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  • Sam Wallace of the Telegraph is reporting Martin is favourite for the Swans job ,

    Yesterday it was John Terry

    Sunday Eustace

    Hopefully this situation will be sorted by tomorrow the clock is ticking Blackburn away in 11 days .

  • Does anyone seriously expect the MK Don's site to be making it known that their manager was in discussion with another club ?

  • Well if you looked at the Swans forum 2 weeks ago you would have seen comments about Cooper being linked with Crystal Palace and Fulham .

    Fans are always talking .

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    The out of work Derek McInness anybody?? Suggested online and a hard NO from me

    I hope not - but a cheap option. Here is a report close to him leaving Aberdeen:

    Considering the annual turnover of players, McInnes has done remarkably well to maintain standards.

    But the reality right now is it appears an ever-increasing section of the support are fed up with what's being served up.

    Nobody is expecting prime Brazil to turn up at Pittodrie but, even as a neutral observer, watching Aberdeen this season tends to elicit the old "that was a hard watch" observation.

    McInnes has proven he can turn results around but the same can't really be said for the style of football.

  • We all know it’s going to be Alex Neil. Lol

  • dont get too excited. the same site said Cooper was going to Palace.

  • Apologies if I've misunderstood the comments relating to the MK Don's site. I thought the reference was to their OS not a fans forum. That said, how would anyone on their fans forum know if contact had been made ?

  • Probably the same way a multitude of fans on this very forum know exactly what happens in the inner circle of Swansea City FC

  • No apologies needed ,

    Fans on the forums know fans who know . Look at ours particularly planet Swans .

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    or is he heading back to be Welsh Manager, or no2?

  • Think it has been mentioned that he is joining Vieira as assistant at Palace

  • Crystal Palace. Assistant to Vieira. Been big mates since Viera took his badges with the faw.

  • I can only see the above happening , if the sale of Grimes goes through.

    But can you see The Shysters using that money to pay the compo to get him here?

  • Ok for what it is worth !

    my choice is Martin over Morris more so because Martin has managed a higher level team ! Also Martin has outlined his footballing philosophy aligned to “ours” forcefully

    however I have reservations about his naivety regarding totally abandoning ‘plan’ B

    The championship is unforgiving it is the toughest of “apprenticeships” my view is he applies his game at all opportunities but without results his enthusiasm is simply akin to a rabbit in the headlights

    I want his philosophy to reap rewards because that is the kind of footy I want to watch !

    I do expect that next season or the next but eventually promotion and passing premiership team off the pitch ‘

  • Can you see anything to smile about, the season is about to start there are 7 missing from the team that started in the play off final, we have a few new signings, no manager, no top scorer and the captain is on his way.

    It don't even look like any mangers are applying, the ones we approach turn us down

    If you think that is worth being positive about, you will probably be dancing if we slide down the league and go bankrupt.

    No you wont will you but see it as it is a complete shambles top down.

  • Correction I do not expect immediate results as opposed to what I actually posted !

  • Any ideas where I can buy a knife to slit wrists, asking for a friend!

  • On the plan B - I totally agree with and am invested in Martin.

    If you believe in a style of play you don't abandon it when the going gets tough and the opposition ask questions - you just do it better. Keep working and developing the plan A.

    One of my problems with Cooper was the fanning around with formations!

  • Seriously not happy with morris or mk dons guy nmartin

  • Toshack and team please. DNA

  • Martyn,

    Like I mentioned a few days ago to Colin, I do not know about Toshacks management to comment but I personally think Martin sounds a good fit.

    I understand your point about DNA and I agree to an extent.

    I like having the likes of Tate, Leon (in the past), KOL, Curtis etc around the club and training ground. When I heard it was Eustace coming I liked the idea of Rangel joining him.

    But in my opinion, it’s not necessarily important the manger has to have links/DNA to the club.

    Just of the top of my head, Woodgate at Boro (although I think his links were birth place more than player) didn’t go well. You could argue Chelsea did better under Tuchel than Lampard.

  • In a state of transition or just simply in a right state? To be in a limbo state currently is not conducive to a settled squad or club. We need to be ready for the upcoming season and that involves appointing a manager and recruiting the necessary players as quickly as possible. I pray that the talk of succession planning that is being discussed on this forum comes to fruition sooner rather than later. COYS, pull your finger out!

  • My concern is what can we say to Russell Martin that will make him come here?

    Its at best 50:50 in my book.

  • On reflection it isn't just a matter of picking up the phone and offering someone the job.

    Assuming that there are at least a small number of candidates,everyone selected for interview will presumably have to make some sort of presentation, or at least enter into a serious interview /discussion face to face or digitally with Winter, and definitely with the owners,either at the same time or seperately.

    After all that, you get into personal contract arrangements with whoever is the preferred person,and even then the individual will possibly require a day or so to accept.

    All takes time,and may be influenced by time differences between here and the US. Perhaps not as easily achieved 'on demand' as many of us might assume or wish.

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    Moorlands good points but in the meantime signings have also ground to a halt (if they’re coming at all). We’re told that signings are identified to fit the club’s philosophy and are independent of the manager to some degree so if this is so why is it not happening? Winter too busy trying to find someone to take over the reins? If that’s the case we can probably say goodbye to anyone else signing whilst this continues (the big announcement and rumoured South American midfielder i saw somewhere).

  • I know I’m going off topic of this thread but with no manager and COVID are we training?!

    Haven’t seen any images on social media from the club or players since Cooper left.

    And as far as I saw, it was only Freddy who thanked the ‘gaffer’ on social media. I’m sure it’s normally more than that when a manager leaves.

  • Granted Moorlands but time is ticking. I just hope that the stumbling block isn’t a money issue and is simply a tick box exercise to complete the deal/s.

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