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Match Discussion: Belarus v Wales - World Cup 2022 Qualifier

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Belarus v Wales World Cup 2022 Group E Qualifying game on Sunday, 5 September 2021 at the Central Stadium in Kazan, Russia.

Kick-off is at 2pm and the game will be shown live on S4C and Sky Sports Football.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Robert Page's pre or post match comments and team selection.



  • Czech Republic and Belgium winning tonight .

  • Love the name of Belguims last goal scorer Foket 😁

  • Great comment from Bale.

    "Wales play Belarus in Russia on Sunday after the game was moved to Kazan because they are unable to fly into Minsk because of sanctions. Bale joked he was surprised Uefa did not pick Wembley as a neutral venue for the game because “everything else seems to be there”."

    Never one to miss a chance to have a little dig, is he?

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    Going to be tough with so many players missing, hopefully grind out a 1 nil😃

  • good luck to the boys. wish Page would pick Matt Smith who has been outstanding in the second string side everytime i've watched them. now there's a player I'd love to see with the Swans.

  • Great start!!

  • That was coming. Let them back into the game.

  • An utter shambles from back to front. Lucky it's not 3-1.

  • Shocking performance !

    midfield non existent, defence a shambles and the forwards can’t keep hold of the ball!

    we’re lucky it’s still 1-2

  • Big 45 coming up unfortunately not a lot on the bench in terms of attackers, going to need a bit of luck.....

  • Poor tactics, poor selection, poor manager (even at u21s level).

  • I hate to moan already at half-time but when Page started going on about "putting on a tin hat and digging a trench" during the Euros, I had a bad feeling.

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    Never a pen for me which has changed the game. Gunter won the ball and never made contact with his opponent.

    This Welsh team is probably one of our poorest teams fielded in 15/20 years. Full of league one/championship players, even the new youngsters look really poor.

  • Gareth is the goat!!😃

  • 3 points is 3 points. I was just about to proclaim my love of the Nations League....

    Just heard one of the players/staff on the audio says "A ****** wins a win". Indeed.

  • Don't try to explain the actual rules to people, half our fans (and most commentators) are still convinced "last man" or "intent" matters.

  • Wow , well done Gareth Bale you little beauty , huge 3 points

  • Great three points in the end, Allen influenced the game second half and thought Harris of Cardiff made an impact when he came on.

  • With at least 12 players missing through injuries , covid and suspension what did you expect .

    On other occasions we would have struggled to raise a team , very fortunate to win the game , next game Estonia we should have a few players back ,

  • A Big Important Win today. Far better in the second half, but we still lack a discernible style. The passing was better second half and the attitude.

    Well Done Lads

  • How is Jonny Williams in League 2? I know he has a terrible injury record but he has so much to offer. The most dynamic player on the park once he came on.

    The organization for this match was beyond a joke and something UEFA would never impose on a "big" country. I don't know the details of the timing of having to get a visa (to play in a country where the match was not supposed to even be!!!) but can you imagine Southgate or Deschamps having to roll out this excuse? "We've had a couple of players that with the timing of the transfer window weren't comfortable giving their passports, which I absolutely get." It's ridiculous to put the players and FAW in that predicament.

    (Still not a fan of Page, mind.)

  • Belgium beating Czech Republic 2 nil 5 minutes into the second half ,

  • jeez the moaning never stops with you people. three points with 13 players unavailable.

  • Did you watch the game this time or is it just about taking every opportunity to whinge about people on the forum?

  • I watched. and it's an observation that the same moaning critics appear as always to share their negative personality traits. Nasty little men with nothing better to do than stick the boot in at every opportunity, hiding behind pseudonyms. I just like to expose that to embarrass them. it's rife on social media in general as well as forums.

    I just despise that mob BS, shows a distinct lack of awareness, humility, generousness and intellect.

    Seems healthy to push back against people who will change their tune if they see a good game and a win, even though those things are never guaranteed.

    As far as the game was concerned it was easy to see the mitigating factors the moaners miss because of their sheer delight in moaning. The pitch was awful for playing football, the venue ridiculously staged in Russia making obtaining visas difficult, missing 13 players - and so putting out a very inexperienced side. The empty stadium.

    Do you ever do self reflection?

  • Hi Pablo,

    Do you not hide behind a pseudonym then?

  • Do you Gary ?

  • Good news for Wales Joe Rodon added to the Welsh squad for the Estonia game ,

    Will be surprised if he makes the team , not sure if he has played many games for Spurs reserve teams

  • I take it you took no notice of the former Welsh Captains nasty negative personality traits then?? STID

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