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Match Discussion: Wales v Estonia - World Cup 2022 Qualifier

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Wales v Estonia World Cup 2022 Group E Qualifying game on Wednesday, 8 September 2021 at Cardiff City stadium.

Kick-off is at 7:45pm and the game will be shown live on S4C and Sky Sports Main Event.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Robert Page's pre or post match comments and team selection.



  • Good news Joe Rodon added to the squad , not sure how much game time he has had this season for Spurs reserves ?

  • With all the players missing from Sunday's you could have had a pretty good team


    Roberts , Cabango, Rodon , neco Williams

    Ampadu , Ramsey ,

    Brooks , T. Roberts , Moore , Wilson .

    Would be a good match between the two sides .

  • Here's a link to the digital match programme for the game:

  • makes it all the more remarkable we competed and won against Belarus

  • Ampadu , Wilson , Roberts back for this game , should make us a stronger side

  • 0-0 at 86 minutes… not good enough.

    Come on boys if we can’t beat Estonia how are we gonna compete in the World Cup??

  • I do wonder why more people aren’t questioning Rob Page being Wales manager. What is his qualification? What has he achieved in the job? Why is he still in the role?

    I see absolutely nothing innovative in his style of play. In his team selection. He blatantly favours the Cardiff scum.

    Let’s get a real manager in and not settle for what’s easy, for less.

  • Unfortunately Rhydian, that is the Welsh FA's philosophy. STID.

  • Can anyone tell me how Johnny Williams is able to earn a good living as a footballer ?

    He has to be one of the worst professional players i have ever seen.

    Always falling over & unable to complete a pass.

    He would not have got in my Junior Cwm Albion Team back in the 1970's

    Does he have family in the Welsh FA ?

  • That's first place most likely done for. Makes second place harder and the possibility of being one of the best six 2nd place teams harder still. The top 6 second place teams get a home game in the single leg match that is the first round of the playoffs.

    That was really the goal all along, assuming Belgium will walk to group, since the Nations League almost guarantees a playoff spot, albeit an away game.

  • Err which Cardiff "scum" are being favoured? Ben Davies Joe Allen Joe Rodon Connor Roberts? Is Bale scum? I know I am a little detatched over here but can anyone explain?

  • I personally have never really understood this fascination/obsession with the "scum" thing. I just concentrate on the Swans and Wales, everything else is just macho BS.

    Talking of Wales, Page isn't up to the job, injuries have ruined Jonny Williams, he's a shadow of the player I yearned for us to sign when he was a youngster. Morrell, tidy footballer that he is, is way out of his depth. Tyler Roberts is, well, Tyler Roberts. That game epitomised his career. Mark Harris I like. He's not going to score many but boy he doesn't half create spaces for others. Unfortunately, at this time we are not blessed with players who recognise this. STID.

  • Out of interest in the 3 games in this international break not one Swans player has featured in the squad.

  • Factually correct @mad_mike - but which Swans player do you think is qualified, fit and good enough?

  • He's a caretaker because until there's a conviction Giggs is too expensive to sack. No one thinks he's the right man for the job full time. But it's turning into a long and crucial time.

  • Good morning all, well that was a poor result. Am I correct in thinking that the results against the team that finishes bottom of each qualifying group don't count?

  • Last night showed why we aren't going anywhere fast. Wilson was set up on a plate....couldn't even hit the target. If he scored that game could have been............? Roberts sent clean through.......couldn't finish. Bale's long shots were woeful.....header apart he also couldn't beat the keeper.......then couldn't beat the post.

    To state the obvious this team can't score goals, though at least they tried late on when it was too late.

  • We can compete with anyone with a full XI, we know this. Unfortunately, when we get a few injuries, illnesses and suspensions, the drop off is quite marked.

    The boys who come in are honest as the day is long, but just lack that same quality. Nothing we can do about it, unfortunately.

    We were never going to top the group ahead of Belgium anyway, let's be frank.

    We move on, and hope that by the next break we've got some bodies back again.

  • @BartonSeagraveJack. Poor finishing did for us, but that's how it goes. We did have 20 shots on goal 6 on target plus hit the post and the angle of bar and post - should have been enough to win any game. it happens in football. Belgium scraped by Belarus 0-1. There are no easy games, especially when a team sets up to defend. But this result doesn't make us a poor team overnight. Personally I'd have picked Matt Smith ahead of Morrell or Wilson. And same goes for Dylan Levitt. both those players have showed up well in recent games yet Page overlooked both. Not too impressed with Robert Page but there were more than enough chances to win that game with the team he put out.

    Estonia also had one of the best players on the pitch in their captain Vassilyev. I noticed him when they played a recent friendly against N Ireland. His wicked cross at the end and shot just before that were class. We could easily have been humbled further if either had gone in. He was their inspiration, so congrats to Estonia for their performance and their outstanding keeper.

    We go again, and I believe do better against teams who attack us rather than defend. Certainly not over yet and no need to throw in the towel. I sort of liked our sheer doggedness last night. a bit of luck and it would have been sunshine on here. Sometimes these things are meant to be. I hope it will make their trip to the Czech Republic a wake up call. Now they are a classy outfit. We'll have our work cut out. We're a small nation in world footballing terms because of a tiny population. We need to always keep that in mind.

  • Brandon Cooper. Daniel Williams. Liam Cullen. poss Oli Cooper. 🙂

  • Injuries and Covid and half a first choice team

    Should have could have

    End of

  • So, you ask which Cardiff scum are being favoured. I’m not sure why you’re mentioning Rodon or Connor – they haven’t been involved in these games.

    I’m talking specifically about these recent international matches, and I’ll highlight one specific example from the game that I was commenting on. If you wanna talk about the previous tournament, then we can get into that. I could talk for days about Cabango’s criminal and bizarre exclusion from the back three in the euros (vs Italy for example), replaced by Ampadu and Gunter… players who don’t even play at CB, who don’t even play well for their clubs.

    We could talk numbers – this game involved three ex Swans and five ex or current scum, (and to answer your question – yes, as much as we love Bale, the golden boy of Cardiff counts). But the numbers game isn’t what I was specifically referring to. It’s the inclusion of Cardiff striker Mark Harris.

    What on earth has he done to deserve a call up or game time? The guy had his loans terminated at Port Vale and Wrexham, yes non-league Wrexham!!! I’m not saying Cullen deserves to be near the Wales first team yet, but Harris is simply not better than Cullen. Hasn’t achieved more than Cullen. Simply on the team sheet because Page and FAW favours the capital. 

  • edited September 9

    I thought Harris looked good when he came on - and certainly offers more than Cullen - I would swap them in a heartbeat. Remember that Dan James had his loan cancelled at Shrewsbury - how did that turn out?

    I agree about Cabango, and am also unconvinced by Page - but remember Cabango is only 20 and maybe experience was what they went for in that Italy game?

    If the focus is the last 3 games - then which Swans or former Swans are being disadvantaged? Roberts Rodon and Cabango are not fit/available, Davies James and Allen start.

    Are you suggesting (as above) that Brandon and ollie Cooper or Cullen should be starting? Just want to get some balance!

  • Gotta disagree on Harris, to be honest lots of Cardiff fan don't even rate him... not over what they have anyway (don't mean Moore).

    Cabango is a few months older than Ethan Ampadu, so Page wasn't exactly putting an old head over Cabango in defence against Italy... he's a defensive midfielder who although has shown promise for a few years, has been so inconsistent for a while now.

    I would have given Brandon Cooper a go over Ampadu in these games, Ampadu isn't even starting for Venezia in a defence that's conceding for fun. And as said before - I certainly wouldn't pick Harris over Cullen!

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    So for these 3 games @Rhydian (to summarize) your gripes are

    First Harris got game time ahead of Cullen

    Second Brandon Cooper should have started ahead of Ampadu

    I have to say that for most people looking on without wearing "jack glasses" neither of these would be offensive decisions.

    Cullen has 19 league appearances with 2 goals, while Harris has made 67 appearances with 8 goals.

    Brandon Cooper has made 24 league appearances (majority in league 2) Ampadu has made 34 with most of them in the Premier League and the Bundesliga.

    Top flight experience probably counted against Cabango and for Ampadu in selection for the Euros as well.

  • Just wanted to address your comments surrounding the “fascination/obsession with the scum thing”, JackDragon – I couldn’t disagree more. I also note @Jackareme has a likely similar problem with the word judging from a post in this thread, although that’s only judging from grammar so I could be wrong there.

    As you do JD, some see the rivalry as trivial, the result of the fight to be the South Wales football capital, or perhaps just our response to Cardiff’s embarrassing ‘sleeping giant’ mindset.

    But in case you don’t know or remember, I’d like to remind you of some key events that helped shape our view of the Cardiff scum. 

    1. Cardiff fan texts in ‘Terry Coles enjoy the game and watch out for the horses. Alan Davies.’ for display on the big screen during their play-off final with QPR. Somehow this actually got through and was displayed. I’m assuming you understand the significance of these two names.
    2. Years of Cardiff fans chanting ‘gas a jack’ referring to Alan Davies, and horse impressions in their stands referring to Terry Coles. An employee of Cardiff was let go for using the ‘gas a jack’ phrase online. It's deep-rooted in their club, while thankfully in my years of supporting the Swans I have never once heard Mikey Dye’s name mentioned negatively – because we aren't like that.
    3. Cardiff fans taking the derby too far and throwing coins at Mike Dean, drawing blood.
    4. Got to be the worst of the bunch, Cardiff City football club’s treatment of the Emiliano Sala situation. Entering a legal dispute before his body was even found ffs. Claiming they didn’t have to pay FC Nantes as he wasn’t legally their player, when he would never have died if he wasn’t travelling to their club, having already signed. Quote from Cardiff chairman: “If we don’t have to pay, why should we?”. 

    Cramming decades of these controversies into 4 points was near impossible as there’s just so much to cover, but in short, the ‘scum’ thing isn’t “just macho BS”. It’s our natural response to the disgusting actions and attitudes from Cardiff City FC and parts of their fanbase.

  • No that's not a good summary of my problems with the current Wales team and management, and you should check those stats - do you really think Brandon Cooper has 2 league appearances in his career?

  • Mike

    Those players qualify on the first two criteria, as for the third, not yet

  • Edited @Rhydian BC has made 24 (mis typed) league appearances but only 5 at Championship level - so point still holds good.

    Trust me I am no Cardiff apologist or Cardiff lover - but you cannot tar every person vaguely connected with the city as "scum" - Ben Cabango, Tosh for instance?

    The selection issues you hold up as being evidence of "scum bias" in recent matches I have given you a (I believe) rational argument as to why each of those selections are justifiable.

    Remember the Germans bombed our chip shop and gassed Jews - but I am still prepared to cheer for Tremmel, Benda etc.

    Disgusting things like you list need to be condemned - but you cannot label a whole City as "scum' in any rational world.

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