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  • I Hope! Because anything less than a Osian Roberts skill/ Experience will be a joke.

    And come on you Company men still supporting the Bosses of this once proud and fearless club we all love.

    Cooper , had two successful years here , H has not left us for a bigger club. He left us for the Unemployment line. ! Why? Clearly to protect his reputation and some..

    So far i don't see anyone knocking our door down to take the Managers job at the Club, even Assistant Managers at other Clubs not intreated ! it should scare you all!

    What ever happened to the Club once described by Eddie Howe ( Bournemouth) has the " Blue Print for all clubs to follow)

    He is out of Work too , but not rushing to apply to this once great Club. we all need to get back

  • I have little sympathy or patience for the time being taken, as lets be honest they messed up this whole Summer without dealing with the issue of SC, when it was obvious to the rest of us, at the start of June, the issue needed addressing then.

    Well except for some posters who were saying we were just making it up and there was nothing to be concerned about.

    The best fit is Russell Martin, he isnt perfect as he is just learning his trade, remember he has only just done a Roberto Martinez (RM, strange coincidence) at MK Dons by converting to manager from player when their previous manager was sacked.

    He will be learning as he goes so anyone who expects better than a mid table finish is being very ambitious, but we sure will get something close to the brand of football most of us want, even if the formation might be strange.

    Apart from saying he will be coming to one of the spiritual homes of possession/passing football in this country and most of the fans will love his attitude to playing the game, there isnt much to make us attractive.

  • That's a great post @bigoak

    The reality of where we are right now, with 10 days to our opening game, is:

    We've lost the spine of last season's team and haven't replaced them with players of the same level; our previous manager preferred to leave and head for the dole queue than finish the last year of his contract; Winter has made a pig's ear of replacing him with no sign of a replacement coming up to a week later; and, if reports are to be believed, we are about to sell our captain for a fee much less than he's worth.

    I look around the entire division and I see only one club - the car crash that is Derby County - in a worse mess than us.

    It really is vital that people start managing their own expectations right now, because at this moment in time, finishing 21st and achieving safety next season is already looking like the limit of our ambitions.

  • By the way I'm still not convinced Mr Winter will make the best choice especially if RM costs a small fee for his final year of his contract.

  • MK dons I presume don’t want to start the season without a manager either so this could drag on a while if Compo is involved as they would need to pay for a new manager although a certain Mr Cooper is available . And if no funds are available to add a couple of new faces we may not get a new manager for a few months. As no one will want to manage a team lacking players and no kitty . It could possibly be Tate KOL and Scott in the dugout for a while

  • Heard rumours about Winter recently that supporters at his previous clubs could not wait to see the back of him because of his alledged mediocrity and cock ups....nothing new here then. Having supported this team for over 60 years I do not recall ever witnessing a manager on the verge of signing on one day and changing his mind the next...Micky Adams tenure was short but he actually managed for a while.

  • Azzuriswan, congratulations on the euros! 🇮🇹

    I cant remember if you are a Swansea based Jack or live in Italy?

  • Just shows how big of a loss Trevor Birch has been - not only would (I am sure) he have managed the transition and attracted a decent candidate - but he would also have communicated with the fans on progress.

    I posted a long while ago that Winter's first real test of competence was to how he provided continuity of management - given that we had extended notice that Cooper would be moving on. His competence (or lack thereof) is laid bare for all to see.

    It is pretty clear, also, that something is "rotten in Denmark" - we had Potter disenchanted and leaving, Cooper disenchanted and voting for unemployment, Eustace getting cold feet (despite previously being prepared to accept footballing challenges all over the UK). Silence from ownership and leadership is just making things feel even more toxic

    Now we are at a really pivotal moment - we have two young and untested coaches with promise and ambition - can Winter cover up the stench long enough for one of them to sign up?

    For the record I don't want Jody Morris - but would support him (if appointed) until he gives me a reason not to.

    The ONLY way out of this debacle for Winter - even with offloading Grimes for a pittance - is to reintroduce the Swansea Way and the joy of the beautiful game - so Martin needs to be the choice IMO - and a coach with this ethos is worth more to me than any individual player - so come on Winter salvage a little shred of dignity and pull your finger out!

  • Has any team started the Championship without a manager?

    FFS we play our first game in 10 days, so its about time Winter made a statement.

    Are they interviewing? have they offered anyone the job since Eustace? or how many applications they have had.

    At least make some sort of statement, or perhaps the owners could, a tweet or anything.

    Has Curtis put the kettle back on because it could be looking that way

  • Why do I have this feeling of intense foreboding? Even Wales Online has gone quiet, instead of the usual half-dozen-or-so updates per day.

    So, unless there's been a frank exchange of views between the club and this particular rumour-mill, I just hope there isn't going to be some huge bust-up with Tatey and a whole raft of guys jumping ship.

    Who knows? Even Winter?

    Goodness knows, we've had some ropey close season stuff in the past but this plumbs the depths. What an arrogant bunch now running our precious club.

  • Obviously Eustace changing his mind at the eleventh hour has caught everyone by surprise but deep down he probably knew he wasn’t coming due to family issues so he should have said no when offered the job and knowing the board wouldn’t have a back up plan in place it’s not looking clever in most fans eyes . There are one or two who think it’s all rumours and nothing to worry over until it’s on the main Swans site or bbc sport 😮

  • Wales online have recently reported the following…

    Grimes reported fee wide of the nark and not the area they would sell for

    Byers not going or any other player until new manager in place

    Martin still favourite for the job

  • @enaitch - YES I know I am engaging in tittle tattle, speculation and rumour mongering 😉- HOWEVER

    The whole Eustace thing does no add up in my mind

    Why would he apply for a job that his personal reasons would not allow him to take?

    Why is the "doesn't want to uproot the family" excuse being pedaled around? He has previously gone all over the UK in pursuit of his career - and I cant believe he didn't discuss with his family before putting himself forward..

    If he has had an emergency domestic issue -- why was he able to be on the bench for the friendly with Man Utd but no longer able to engage with us re our managerial vacancy?

    The MOST plausible reason that I can see is that additional information has become available to him from his own research or talking to others - and this information made our vacancy a whole lot less attractive and triggered his withdrawal from the process.

    There is something about our club and the managerial role that has a stench about it right now - lack of funds, lack of autonomy, a weakening squad etc. Otherwise our club has always been seen as a fantastic stepping stone to the world stage - what has changed??

    In my mind it stems from ownership and leadership.

  • He would be my choice ( martin) but cannot see it happening l,eft it too late M K Dons will drag it out even if he wants to come to Swansea, I think the lessor problems with Morris will swing it thats of course if the owners agree to his demands on staff and playing budget for new players and his staff and time is against us both to sort Martin and new players in

  • Thanks Denmark Jack...I am Swansea based....

  • “Family reasons” is bullshit at best, who in their right mind accepts a job on the other side of the country without speaking to their family first..

  • I wouldn’t be surprised to see Grimes staying and Cooper back in the loop, if he was the reason for him leaving. It’s been to quiet for to long from the club something most be really off behind closed doors. On a side note I would rather have Tatey and co run things even start the season rather than shoe horn the wrong manager in just to have someone in at the start of the season.

  • No post match interview by Martin after their game with Spurs. I’d guess he’s avoiding the awkward questions… does anyone know of Morris’s playing style from his academy days? Or what would seem likely is that the academy style comes from the first teams but someone may have better knowledge than me

  • I was just reading through some comments on the MK Dons fans forum (The concrete roundabout) and they have a thread on RM coming to us.

    I didn’t hear what he said after the game but the general consensus from their fans seems to be that he isn’t going anywhere?! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • What is "Training Ground Guru"? Never heard of it. Do they actually practice journalism or is it just another clickbait website?

  • About 38k followers on Twitter… just sharing what I have seen …. They are followed by media and coaches including Mittchelnmore and KOL

  • edited July 29

    So apparently we are not worth considering any more for those already in a job even as an assistant or even in lower league posts. One just left to become unemployed. Sad set of circumstances. Morris it is then unless he changes his mind or is put out at allegedly being third choice. Either way we need to appoint soon to finalise our squad for the coming season. Ultimately i’ll support whoever takes up the reins as this is my club and always will be.

  • Would not be surprised if Russell Martin stays put as he has spent the transfer window bringing in some good signing at their level. He has a good relationship with his chairman at a club with plenty of potential.

    Only some out of work would come to us with the current set up.

  • Morris now back to Bookies favourite for the job. Some suspended betting on him recently

  • but then I see this by WOL reporter … I give up. I need a new hobby

  • I am beginning to feel that Cooper walking away may have blighted the reputation of the Club more than I imagined.Deafening silence from him too,although no doubt he was obliged to say nowt as part of a compensation arrangement of some sort.

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