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Nathan Dyer

Nathan Dyer announces his retirement from the game , one of my favourite players of the last 15 years , small in stature with a big heart , skillful , workrate and energy ,

Lots of happy memories watching him flying down the wing , his play with Rangel brilliant.

Scored vital goals against Cardiff with his head

Wishing Nathan all the best for the future , they don't make wingers like that anymore YJB



  • Well said Malc. A great little player and always enjoyed watching him play. A great servant to our club and i wish him and his family all the best for the future.

  • Nathan should be proud of his career, he was a great player and deserved all his success.

    A tribute to Nathan was long overdue and I'm still not happy he was allowed to just leave the club without marking the event in any real way. This goes some way to putting that right, but I can't help thinking the club are doing it to be a distraction.

    An integral memeber of so many of our great teams. Really sad that he has retired but it comes to everyone. Boy do we need players like him now.

    Congrats and good luck whatever you decide to do.


  • Brilliant player, deserved a better send off. Boy we could with him now on and off the field!

  • Absolutely fabulous player, one of my all time favourites. Probably the best winger we had in my 30+ years watching the Swans. One of very few players capable of getting you up out of your seat.

    Good luck to him in whatever he does next.

  • Great servant to the club. One of my fondest memories was away to Pompey in the FA Cup. They were Prem League, we were League 1. We won 2-0, and if I'm not mistaken I'm sure he got both goals. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

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    I thought Jordi Gomez got a penalty but seems like a lifetime ago now. Great memories. Update - just had a look and Gomez won the penalty and Scotland scored it. Dyer did indeed get the other goal.

  • Best wishes Nathan. Strong, skilful, always tracked back, brilliant with Angel Rangel.

    i’ll always remember how, with strength and skill, he was able to take long balls from the keeper, no matter how big the fullback marking him - we could do with that now!

    A true Jack B.

  • It was good to hear Kevin Johns speak of the massive loose end that needs to be tied up in respect of the club showing their appreciation of ND’s service. Something needs to happen so that the fans can fully wish him all the best in his retirement.

  • Glad to see him brought out at half time against Southampton, they said he'll be brought onto the pitch for a longer Q&A at the Sheffield game.

    Does seem long overdue but if Nathan has only just decided on retirement now then it makes sense for this farewell process to start now. Would love to see him get some kind of club role going forward!

  • Nathan will be mentoring younger players in the squad , will be with the Swans for the next 12 months .

  • Love that, so nice to see Wayne and Nathan still with the club after a decade (and over that for Nathan).

  • Good to here the new boss talking about Swansea looking after their ex players like Curt , Leon , Trundle ,

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