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Derby County going into administration & will be deducted 12 points.

Poor old Mr Rooney.


  • Official EFL Statement:

    With confirmation from Derby County Football Club that they have filed a notice of intention to appoint administrators, the EFL can tonight confirm that the Club will be subject to an insolvency event under the terms of the EFL’s Regulations.

    As a result, the Club faces a 12-point deduction.

    Once the EFL has received formal notification of the application, the deduction will be applied.

    The EFL will in due course engage in discussions with the relevant parties with the aim of achieving a successful outcome for the long-term future for the Club.

    The League is disappointed with the comments made by the Club in respect of COVID lending facilities. The EFL entered into a debt raise to provide its Clubs with access to funds that would support them in dealing with the impact of COVID and, as with any loan, this was subject to a timeframe and eligibility criteria which Derby County was unable to meet.

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    It does put the situation with our owners in a lot of perspective and shows what we could be dealing with.

    Although people will find it amusing with Rooney, ultimately their fans will be only real losers in this saga as they will be there long after Rooney moves on.

    Derby have spent big and wasted money on players we all knew weren't going to be good enough to get them promoted. Look at the money splashed out for Lampard Rooney and the likes of loaning Mount.

    In that way it is right they are strongly penalised as they didn't work to the same rules as everyone else - and its outrageous that as of today the EFL still haven't punished them - would Swansea have been given years and years like Derby have - the EFL would have relegated us within six months of finding we had flouted financial fair play. Basically gave Derby a chance to get promoted before hitting them.

  • The Villa done it too, but got promoted and were left alone, Bournemouth weren't squeaky clean either, Stoke next

  • Hope the swans are safe

  • Derby County officially enter administration , likely to get a 12 point deduction .

    Oh dear .

  • they're now on minus 2 points. That should increase soon to -11 points, when they get another 9 point deduction for the failures on their accounts.

    I think that's near impossible to avoid relegation this time. Wycombe fans, owners, players and management should be very, very upset with what happened last season.

    Derby's owners have not only cheated their own fans, but those of Wycombe and any other club that have been relegated in the last 3 to 4 seasons.

    There's also a real chance they could actually go bust. And the shock waves of that should cause big waves in the game. Derby are Football League founders.

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    It's the fans I feel sorry for, as always.

    No one asks for a bunch of R soles to take over their club.

    Most people see a change of owners and are willing to give them a chance, even if they have reservations.

    The Derby fans will have been no different. You always want to believe that the custodians of the club care as much as you do. Unfortunately, it is rarely the case.

    Putting the fans aside for a minute though. I am glad that Mel Morris is getting his comeuppance. He's run the club shoddily and recklessly, and it's been coming for years. Zero sympathy. Hopefully he gets barred from doing this to another club in future.

  • Official Statement from the EFL:

    The EFL can today confirm that, in accordance with EFL Regulations, a 12-point deduction has been immediately applied to Derby County Football Club’s 2021/22 season total. This follows the lodging of the Notices of Intention to Appoint Administrators on Friday evening, and the subsequent announcement that the process of appointment was completed earlier today.

    The League has already held initial constructive discussions with the Administrators and will remain in regular dialogue with them as they seek to find the appropriate solutions required to assist the Club as it navigates its way out of insolvency.

    In addition, the League will today be contacting representatives of Rams Trust (the Derby County Official Supporters Trust), DCMS, MPs from the Derby area and other relevant stakeholders inviting them to meet the League to discuss the Club’s position now that Administrators have been appointed.

    EFL Chief Executive Trevor Birch said: “I appreciate that this is a challenging and concerning period for everyone associated with the Club, particularly the staff and supporters, and it is our intention to work proactively with the Administrators and all relevant parties with the objective of securing a long-term and viable future for Derby County. We will endeavour to provide timely and relevant updates as appropriate and as and when events unfold over the coming weeks.”

  • Derby County are my least favourite team in the whole EFL and whilst I have no desire to see them go bust (I don't like seeing any team go bust), however they have been disgracefully run for a good 15 years now, especially so sine Mel Morris took over.

    Just some things that spring to mind

    1 - Dodgy sale of ground

    2 - Conduct of players (drink driving, nearly killing themselves etc...)

    3 - Conduct of club towards above players ultimately making the worst offender Captain

    4 - Finances around Wayne Rooney appointment (when they were already on dodgy FFP footing)

    5 - Not getting a deduction (and relegation) last season

    6 - Unbelievable arrogance of the owner.

    I hope they and their owner get suitable punishment and if that's starting again like Bury the so be it

  • Agree almost entirely @Chris_Sharman - and they are in my top 3 for all the reasons you quote - I notoriously bear a grudge, however, and cant find it in my heart to hate them more than Stoke and the scummers.

  • Steve McClaren has stepped down at Derby County as Technical Director .

    Meanwhile the company behind Derby's shirt sponsors have offered to advance payments on its contract to help the club and tackle the Rams' short term financial problem

  • Looks as if Mike Ashley could be interested in buying Derby , would Derby fans like that ?

  • Malc,

    of course they would. Fans at clubs like Derby would do anything to get back to the 'Golden Fleece' that is the PL.

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    abhor the man, and everything he stands for - the way he treats his staff especially.

    But if he saves their club, I dont think they'll be worried. It's not like he hangs people. or chops them up when they call him out.

  • Derby are appealing against their 12 point deduction blaming the Coronavirus pandemic for their financial problems, saying the points deduction is unfair.

  • Derby really are set of W**nkers

    They should be not so politely reminded that 91 other teams managed to avoid administration despite the pandemic.

    They should also be reminded that it's unfair to break FFP rules when other clubs are adhering to them.

    With the closing statement being "thank you for your time today here's a further 6 points deduction for wasting our time, now F*%K off to league one

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