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New manager rumours



  • Thanks for posting that Mark. Exactly the mindset we used to have and all want back. Next questions are are we prepared to pay compo and will he come?

  • Thanks Mark

    Sounds like a Swansea type manager to me

  • if we do finally get ANY communication from the C E O i hope the reporters ask the tough questions and not just go thru the usual blerb

    what went wrong with Cooper what went wrong with Eustace why has there been no communication from himself or the owners, will the club back any new manager at all do they have a budget to work with? for starters there must be lots more that need to be answered

  • That's the man for us, Russell Martin. I hope it comes off. The best rumour I've read since the debacle unfolded. that's the chill pills you wanted Jackareme, right there. Will hold my breath until it's on the official site.

  • Trouble is we are mistaking our owners and CEO with people who give a S**t about fans

    They don't except when it hits the money

    Liverpool fans did a staged walkout when prices were set to go up

    That got their owners' attention

  • Russell Martin

    Training Ground Guru - People and Purpose at MK Dons

    Excellent longer article on how he thinks about the game

    Could be Brendan or Roberto talking - he has a philosophy and is not ashamed to talk about it

    An excellent /stubborn belief in playing the right way ( passing it )

    This man will have an excellent career

    We should be so lucky - we'd have to pay compo and he would have to fancy it

    All about the right performance with young players showing no fear

    Alternatively you could take a few Chelsea loanees and let Jody Morris have a go at doing a Lampard at Derby act

  • I wrote this on 22nd July, Eustace has fallen by the wayside, still think it could be JM

    As for rumours, I heard John Eustace was in the frame, Appleton was number one until he took time out for illness, I've also been told that Jody Morris is highly thought of.

  • Twitter reports saying Martin front runner. If compo is the stumbling block then it’s short sighted. It appears the Martin’s belief is coaching improvement into players which in the long term adds value to them. That’s the bigger picture… I don’t see that in Morris.

  • May have dodged a bullet with Eustace if ,for whatever reason ,his heart wasn't in it.Overall it's like pulling teeth.hopefully the time spent will produce a good choice.

  • edited July 27

    The consensus seems to be Russell Martin is the best option, and when you look at his track record its hard not to agree.

    @Mark_Jack_London has suggested him for some time and @moorlands is right we may well have dodged a bullet with Eustace.

    So only one real question left, 'Which other person is Mr Winter actually going to appoint?'

  • You know what will happen wel apoint Russell Martin hel get us playing back to the old Swansea way hel get all the plaudits,farke get sacked from Norwich and hel be off.I can see it now!

  • @Brownie - I literally dream of that scenario - if we start playing beautiful football and have success then great we will seek the next leader (it was always thus)

    What we will need however is a CEO who is proactively succession planning so that we avoid the current sh1t show reoccurring every 2 years.

    Winter has really crapped the bed given the amount of notice he had of Cooper leaving - and I am not surprised that he has gone "radio silence" even when one of his key functions is to communicate with stakeholders, customers (fans) and the media.

  • Taken outside Rossi's earlier this afternoon. Looks like it didn't go very well.

  • @Brownie

    I'll take that option, he is clearly committed to playing a possession passing style and they press relatively high.

    There is always the risk of a successful manager moving on, I just hope he realises (if appointed) that he is at his spiritual home. When I'm at the ground if we are playing this way I for will make it really clear that he is.

    What's not to like? 60.3% possession and 83.3% pass success. I hope we have enough vestige of the style left that the players will adapt very quickly. Its the style that will in the end make us successful.

  • Mark Hudson! I told you a while back ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

  • I thought it was me and @garythenotrashcougar

  • Well, if it is Mark Hudson there will be a lot of unhappy bunnies on the forums

  • I've heard Gary changed his mind and without him they don't want you!

  • I am only joking, it was a little wind up on Jack Raven! However the way things are going Winter could panic and turn to ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ฒ Hudson!

  • Not again. Somebody please tell me how to delete posts that have been added to the Leave a Comment box by mistake?

  • presumably its saved, so you just need to delete it and try typing one dot and then hit 'Save Draft' that should get rid of the comment

  • the M K Dons site saying no contact from Swansea city at around 4 pm

  • If it is true we haven’t spoken to MK Dons then I’m shocked!

    The odds on Martin (clear favourite with the bookies) have shortened drastically today.

    Stuart James reporting yesterday him and Jody are the main two in the frame. It simply does not add up?! ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿป‍โ™‚๏ธ

  • its also saying on the independent site at 4/30

  • guys and gals with this lot in charge NOTHING suprises me

  • Nothing I can find on the MK Dons site saying it … although that may be more about my internet capability

  • If there's compensation Russell Martin will not be coming, If John Terry or Jody Morris are not prepared to take a wage of less than 10K a week they wont be either.

    So forget the bookies odds, it will be the cheapest option.

    Experienced Managers or even up and coming will look very closely at what we achieved last year with what we had and what we have now, they will also know everything that needs to be known about our new signings.

    Don't forget the one that got away was already employed, the 2 mentioned are employed and Terry could afford to do it as he is wealthy in his own right but would need to be convinced its a job that would put him in the spotlight for the right reasons and not like Rooney who did not come up trumps

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