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Match Discussion: Swans v Millwall - Championship 2021/22

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Swans v Millwall Championship game on Wednesday, 15 September 2021 at 7:45pm.

Referee John Busby was assisted by Steven Meredith and Andrew Fox, with Dean Whitestone the 4th Official for the game.

Have a browse of the Swansea City v Millwall Head to Head Statistics since the first meeting at the Vetch Field in 1921.

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Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Russell Martin's pre or post match comments and team selection.



  • Though disappointed with the result Saturday generally satisfied with our approach. So hopefully we can go one step better against the Wall and get the winning goals...

  • Mark my words someone is going to get a thumping from the Swans soon. An early goal and the opposition over committing for an equalizer will see us absolutely tear someone apart. Maybe Wednesday?

  • Here's hoping!

  • RM, The Man, has set our course and won't be changing just because of some rough weather.

    Full Steam Ahead.

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    Tomorrow they will be aggressive and they like to counter attack, so it will be a different challenge. Looking forward to seeing if we can sustain the performance level.

  • Team News, just two changes. Manning and Ben, with Piroe still upfront.

    Swansea City:

    Ben Hamer; Ryan Bennett, Kyle Naughton, Ben Cabango; Ethan Laird, Flynn Downes, Matt Grimes (captain), Ryan Manning; Olivier Ntcham, Jamie Paterson; Joel Piroe.


    Steven Benda, Jay Fulton, Michael Obafemi, Liam Cullen, Joel Latibeaudiere, Jake Bidwell, Liam Walsh.

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    Positive start here, I can see us scoring some goals today

  • Same old story, no goals.

  • This game is crying out for Cullen up front

  • In full support of the passing style but it's clear that we need skillful front guys with a bit of pace to make it work.

    Watching this at home. First 10 mins looked good but after 45 mins with hardly any goal mouth action, makes you feel like gauging out your eyes.

    Didn't think I would say it but at least with Cooper you were on the edge of your seat in fear that our defence might not hold out lol

    Hopefully second half will see some goals..come on Swans

  • There's a thread on this site about intensity. That 45 minutes shows you what is isn't. STID.

  • Why the f**k is Whittaket not even on the bench? Who has he offended or pissed off, cos I don't think we have seen him since his cup hatrick !

  • I'd suggest Liam to come on alongside Piroe. If we can get crosses inside the 6 yard area, that's Liam's finishing skill.

  • Not rocket science..... don't score .....don't win.

    Don't win........there's only one direction to go......down.

  • I like Piroe - a lot, in fact.

    But I don't think he's a No9.

    We are crying out for a No9 to be on the pitch. Someone to stretch teams, trying to run in behind.

    That's the only thing lacking at the moment. We look good otherwise.

  • This game is crying out for Obafemi in place of Paterson or Ntcham - we need an injection of pace and power to play around Piroe. If he has advanced his fitness he needs a longer cameo.

    Downes and Laird are oozing class, we are dominant again and trying to create in the final third - a Swans goal will totally open this game up.

    On the minus side I was pleased to see Manning start on the left - but he has not really got into it - and Ben Cabango looks like COVID has taken a chunk out of his match sharpness. Ntcham not looking as sharp either - maybe a little early in his pre season for him to play twice in a few days?

  • @Llanjack What’s your problem with Cullen? I notice you reacted with a WTF to my suggestion of bringing him on. Jackraven suggested the same so it’s not that outlandish of a suggestion.

  • Walsh looks top class

  • Endless passing leading to nothing all game, and then we wait until the final 15 minutes to let Millwall have a go? Come on.

  • Great play today, the goals will come. If you dont like it support someone who doesnt pass. I hear SC might be appointed by Soton. so that's an option for those who dont like passing.

  • First half the players followed RM’s playbook to the letter. Four shots, three of them from inside the box. They followed their instructions to the letter and learned their lessons from Hull. Don’t shoot outside the box. As the half went on you could see the players getting frustrated and pinging longer balls. Second half we went to pot apart from a short spell. Don’t know what he said at half time but it wasn’t very helpful.

    I was sorry for Grimes and Obafemi but at the end I was relieved we came away with a point.

  • RM is definitely right we need to be a lot fitter and stronger to play this style when Walsh came on that’s the kind of player we’ve been lacking someone taking the ball on the half turn and drive at defenders.wel definitely get better still could do with a couple of players with genuine pace even iff it’s to come off the bench late in games.

  • Weird suggestion, I think I’ll stick with the club I’ve supported my entire life.

    Say what you want about Steve Cooper but we beat Millwall twice last season under his leadership.

  • We came closer to scoring today because we were patient. Obafemi's was the classic chance which should have gone in.

    The only player playing longer balls was Hamer, and 8 shots in the second half, playing to RM's playbook. Trying to pick your stats, a bit like Pablo

    Classic ignoring the reality of the style of play, that most of us appreciate and will pay benefits eventually.

  • I wouldn't say it's endless passing but it's passing without and end purpose. We ponder on the ball so much in the final third that it's almost impossible to break the defence. Is it forwards not making runs or the midfield not being creative enough. I think it's the midfield because when Walsh came on he created a great chance that Obafemi should have scored and he nearly created another couple of chances. For me he starts on Saturday

  • I think Jackareme cracked it to a certain degree earlier when he said Manning hadn't really got into the game. For my money, neither did Laird.

    For this system to work you need your wing backs getting into forward positions and making stuff happen, that is not (yet) happening from what I can see.

    Also, as I said earlier, I don't think Piroe is a 9, he's more of a 10. We need to start playing Obafemi more, to see if he's the answer, because if he isn't, we've got work to do in January.

    The style and the way we want to play is 100% correct, we just need to get better at it and Martin needs to work out the square pegs for the square holes.

    Anyone expecting another play off tilt - lower your expectations. This is a transitional season.

  • I thought so on Saturday, (great play, I mean) but tonight we were lack-lustre in the first half. Thank god for Obafemi, put some life into us and the crowd, who had started to murmur discontendidly.

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