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What is ‘intensity’?

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In his comments reported by Wales Online at the end of the international break, Martin said: "Everything is built around one thing…”

Would this be possession? Passing accuracy? Fitness?

Surprisingly perhaps, the answer was in fact intensity. He then went a bit new agey on us, adding that “everything is connected, in and out of possession”.

Martin doubled down on the ‘I’ word in his post-match comments yesterday, declaring that "We had complete dominance and control from our intensity…” and “the guys were playing with real intensity and conviction”, before revealing his hippy Brighton streak again by adding that “it soon turned into what it was”.

I presume when he says intensity he is talking about a combination of high fitness levels and complete concentration and awareness of where everyone is and what’s going on 100% of the time, which has to be a good thing (although I’m darned if I can think of a manager who wouldn’t ask for that).

Anyone got an alternative explanation for what he means?



  • Moving the ball quickly and making short runs to receive the ball when we are in possession - and closing down hard and fast when the opposition have it. We saw more of all of that yesterday..

  • So high press then? Or no?

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    Not just high @Cadleigh - all over the pitch - that is why Martin was saying that they weren't fit enough under Cooper..

  • Sounds very much like Bielsa then

  • apart from square passing and not going for the jugular as Bielsa's team do.

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    Just wanted to make sure that 'intensity' related to the style of football and not to being brooding and staring a lot 😠

  • Leeds vs Liverpool is a game to watch for intensity the game played at full throttle or 100MPH .

    When they attack it is fluent , fast and frightening for the defending team , everything is usually played forward often 1 or 2 touch a game where you have to take a deep breath .

    There is also an intensity to winning the ball , easy it pep or Brendan said you try to win the ball back in 2 or 3 seconds .

  • @Malc I was at the Leeds vs Liverpool game yesterday and you are correct the speed at which the ball is moved around (by both teams) is streets ahead of anything you will see in the Championship.

    If we can get anywhere near that level of intensity then Championship teams will really struggle against us, however, the key is the player's ability to play 1 touch (maybe 2 at a push) football and Liverpool's midfield trio of Tiago, Fabinho and Elliot were absolutely brilliant (Hope Elliot recovers fully as he really does look some player).

    So if RM is trying to implement something similar then I say fantastic and look forward to the development over the coming months.

  • @Cadleigh

    If you saw the match on Saturday it was a perfect explanation of what RM means by intensity. In fact the look on Grant McCann's face and his attempt to make sense of the match during the interview after spoke volumes.

    To summarise what RM means, "Our style of play may be expected and anticipated, but its Intensity will come as a shock."

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    It's a vibe, Cadleigh. A feeling. Or a smell, even 😉

  • A bit crude I know, but maybe that particular smell will be that of the opposition crapping themselves. Eau de Cistern if you like.

  • Let's hope so! Preston and Hull were more likely to wet themselves laughing...

    The one thing that worries me about Martin's latest comments is he was disappointed to see so many long shots from outside the box against Hull. If you have players with the ability to shoot from range like Grimes has, why would you order your players to try to walk the ball into the net?

    Oh well, fingers crossed that part of our game clicks against Millwall tonight.

  • @Cadleigh

    Whilst I agree with the principle of what you say, could you just remind me how many goals Grimes has scored from outside the box in his time with us.

  • Fair point. He has scored four goals in total so I guess the answer is 'fewer than five'.

  • I doubt Hull were laughing....they were too busy trying to breathe, and trying to find that round thing they were meant to kick, rather than just chase after.

    Lets see how hard Preston laugh when we play them next.

    If you listen to what RM said after the match,

    ".....we had a few too many shots from outside the box and not inside but when teams are defending that deep and have lots of bodies in the box it becomes difficult, but the next bit is going to come...."

    and yesterday,

    "...the next bit is taking more risk in the final third...but when you play in a team that is trying to dominate the ball, you dont want to be the guy who gives the ball away....(however) there's a time when the rhythm of the game, the tempo of the game needs to change and someone needs to take a risk (in the final third) and that will come.."

    Not sure how you get from that, ".....you order your players to try and walk the ball into the net?"

    That seems to be trend with your comments, how to present RMs comments in a negative way. A bit of projection of your underlying views perhaps?

  • Sometimes the moment dictates the decision to be made. Maybe a mix of scoring from distance or scoring from a tap in will be the perfect approach as this more than anything else will keep the opposing team guessing. I didn’t see or hear the game on Saturday but judging by the majority of comments on here the direction seems to be harking back to the tactics that always gave us a fighting chance in the glory days under RM and his successors who stuck to largely the same system. And that’s all we can ask for. That the managers strategy gives us that all important fighting chance that held us in good stead throughout our rise up to and during our stay in the Premier League.

  • No need to have a go at me, JR. I am not the only person who worries about this. In fact I haven’t spoken to a Swans supporter in recent weeks who doesn’t share this concern. As do the commentators for the games I haven’t been able to attend. I did ask after the Hull game if it was true as the commentators said that we were looking for the perfect goal and @Jackareme said not to worry, we did attempt some shots from distance, while @StephenR said he wishes we had done more. Was pretty encouraged by that, but Martin’s comments concern me.

    I don’t see how you can read his comments any other way, he doesn’t like shots from outside the box, he wants his players to get into the box and score from there.

    I’d rather see both/and, and I suspect the overwhelming majority of Jacks feel the same.

    Trying to cancel me by questioning my motives will achieve nothing. Not will uncritical adulation for Martin. Getting behind the manager does not mean you can’t ask questions.

  • PS Reading the remarks that you posted and what Martin has previously said, I'd say the players will understand the following:

    • Do not shoot from outside the box if you want to get picked (and you absolutely will not get picked if you displease me, I have demonstrated that by dropping Piroe, Benda and Whittaker)
    • Keep possession of the ball
    • You may take a risk with possession in the final third if it will create a goal scoring opportunity in the box. In fact I will positively encourage that

    I'd say those of us who enjoy the odd shot from the half way line are going to be disappointed...

  • Well, you may not be the only person who worries about but I didnt meet any of them at the match. So there is me and probably quite a few thousand others who dont share your concern.

    Not sure which commentator said we were looking for the perfect goal (that is an old passive/aggressive criticism that was aimed at both RM1 and BR as well). I'd be interested to know who said that?. I didnt get to see the match on video only the highlights.

    We had plenty of shots from outside the box, but we havent yet taken that next step of getting into the penalty area and putting dangerous passes into the 6 yard box and other parts of the penalty area.

    I propose you read his comments as made, we had too many shots from outside the penalty area, when a number could have benefited from a threatening ball for attackers to move to in the penalty area.

    How that becomes ".....you order your players to try and walk the ball into the net?" takes a complete mis-interpretation of what was said.

    Again how does too many shots from outside the penalty area, become "...he doesnt like shots from outside the box.." that is just deliberate mis-interpretation of what was said.

    Perhaps I should intrepret your words to mean you just want us to take shots from outside the box, rather than passing into the box, because that would be as accurate as your mis-interpretation of RM words.

    Not trying to cancel anyone, but when someone says something clearly wrong without any evidence to back it up expect to have it pointed out and commented on.

    Perhaps you can point to where RM said what you are stating he said, as Ive been through the interviews and I dont hear it in either.

    No uncritical adulation for anyone, but no unwarranted, inaccurate pot shots either, eh!

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    We had 16 shots on Saturday, 10 from outside the box and 6 from inside the box. Five shots were from Piroe. Four of those were from outside the box. Be interesting to see whether Piroe starts tonight, and if so whether he takes any shots from outside the box.

    The word 'few' means at least three but usually no more than five or six, so let's assume he was saying that he would prefer a ratio of between 7:9 to 4:12 outside:inside the box, as opposed to the 10:6 ratio that actually occured on Saturday.

    I actually don't know who commented on those games. I thought it was Andy Robinson (Preston) and Ian Walsh (Hull) but the internet seems to suggest it was Lee Trundle and Wyndham Evans.

  • Not sure why you are still trying to mis-speak what RM said and use your own words instead.

    He never said 'few'. He said too many shots from outside the box. Too many Shots isnt 'few'.

    Again you are trying to create a narrative, that isnt accurate.

  • So you didnt hear any commentator on the Hull match say we were trying to score the perfect goal. Did someone tell you that what was said, or did it just pop into your head unbidden?

  • Er, you literally wrote that he said “we had a few too many shots from outside the box”. Just now. Up there. And I am not using ‘literally’ in a vague way here, that is EXACTLY what you said he said. In quote marks. Eights posts back.

  • Yeah, I heard commentators say precisely that. I just didn’t write down their names. See the difference?

  • Fair point on the few too many. So what is your point you want an exact ratio of how many is too many?

    I'd suggest 10 outside the penalty box, 3/4 just insoide the penalty box and 2/3 near the penalty spot is unbalanced.

    If we are using 16 as the standrad I'd go 2/3 in the six yard box, 9/10 in the penalty area and 3/5 outside the area.

  • ..but you know the voices of our commentators, was it Lee or Wyndham or someone else. wait a minute didnt you say in a separate thread you didnt see the match. Did you see the video of the match or not?

  • To be honest I find it hard to tell Trundle from Robinson, Wyndham from Curt. Voices are not my thing and I am not terribly interested in who the commentators are but in what they say. And yes, I did not see either match but I did listen to both games on the radio and watched the extended highlights when available.

  • Commentator just said ‘at times this season we have almost tried to walk the ball in to the net’. Swans TV, 10 mins and 30 seconds in. And no, I don’t know who the commentators are.

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    You can't tell Trundle from Robinson or Wyndham from Curt, then you arent a real Swansea fan.

    So no-one said we were trying to create the perfect goal. thank you.

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