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Match Discussion: Preston North End v Swans - Championship 2021/22

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Preston North End v Swans Championship game on Saturday, 28 August 2021 at 3:00pm.

Referee Thomas Bramall will be assisted by Richard Wild and Steven Meredith, with Robert Lewis the 4th Official for the game.

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Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Russell Martin's pre or post match comments, team selection.



  • An important match for us, we need to keep the momentum from the last two matches into this match.


  • There's only one replica shirt to wear to Deepdale on Saturday.....two tone blue Adidas, mines a TOFFS remake.

  • I have a Toffs remake in two-tone blue with an 8 on the back - RIP Robbie J.

  • I remember the train journey up to Preston that day. As we went past a lake on the way up, I saw two swans taking off from the lake.

    It was quite surreal, almost felt like it was happenning in slow motion. I told a few of the older guys who were with me in the carriage that it seemed like a sign to me we were going to win today. It settled down some of the nervousness on the train, and it got me a few free drinks.

    I also got quite a few more on the way back after the performance and win.

    A Great Day.

  • @JackRaven

    I was on the train , we drove from Brecon to Swansea to catch the train , long journey seemed to take for ever , at the other end off the train on to a double decker bus absolutely full , Policeman at the door ,

    Remember the goals , the near miss at 2 - 1 , The break near the end Robbie , Curt finished by Charlo the dream of Tosh had been realised .

    My team for tomorrow

    Benda ,

    Laird , Naughton , Bennett , Cooper , Bidwell ,

    Grimes , Fulton ,

    Whittaker , Piroe , Lowe ,

  • not sure he'll risk both Naughton and Bennett together having missed so much training. Am guessing he may give each of them 45 mins as he did on Tuesday.

  • Drove to Preston in 1981.It seemed a long journey up but we flew back

    Heard on Swansea sound a guy ringing in that his car had broken down so we got in touch and gave him a lift.

    My father in law was away on holiday and had left their car with us. As it was a bigger more comfortable car than mine we used his.

    He was the local postman in Clynderwen and on his return in no time at all someone asked what he’d been doing in Preston.

    10,000 fans go to Preston and Rob the post’s car gets spotted! Luckily he thought it was funny. Good man

    Got back to Swansea. Managed a pint in what’s now “The three Sisters” and still got home to find out who shot JR

  • Looking forward to the match today. always a long trip to Deepdale and never an easy match.

    Hoping we have Jamal and Piroe upfront today, and we turn the shots attempted v shots allowed on its head today.


  • Looking forward to see Laird play , big game for Cullen .

  • Preston North End: Daniel Iversen, Sepp van den Berg, Ben Whiteman, Patrick Bauer, Daniel Johnson (captain), Jordan Storey, Andrew Hughes, Ryan Ledson, Emil Riis, Sean Maguire, Josh Earl.

    Substitutes: Declan Rudd, Greg Cunningham, Josh Harrop, Joe Rafferty, Scott Sinclair, Joe Rodwell-Grant, Brad Pott.

    Swansea City: Steven Benda; Joel Latibeaudiere, Ryan Bennett, Ryan Manning; Ethan Laird, Jay Fulton, Matt Grimes (captain), Jake Bidwell; Jamie Paterson; Liam Cullen, Joel Piroe.

    Substitutes: Ben Hamer, Kyle Naughton, Brandon Cooper, Dan Williams, Yan Dhanda, Morgan Whittaker, Jamal Lowe.

    Cullen is certainly is getting his share of starts that has to be said.

    Feel Brandon Cooper is unlucky to be dropped. Would have him over Latibeaudiere.

  • Hopefully just a fitness issue rather than Martin thinking Latibeaudiere's the better player (than Cooper or Naughton).

  • Cullen must be training like a demon to get the shout

    Just has to translate that into match performances

    Let's hope he can

    1-0 away win

  • 1 nil , brilliant touch by Cullen , Piroe again

  • What a through ball by Cullen.... Piroe goal #4

  • bloody hell, 1-1

  • Latibeaudiere replaced by Cooper because of injury

  • I’ve lost count of the times we’ve given possession away.

  • Dear god FFS

  • 2-1 down for half time, terrible at back

  • Cooper getting bullied and having a bit of a mare

  • He's doing better than Bidwell and Bennett, who aren't getting near enough to the ball to make mistakes.

    Thank God for Benda or the game could be over already.

  • Apart from the goal we scored, we have been very poor. They are pressing us with ease and bullying us. I think we can write this season off because we need a squad overhaul to implement Martin's style. Maybe Cooper is a miracle worker getting results with our limited ability footballers like Bidwell and Co.

  • They are pressurising and we are coughing up

    possession so easily !

    their goals were from hopeful crosses into the box which have caused havoc with our defence at 6s and 7s

  • Get Dan Williams on to sort it out imho

  • This isnt great again … teams work us out to easily

  • This is a bloody disaster.

  • Apart from a well taken goal by Piroe,and a great flick on by Cullen, we were absolute crap. If we didn’t give the ball away for no reason, they just nicked it off us easily anyway!

    Yet again no midfield. Add to that shambolic defending, and but for brilliant keeping from Benda, we should have been at least 4-2 down in that half.

    Feck me 3-1 now !!


  • 9 shots compared to our 3

  • We can't get out of our own half.

  • Absolute madness playing out from the back with a press that's smashing us.

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