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New Season Tickets for All

the barcode Season Tickets doesnt work very well, so we're all getting new cards with QR codes .



  • I don't know about other parts of the ground but the queuing outside the East, at least for the league matches, has been horrendous . This looks like it will solve the problem. Good news.

  • Do you think people leave it too late , I'm usually in the ground 40 minutes before kick off , no queues , watch the boys warm up .

  • Yes Malc, fair point, I suppose most people could be accused of that, including me.

    In previous years, I used to leave the pub 30 mins before kick off, queue for about 5 mins and get to my seat with 2 to 5 minutes to spare. It's a fine art and I've managed only to miss one kick off since we've been at the Liberty.

    This season we've left the pub 45 mins before kick off, taking the club's advice regarding the new technology teething troubles but queued 20 mins. Again, managed to get in before the start of the match but spent 15 mins longer in the queue. So I'm glad they are trying to sort it.

    I can officially confirm however that I have never been at the Vetch or the Liberty 40 mins 😮 before kick off and have never even seen us warm up for a home match. I've occasionally seen us warm up away from home but it's not enthralling enough to make me want to see it for home matches -- I'd rather listen to my mates talking bollocks in the pub.

  • My new season ticket arrived today. Hoping to be able to get to the game on the weekend.

    I have to say, I'm a bit nervous with the rising cases in Swansea again. 50 in Morriston with Covid. 5 in ICU.

    Last match I went to was at Wembley, and was a socially distanced affair.

    Before that, the semi-final at the Liberty. I hope people have improved their hand washing habits since that game.

    But back to the new Season Tickets. If you've downloaded your ticket via the app prior to the last game, then you'll need to download a new one for this weekend.

  • Thanks for advice, didn’t realise you had to download again, as the previous one was the new qr code style, rather than the bar code. So I was thinking because of that, I was sorted.But evidently not, as you’ll notice the numbers on it are different.

  • @Mark_Jack_London

    My ticket came in the post today .

  • If the new cards don't work we'll be back to cash, that will confuse all the kids.😋

  • Pretty sure the stadium is cash free .

  • @Malc

    Yes I'd noticed that...every since the US owners took over.


  • a few people in the queue in front of me got caught out by the app today.

    Most then presenting their cards. 🤷

    why the messaging about downloading a new ticket wasn't better communicated ...

  • Well, it was in the media, on the Club website, faceboook, Twitter, I got an email, I didn't see a carrier pigeon, though there was a flock of geese the evening before. Oh & my QR coded card worked fine! Still..

  • @StephenR

    Communication from the club excellent for me , maybe some fans having trouble with E Mail .

  • Got to the stadium at about 2.20pm on Saturday small queue but card worked straight away no issues....credit to the club for sorting the problems if any out.

  • If people had trouble with the QR code on the App it's worth reading this thread as some people's code hasn't updated or is possibly cached on their App.

  • Go into the Swans ap and download it again, and you’ll find the QR number on the app will match the one on the plastic season ticket

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