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Footy focus and MOTD

Was watching a guy being interviewed at the Emirates,and on the wall don't know if it's a memorial wall ,but there was a name up there ! Steve card ! Swansea gooner ?......this was on footy focus ,I was also reading an article on the net and the topic of conversation was about MOTD how the format hasn't changed in years ,how stale it's become ?...... The analysis is just three guys opinions ,for the lay person the explanation of the game is limited ? ,you don't see the whole of the pitch through the telly , all you see is the camera following the ball you would think formations and the rules would be shown more graphically with the the tech they have at there disposal !another bug bear is they constantly focus on the 5 or 6 big clubs, why don't they invite managers refs on to it ,


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    I also saw the article you are referring to and completely disagree with it.

    MOTD provides excellent highlights for all games that were played on the day. The analysis is also just right. I think Lineker Wright and Shearer are awesome together.

    The article actually missed the point which in my opinion is a bit embarrassing for the author. MOTD on a Saturday night is never aimed at providing in depth technical analysis of each game. The whole point of MOTD is a light hearted, fun roundup of all matches attended by hundreds of thousands of people on that day. It's a show late on a Saturday for the average guy to watch having got home from the pub or is cracking open a beer at home following a hard weeks work.

    The last thing I want at 11.45 on a Saturday night is an in-depth technical conversation from guys or women who once kicked a ball around who now love the sound of their own voices.

  • If you want old style in depth discussion with games played on paddyfields watch The Big Match Revisited on ITV 3 from the 1970s with Brian Moore...excellent and interviews with managers who looked totally out of place in the studio.

  • I always watch MOTD , gives me a chance to see the top teams and best players , all the goals scored in the Premier League .

    The big match for ITV didn't work for me , prefer the later start , MOTD then off to zzzzzzzz

    I like the set up with Lineker, Shearer and Wright .

    Football focus is going through a transition with youngsters replacing the old guard .

  • Watched a Big match revisited last week between Millwall vs Spurs a young Gordon Hill for Millwall , there were some really tasty tackles , the Millwall full back was forced to leave the pitch after a tough one ,

    The wind was blowing at Cold Blow Lane .

  • Big match today was Luton 1 Q P R 1

    David Pleat manager top players in the Luton side included Kirk Stephens , Mal Donaghy ,Paul Price (who later played for the Swans ) a forward line of Ricky Hill , Brian Stein , Bob Hatton and David Moss

    In the Rangers side a young Clive Allen , Tony Currie Stan Bowles ,

    The game played in Division 2 on a good pitch , Luton were a good side .

  • Wasn't it a plastic pitch. They did have one around that time, as did QPR I think.

    We were fortunate to beat Luton in our last home game of the season at the Vetch prior to going to Deepdale and winning 3- v Preston.

    Happy days

  • @Colin_swansea

    Proper grass pitch nice stripes ,

    Thought we drew 2 - 2 at the Vetch a very important point before the Deepdale trip and History

  • Malc,

    yes you are right, a draw game, was thinking what year the plastic pitch was put in. Found this article , Before Man Utd played AZ Alkmaar on a plastic pitch, teams likes QPR and Luton used artificial turf to their advantage – The Sun

  • Were QPR the first plastic pitch , surprised Luton changed from a good grass pitch,

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