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  • How about Osian Roberts as the new manager - I believe he has just left the Moroccan FA role, and has a wealth of experience.

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    I am with @DaiInSussex - Osian Roberts would be a stylish left field appointment.

    I would also endorse any interest in Russell Martin. I dont know enough about Jody Morris and whatever style he prefers - but I dont recall Derby being champagne football under Lamps and him - more pragmatic is my gut feeling.

    IF I could wish a quick recovery from his illness to Appleton - then he is also an interesting and progressive coach.

  • He's Joining / joined Vieira at Cpfc. Appleton is back at Lincoln today BTW.

  • So coming from Solihull is not near Birmingham, so he didn't play in the Midlands, ( Coventry Derby & Stoke) didn't play in Scotland ( Dundee Utd) and Watford is nowhere near London.

    So traveling all his life has all of a sudden become a problem, bet if he was offered Sunderland or Walsall he would be off like a shot.

    I would bet anything you like, he has spoken to Cooper and others

  • Saw this on planet Swans and backs up my gut that of the two candidates my STRONG preference would be Russell Martin. Of course he has a mountain to climb here and success is NOT guaranteed.

    Having said all that I would be excited to watch the game every week if we were once again targeting over 60% possession with a young team of talented and increasingly home grown or home owned players.

    Average possession - League 1 2020/2021 stats (fotmob.com)

    Doing a lot more research I BADLY want Russell Martin as the next coach - he is inventive and forward thinking (attacking) - Particularly enjoyed the attached video - my gut tells me that he would be worth any compensation we had to pay.

    Russell Martin: Identity & DOMINANT Possession by MK Dons Explained | Tactical Analysis - YouTube

  • Other linked is Russell Martin then… he’s my choice if possible

  • Why would Russell Martin want to leave a club he got promoted and stabilised in Div 1, it has a 35,000 stadium and a massive possible fan base and proper money sponsors Suzuki their owners also have a few bob and spend it , yes they are investors but British investors

  • Amazing confidence Phillip,you must be a mind reader where other's motives are concerned ?There again could be an extension of the constant speculation on Club finances that you propound at the slightest excuse.

  • I'd say ambition to manage at a bigger club, which we undoubtably are.

    I'd say a bigger budget. Higher wages.

    He's in the last year of his contract. If he was that committed and happy there, you'd think he'd be on something longer. 🤔

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    To build on Mark's comments - it really depends on your level of ambition. If you make a success of Managing MK Dons you can get an "attaboy" and a slightly better job (e.g us?)

    If you make a success here it catapults you to the world stage - Martinez and Rodgers are recent examples - but historically Tosh also helps build into the picture that the profile here is much higher.

    Real sports fans here in Canada know who we are - they have no clue about MK Dons.

    The size of the stadium is also a red herring - they averaged 8-9k per home game for a team playing attractive football and improving rapidly in 2019/20. Hampden Park holds well over 50k - but does this make Queens Park FC a more attractive gig than us?


  • Positive about most things but not Swans owners, anyone who can smile or laugh at their antics need help.

    We need more than hope and undying agreement to what they do, we need owners with a proper plan who can communicate it to the fans.

  • If you cant see the decline in front of your own eyes, what's it going to take, relegation, administration.

    People just don't get it, we have been robbed blind and for those who think its impossible, even our corrupt Government make billions disappear and also use the non disclosure loophole.

    Corruption in business is rife, more so now than ever before

    We are run by mercenaries

  • With all the present bollocks we’re having to put up with, Would you have Huw Jenkins and Martin Morgan back?

    As apposed to Winter and The Shysters ?

  • Osian Roberts for me would be a sensible choice he practically ran the FAW’s coaching & training modules prior to leaving when Giggs got the main management job (when I thought Roberts should have got the job personally)

  • I'd never have Jenkins back. Let's not forget that it was him and his fellow, two faced sellers that brought the yanks to our club. Jenkins was quite happy to sell out to anyone who would put enough money in their pockets, irrespective of their motives for buying the club.

    That's why I cant get worked up by the yanks. They are doing what most of us knew they would do. I just didn't expect Jenkins et al, most of whom claimed to be diehard Jacks, to sell us down the river for their pieces of silver.

  • And the bizarre thing @deekay is that we were an established premier league team with (likely) lots of suitors - IF only they had been willing to accept 28 pieces of silver from the right buyers they could have left with an absurd amount of personal wealth, their reputations and legacy intact, and the club poised for a stable and successful future.

    Greed scuppered all of that - I have no idea how they sleep in their silk pyjamas in the luxury villa.

  • The more I read about Rusell Martin, the more attractive he becomes as a Swansea Manager. Its the style of football we want and need.

    So its fairly clear that Mr Winter wont appoint him. He couldnt find his own arse with both hands.

  • Come on @JackRaven have some faith, maybe Eustace say no will be a blessing in disguise and we will end up with a manager like Russell Martin (however my hunch is it's more likely to be Jody Morris)

  • @Chris_Sharman

    I love your optimism, but not sure it has any basis in realtity. With the car crashes Mr Winter has overseen, do you really believe he will make the right choice or just the cheapest?

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    You're right it has absolutely no basis in reality, just blind optimism 😁

    I have been on record saying I would have been underwhelmed if Eustace got the job ( I felt the same about Appleton), so I do see him turning us down as a positive and a opportunity to get a manager more suited to the Swansea Way and maybe just maybe Russell Martin is that man!!

    PS You would hope that the salary wouldn't pose a problem and hopefully any compensation wouldn't be that much.

    Question for you @JackRaven - Would you forgo the signing of a ball playing CB if the cash for that player was used for Russell Martin's compensation?

  • @Chris_Sharman I will take the liberty of replying for JR (I think) and certainly myself. A manager who plays the beautiful game trumps any single player.

    Key is coaching what you have so that they become more proficient with the ball - I think RM is a good fit.

  • Russell Martin shares the same initials as Roberto Martinez. That’ll do me.😊

  • @Jackareme for me its Cameron Toshack and team. Everyone in the team is a Jack thru and thru

  • Didn’t know anything about Martin so just looked him up.

    He sounds impressive and dare I say it, a good fit.

    Last season, only Manchester city and Barcelona had similar possession stats to MK Dons. But in an article he says it’s not possession for the sake of it. They also had one of the highest amounts of touches in the opposition’s penalty box.

    So I’d definitely be happy if he’s given a chance…

  • whats the betting the owners go for the cheaper option, hope i am wrong but cannot see them paying compo but SHOULD that happen bet it comes out of any monies ear marked for transfers, no new money

    If the owners REALLY want to get the fans on board they could get the C E O to communicate to the public and show , again within reason a bit of realistic ambition

    If it was my choice its Mr Martin for me he has the look of a guy who wants to play and looks as if he has a bit of ambition.

  • I am optimistic with two current leading choices, whoever we get is a gamble even Eustace would been unknown at this level. It's difficult choice, Jody Morris because of the links with Chelsea and working with higher class of players on training pitch or Russell Martin who actually has some management experience under his belt. You should lean towards the guy with some experience already, I fear Jody could be another Clement etc.

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