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Swans set to announce John Eustace as the new manager

Swansea City are poised to appoint John Eustace as their new manager.

Eustace, 41, will leave his role as Queens Park Rangers' assistant boss to take charge at the Liberty Stadium.

Swansea, who were beaten in the Championship play-off final in May, have turned to Eustace after parting company with head coach Steve Cooper earlier this week.

The former Kidderminster Harries boss was on Swansea's final shortlist when Cooper landed the job in 2019.

Eustace will now get his chance to lead the Welsh club, who will pay a small compensation fee to Championship rivals QPR to secure his services.

Eustace is expected to remain with QPR for their pre-season friendly against Manchester United on Saturday, with his move to Swansea likely to be confirmed later this weekend or at the start of next week.

Solihull-born Eustace began his career at Coventry City and went on to play for Stoke City, Watford and Derby County, while he also had loan spells at Dundee United, Middlesbrough and Hereford.

Having retired due to a knee injury, Eustace began his managerial career Kidderminster in 2016.

He spent two years in charge at the National League North side - who were known for playing attractive football - before joining QPR as assistant to Steve McClaren, who he had played under at Derby.

Eustace had a spell as caretaker QPR boss at the end of the 2018-19 season - when he masterminded a 4-0 win over Swansea as he helped the London club avoid relegation to League One - before reverting to his number two role following Mark Warburton's arrival at Loftus Road.

Rangers finished ninth in the Championship last season, 12 points and five places behind a Swansea side who missed out on a return to the Premier League after losing to Brentford in the play-off final.



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    This interview with him is quite interesting also.

    John Eustace: the small details


  • He probably isnt going to be the finished article when he arrives, so he is clearly going to need some slack.

    Its the fundemental approach and style of the game he wants us to play which is key in the first 9 matches. I believe if he has the right approach he will get the majority of fans on board even if the results arent there to start with.

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    We understand the majority of the hard work has been completed to appoint a new coaching team at the Liberty. As we reported on June 8th the Steve Cooper saga, and we will include Mike Marsh in this was always going to end with him leaving the club this summer. The new appointments won’t be hurried in though, as the club has disclosed Steve Cooper has stayed on to complete a smooth succession of the new appointments.

    Steve Cooper for all his frustrating FA training techniques - which we are sure will hold him in good stead in the coming years has most certainly assisted some positive progression for the new faces to arrive very shortly. What we do know is that Alan Tate will remain at the club in a similar capacity to now, and a familiar face could be returning to a coaching position within the hierarchy. However, that is still under review. What we can disclose now it won’t be David Wagner, Winters old mate at Huddersfield Town.

    No old pals act for Winter and Wagner

    Unfortunately as it stands the proposed loan move to the club by a South American footballer has stalled due to the Cooper departure affecting his arrival. As we have reported in the last seven days that was as close as it could be to becoming confirmed.

    So a set back there, but we are certain the new coaching team will have their own ideas plus we do know Andy Scott has three players he wants the club to consider in the coming weeks. However most swans fans will want those players in sooner rather than later, again unfortunately new bridges now have to be built. Especially when confidence needs to instilled in clubs loaning their young talent to the swans at this stage. It’s virtually impossible for any top club to want to entrust the club with their players as the situation now stands at the Liberty. Something we have to accept for now.

    John Eustace who has survived several managers leaving at Loftus Road is a young and very well thought of coach with an already recognised high professional standard. He is extremely well regarded in the championship. As manager at Kidderminster Harriers he had a nearly 54% win record from 103 games, that’s a fantastic return for any club manager. If he is successful this time around with Swansea that percentage would see the swans in the premier league by the end of the season.

    John Eustace, a young and hungry coach with pedigree

    Trust is a huge word when your loaning impressionable young players to a club, the swans are once again getting back on their feet after such a newsworthy departure. We don’t expect the knowledgable mainstream media to hang back on speculation, much of it already has been put to bed here as far as we are concerned. Most of it is very wide of the mark. Not bad seeing as they said nothing when it was being reported that Cooper was leaving. Thank the good lord of Fleet Street that a man called Percy broke the news yesterday .

    Let’s be honest we could have been hung out to dry on our recent articles.

    We won’t hold back once the new information we already have is analysed, and sources checked on reporting the new management team, but as always that will be a carefully managed situation. Remember we have to grade everything properly. We have said our goodbyes to Steve Cooper and possibly now Mike Marsh who has left a door slightly ajar for himself at the Liberty. Both though won’t have any financial concerns for the rest of their lives as they progress in football, again another set of bosses leaves the club for pastures new. We have a long list of successes, the most successful production line of young players in Wales, and most certainly managers who have gone on to international and major club success.

    We will be okay though. Just you see.


  • A promising quote from one of the QPR forums...

    "Even though I will be sad to see Eustace leaving I can’t stop thinking it speaks volume about the reengineering that has taken place at QPR when a club like Swansea is looking to sign our assistant as their new manager. Swansea obviously wants to replicate the transformation we have had, building a competitive squad on a tiny budget, made up of home grown players and shrewd signings. I think the passing game that we play suits Swansea’s philosophy, making Eustace a good candidate for several reasons.

    I think the fundament Ferdinand has put is place now means that we can remove one piece of the jigsaw without disturbing the total picture too much but it is obviously not ideal to lose Eustace. Hopefully he does not succeed to lure some of our key figures with him should he get the job."

  • If Rangel were to arrive as his number 2 I will put my cards on the table and say I am excited.

    A young coach with a good rep trying his arse off to make a name for himself - and with a track record of playing attractive football - and Angel is an absolute hero to me - and understands the DNA of the club the fans and the City.

    If the well known assistant turns out to be someone else - then I am still ok - but less excited!

    The more i reflect on the exit of SC the more I am feeling good about it - if I am honest he really made me stop enjoying watching the Swans - and I have seldom felt like that - whatever our league position.

  • He will either be Euphoric Eustace or Useless Eustace.

    Starting without our top scorer and best defender, plus no Roberts for 10 games,

    He will have to work miracles, even if we lose 50% I will not mind provided he tries to serve up attractive attacking football

    I would willingly be prepared to stay in the Championship as long as we can start scoring a few goals, we need football that fans can jump off their seat again.

    2 play offs and 96 league games saw very little excitement in a footballing sense.

    I will give this guy a chance with the hand he's dealt with but if they start playing negative, then sod it

  • Not sure how I managed to unintentionally repost your comments Phillip, but I agree with everything that you’ve said. Eustace needs to be given time and space to find his feet with whichever players he has at his disposal. He has my support for as long as I can discern a certain free flowing football making a welcome return to the Liberty. If Rangel slots in as his No 2 as well then I’ll be absolutely thrilled. Bring it on I say.

  • If Rangel comes as well I like you would be over the moon.

    Although a full back, he played most of his youth up front, when he played for us he loved to get forward..

    He played under our best 3 managers in 30 years and some of the worst, so he knows what the fans want.

  • it will mean some pride swallowing by someone for Angel to be given a job, seeing how much he criticised them about the way he was shown the door when his contract ended.

  • FFS these are grown men. I have no idea who has to swallow what - but it seems such a natural fit it would be ridiculous for egos to get in the way - are you able to elaborate on who is potentially doing the swallowing? (and yes i know how this reads - but a few frosty ones in and don't care)

  • I know that the new owners, as they were then, and the sellouts wanted us to swallow the “next level” mantra hook, line and sinker. 5 years on and we’ve still yet to see it.

  • His record at Kidderminster…

  • Number 1 priority for Eustace has to be uniting the fanbase again. There is no doubt Cooper was a divisive appointment. Some people were ok with dour, defensive long ball tactics because he got results. Many people were not alright with it, however.

    The single most important thing Eustace needs to do is take that conundrum out of the equation by producing a team that, win lose or draw, tries to take the game to the opposition and entertain. If he does that, the vast majority will get behind him.

  • Play on the front foot, get the passing triangles working, encourage players to want the ball, make movement off the ball, inject pace into the team either out wide or through the middle, put a smile on people's faces, show some passion on the touchline instead of appearing to be like a taylor's dummy, don't be content to scrape through one nil victories at home or away and ensure there is support from team mates in defence as well as on the counter attack.

    Not much to ask for but as @Andrew_North_Hill stated, the vast majority will get behind him.

  • The announcement may be delayed as there’s a covid outbreak at QPR

  • Well our match is off today, so perhaps a good day for the announcement!

  • wont be until after the QPR game at United.

    So maybe tomorrow. Probably Monday.

  • Tuesday the press conference is scheduled for.

  • Back in the day didn't Jan Molby manage at Kidderminster , before he came to manage us at the Vetch.

  • Just watched QPR destroy Man Utd, although only a friendly and loads of youngsters being played.

    It was very clear the way QPR play will be a threat next season, If Eustace is anything to do with this very fast attacking style, then I will willingly buy into us playing like that.

    Lets just hope we will play like that, I would rather take playing like that than boring grab a goal and hang on.

    You don't have to have brilliant players to do it, pass and move at pace will always beat the 20 passes in your own half to get nowhere, passing at pace and filling the box will always be a bit risky but it beats the hell out of what we have been watching.

    I just hope its the way we will be playing

  • NO, he managed Kidderminster after managing us, he took Kidderminster to Champions of the Conference and into the Football league, unfortunately they ran out of money and dropped out a few years later

  • Good to hear @Phillip - One thing that has really annoyed me about this transition is that we are paying a compensation to QPR for taking an assistant coach - OK fine

    But why are we losing 4-8 days while he stays with QPR for a meaningless friendly? When we have lost a manager they have left immediately and we have had to "figure it out".

    With only 14 days to the season opener we are once again in true Swan style "edging" towards the deal while our squad is rudderless WTF is that all about?

    Surely QPR could manage a friendly without their assistant coach

    Unless Eustace is tapping Solskjaer up for his best young talent of course!!

  • Its probably because the Yanks might have agreed compensation but not in writing or more importantly money in QPR bank.

    Might also be, as many have said decided 2 weeks ago, so perhaps notice period.

    With these owners, who knows, come Monday it could be someone else

  • Hi Phillip ,

    See Q P R played with a back 3 , providing the wing backs stay high and wide the system works well ,

    Chelsea wo the Champions league final playing 3 at the back ,

    England had Italy struggling in the first half of the Euros with 3 at the back .

    Can you imagine all the stick Steve Cooper would have had off this forum if had stayed , played a back 3 at Blackburn.

  • 3 at the back is good but Cooper was playing 3-5-2. or sometimes 4-3-3

    The really adventurous side still use wingbacks but only 2 central midfielders.

    That becomes 3-4-3 Chelsea do it Man City but also Norwich and Brentford did, as soon as the new Barnsley manager took over he did it many times, getting a 1-1 draw with us, where we were dead lucky to draw. doing that doesn't bog down the middle of the park but you have to have very quick 2 in the middle to move at pace with the wingbacks.

    Our central midfield were far too slow, with Fulton possibly the quickest.

    It will be interesting what system we play but whatever it is, it will have to move much faster

  • Oh no - NOT 3 at the back!! That really knocks the wind out of my sails!!

    Chelsea won the Champions league final - TRUE yes- they had 40% possession - NOT the Swansea way!!

    England dominated Italy with 3 at the back for the first 5 minutes before 3 at the back became what it usually does! Ultimately England had 35% possession and in a full 120 minutes had 6 attempts on goal with 2 on target (sound like Cooperball???). Italy had 65 % possession had 19 attempts with 6 on target.

    Swans at Wembley played with 3 at the back until the moment we stepped onto the pitch and that theory went out of the window. The Brentford keeper sat in his deck chair and puffed on a cuban.

    If Eustace can make 3 at the back exciting - then he is a master coach - in this country at the first sign of pressure teams collapse into tin hat mode.

    You bar stewards I was enjoying my Saturday up to now.

  • I thought the comments below from Warburton yesterday seemed a little strange?

    I know he probably had to comment something, but I’m sure he could have just stopped after the first paragraph?

    "John's there in his QPR tracksuit and I thoroughly enjoy working with John," he told BBC Radio London. 

    "I value him very, very highly. The input he has on the training pitch, off the pitch, chatting to the players and the staff - he is a very, very bright individual and a likeable individual, so I hope very much that relationship carries on for a long time to come."

  • Wow. Surely we couldn’t mess this up knowing that Cooper was leaving weeks ago. Hugely embarrassing if he doesn’t come. If we can’t sell him the club knowing our footballing ethos aligns exactly with his then something must be going on. Hopefully its just Warburton not wanting to lose him which is still a good sign of how highly he’s rated. We wait and see.

  • Twitter is absolutely chock full of reports Eustace has turned us down.

    Mr Winter, your first big test and it's an absolute shambles I'm afraid.

    Simply embarrassing.

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