wonder about these sort of family circumstances with Managers,especially as it is an obviously precarious career.I heard Steve Cooper say in one of his interview last seasons that he was still based in North Wales,and could well imagine that for any one with a young family to move lock stock and barrel would be difficult,whilst for others separation would be no joke either.

  • So we are supposed to believe that Eustace said yes without talking to his family and then when he did finally tell them they said No.

    Not really a credible story, with no evidence other to back it up. Lucky at exactly the same time QPR just conincidentally gave him a pay rise? Sounds like a made up story by the club so it doesnt look so embarassing for them.

    It would make far more sense to believe that relatively cheaply QPR have disrupted the season of a fellow championship club.

    Fits the facts better than the alternative being suggested.

  • He's from Birmingham, he's moved many times Midlands, London, Scotland etc the same as all players and managers, so that wont wash.

    He has been worded by others and decided its not worth the risk

  • John Terry has left Villa..

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    Terry has left A.Villa according to Sky.No mention of any other offers,looking to develope his skills and enter management at some stage,also to spend time with family.

  • Yes, doesn’t look like it’s to join a club.

    Surely we’ll have an update of some sort from the club today… 🙄

  • Bookies have John Terry as favourite for the Swans job , not taking any more bets .

  • He’s just said he wants a break to spend time with the family and to travel to different clubs to see them train.

  • Be afraid. Lock up your wives and girlfriends

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    I have the same question about Jody Morris as Eustace. 'Why Jody Morris?'

    I can see someone from Chelsea would be an attempt to reduce the current embarassment factor for Winter, but again why Jody Morris?

    Limited information unfortunately.

    Based on Derby, aggressive, plays just enough possession football, probably about 20+ more passes per match than SC but over 100+ per match less than GP. Also between the two on pass success.

    Plays a 4-3-3 mostly, scored 69 goals oh and did I mention aggressive, does like to use young players so we will have more loan players I assume.

    Depending on how you interpret some of the comments, he does tend to talk how he feels, at least that is the polite version. So that would be interesting.

    As the club is very close to messing up the whole season, if they already havent done so, I'd be in favour of getting someone who is closer to the real passing style most of us want.

    Unfortunately time is ticking, it sounds like Matt is leaving and we are still 4/5 players missing from the squad.

    Sounds like Winter is leaving money on the table for Matt, as he did for Joe and will for every other player we sell based on his track record.

    Winter seems to leave more car crashes in his wake than the entire 'Fast & Furious' franchise.

    I wonder did anyone call Roberto or Brendan for some advice about good managers to target. Somehow I doubt it

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