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Match Discussion: Swans v Hull City - Championship 2021/22

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Swans v Hull City Championship game on Saturday, 11 September 2021 at 3:00pm.

Referee Keith Stroud will be assisted by Robert Merchant and Sam Lewis, with Peter Wright the 4th Official for the game.

Have a browse of the Swansea City v Hull City Head to Head Statistics since the first meeting at the Vetch Field in 1925.

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Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Russell Martin's pre or post match comments and team selection.



  • Morning one and all,

    the break is nearly over and we head back to the bread and butter stuff, even with our new arrivals in and hopefully nearly if not all the squad fully fit for the game this fixture is not going to be easy ( there are no easy fixtures in this div) and we still have to give the manager and the players time how much i do not know but a few weeks yet for things to bed in

    Firstly welcome to Swansea each and every new player best of luck just do your best that all every one can ask , i think it may be too early but hope the game is the first of a long winning run that will bring smiles back the the supporters of the club world wide.

  • I like the positivity.

  • The key issues are how far RM has been able to embed his style in the team in the additional two weeks of the international break, which players are fit enough to play on Saturday and is he going to be able to turn around the Shots Attempted (7.4) and Shots Conceded (13.4) so the numbers are reversed.

    If he has got all three sorted then I can see a comfortable win, otherwise we will continue to struggle, especially on the Shots.

  • Hopefully the international break has given the team some time to settle in and fit RM's style 😎 the team is certainly looking stronger now than at any other point this summer.

  • Good to see there are no restrictions on fans allowed into the Stadium from Saturday ,

    A crowd of 18,000 plus would be great for the team .

  • Frankly none of us really know what we have here - which makes this one of the most exciting matches for a while.

    Our new centre back is the closest that we have to proven quality - but even he is out of short trousers and into shorts in a real mans league.

    Obafemi is VERY different to what we have - but is not the finished product and has never had a real run of games.

    Ntcham is the most unpredictable of the lot - still just 25 - he is described as a physical "specimen" but must be rusty - and has been sought by some of Europe's biggest clubs and played in the Champions League - and yet he is training on his own without a club. INTRIGUING doesn't even start to describe it.

    Add to this the continued (hopefully) development of Benda, Laird, Cooper, Piroe and we have a team that could be very exciting and attacking or fold like a pack of cards.

    I would be amazed if we see many scoreless draws moving forward - buckle up and enjoy the ride STID!!

  • Plenty of new faces.

    A fortnight's work on the training ground.

    Home game vs a promoted side.

    Crowds back in again.

    All very exciting, let's hope our season really gets going tomorrow. It could set the tone for the months to come.

  • That interview with Wales Online makes him sound a lot like Bielsa. Can't fault him for ambition.

  • so nitchin is this years korey smith. celtic fans say holding player god at getting forward but weak in defense so jay fulton wins out again.

  • I understand we are to see the return of the famous Vetch pasty today. Never mind the result surely that’s the best reason for going. I seem to remember there were two types as the pasty changed during later years. New one wasn’t as good. Today’s are Lewis Pasty’s but not sure whether they were original supplier or not.

    Anyone got a better memory than me?

  • Judging by the comments RM makes in the press conference, there are going to be some big surprises in the starting 11 today!

  • @Mark_Jack_London

    Watched the interview a couple of times didn't hear of many surprises you suggest ,

    Think this could be the team


    Naughton , R Williams , Cabango,

    Laird , Grimes , Fulton , Bidwell ,


    Piroe , Obafemi ,

  • I think the Vetch pastie was from Sunshine savouries. Must admit they weren’t to my taste, as they seemed to consist of mostly thick pastry around the edges, and God knows what filling inside. But as I always say, each to his own 😊

  • Can't remember the last time I felt this positive and excited about the coming season. Andre Ayew is a legend and will always be in my list of favourite Swans players, but it is so good to have finally got the last of the Premier League mega-salaries off the books and to be recruiting for the future, not to fill holes. Piroe, Obafemi, Ntcham, Williams, Laird, Downes - there are so many players I am looking forward to seeing this season. It may take months for them to click fully but I am confident they will. Just wish I could be there today - please sing extra louder for all the exiles who can't make it today!

  • There is an air of not quite knowing what to expect today. Its both exciting and slightly frightening.

    Really looking forward to the match and hoping 2 weeks might just be long enough to get the various units and the team functioning and creating opportunities at the top end of the pitch.


  • A few changes following the work over the last 2 weeks:

    Swansea City:

    Ben Hamer; Kyle Naughton, Ryan Bennett, Rhys Williams; Ethan Laird, Flynn Downes, Matt Grimes (captain), Jake Bidwell; Olivier Ntcham, Jamie Paterson; Joel Piroe.


    Steven Benda, Ryan Manning, Ben Cabango, Jay Fulton, Michael Obafemi, Liam Cullen, Joel Latibeaudiere.

  • Didn't expect Paterson before Obafemi but Paterson can play wide so it's a sort of like for like Lowe replacement

    Hope we see Obafemi though at some point

  • I believe Paterson will be playing alongside Ntcham, so two AMs and one CF Piroe.

  • I seem to recall that RM, in his weekly interview, implied that Obafemi wasn't quite there yet in terms of fitness.

  • Brilliant play so far, just need that finishing touch,

    Oh and the ref is crap.

  • Extra-ordinary improvement in play. We just need to keep playing and find that way through.


  • Excellent performance so far against a team that has little intent on any attacking play

  • Its not lack of intent, they just dont have any opportunity, we arent allowing it

  • Is this Wales v Estonia in disguise?

  • Same old story, all the possession, doing nothing in the final third, we could b here all day and we won’t score. We r in 21st position in the league.

  • Took Hull 88 mins to work out we can't score. Now they are trying.

  • Best performance of the season and created chances. Definate penalty when Laird was fouled, just one of those days!

    massive improvement and hopefully 3 points on Wednesday

  • Now Wednesday will be a real test against a team that just drew with westbrom away

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