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Match Discussion: Derby County v Swans - Championship 2021/22

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Derby County v Swans Championship game on Saturday, 2 October 2021 at 3pm.

Referee Andrew Madley will be assisted by Scott Ledger and Robert Hyde, with Sam Allison being the 4th Official for the game.

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Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Russell Martin's pre or post match comments, team selection.



  • we lost 2-0 up there last year when we were hard to beat away

    this year we're not hard to beat away from home, so we'll probably win!

  • We need to sort out our defensive play way from home 12 goals conceded in 5 Championship games show where the problems are ,

    Hope Bennett and Williams are fit .

  • It baffles me that Martin pinks Naughton has his central defender.When most of his time in Swansea he has played in the left back position and picks Cabango out wide of the back three

    I have read on here that the reason being is that Naughton is more comfortable on the ball and that is why he is picked in that position

    Considering what you said about the attributes required to be a decent footballer. Then being comfortable on the ball must be one of them and being very much high up on that list

    Playing someone like Cabango out wide of that back three, who has no pace and with Laird not willing to drop back or has been told not to do so. Is asking for trouble

    This business of having two defensive midfield players, with Downes making it a back four or even deafening/picking the ball up back further. Is not working for me, but there the Swans will probably win today

    As Jimmy Greaves used to say “football is funny game

  • Looking forward to seeing today's match, even though it has a draw written all over it.

    With Olivier injured that gives us the possibility of playing two up front.

  • baffles you? well, you've never been much of a visionary, have you Hadyn.

    I bet many of Laudrup's choices baffled you too! 😉

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    Good to see Whittaker is on the bench.

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    Coventry beat Fulham 4-1

  • Is Bennet still injured or just left out ?

  • Earlier in this thread MJL said Bennet is too close to call, so injured rather than left out I guess.

    This game cried out for a back four IMO. If you are not going to play your one WB, why go with that formation? Oh well, let's hope this is the game when everything clicks. Come on you Swans!

  • So why did the old London posters that were on here a few years ago, that I’m still in touch with. Used to tell me that you were a bit of an odd ball and that he thinks he knows everything to know about football. The operative word being “thinks”

  • For goodness sake, please stop this petty squabbling. Just ignore each other and do us all a favour.

  • seems we just cannot put the ball in the net plenty of shots ( for us) 7 with 2 on target.

    wonder if we can keep this up 2nd half ? our luck they will break away and get a winner c o y s

  • Happy with the first half performance, passing is getting better.

    The only thing missing, obviously, is the goals.

    Going to be heartbreaking on this performance if they nick a goal.

  • Whittaker ex derby to come on and score the winner 😃

  • Korey Smith....biggest piece of deadwood I have see for many a year

  • Get COOPER back, FOREST winning 3-0 away. 😂😂😂

  • Good point

  • yes a good point and a clean sheet but we need GOALS hopefully vs Cardiff 74 pc possession well done lads not an easy place to go

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    Oh well, defence performed better today than they did against Fulham so that's a plus; when I saw he was playing the same line-up again I thought we'd be in trouble. Sounds like we dominated the first half in particular and deserved to win, but all I'm reading on other forums, and from what the commentators were saying, it sounds like it was Groundhog Day going forward - too slow in attack and passing sideways when we got near their box. Can I ask anyone who saw the game if that is fair? And would we have been better off with two strikers and a number 10 rather than two AMs and a single striker?

  • First half 7 shots 2 ........on target.

    Second half 8 shots ...........0 on target. Two out of 15 says it all. Even Derby got more on target with far fewer shots.

    Stuff possession stats something drastically wrong with this team.

    Midfield? Forwards? Manager/tactics?

  • 10 of our 15 shots were from inside the box. Shooting practice on the cards next week lads. STID

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    76% possession but no goals from 15 attempts only 2 on target

    What does Russell Martin do in training with respect to scoring

    Does he actually realise that scoring and winning is the aim of the game

    His substitutions today dreadful

    Smith a waste of time today

    Cullen continues to offer sod all and shouldn't be in squad

    What is the point in Whittaker being brought on for couple of minutes.

    Looks like it is a fight against relegation with Cardiff at this point in time

  • korey smith is never a number 10 and never will be! Surely it would have been more positive to play 2 up front with Cullen playing instead of Smith, or Whittaker instead of Smith

  • Don’t be silly man. The large percentage in here, would rather watch the dross that’s being dished up in the likes of today’s game

    The football being dished up these days, is more like a dance routine. One pass forward. One pass back. One pass sideways. One pass back. Do the set piece all over again. Then kick the ball into touch or wherever

    Visionary football could it be

    76% possession

    Zero goals

    15 shots in the whole game, only 2 on target

    Against a side that’s in big trouble. That nearly didn’t have the players to start the season

    And some say that’s progress

  • I’m not panicking just yet as, despite the league table position, I see the positive signs on the pitch. Practically everything was going our way with Derby barely threatening our goal. The all important final piece of the jigsaw are those damned elusive goals that we failed to score however. Although Piroe is a good striker in the main, this is an area that definitely needs freshening up come the January transfer window. If we can get this part of our game right then I can see us winning more games than we are currently. Another derby game next with an altogether different vibe to it. The international break will be a good time to get some shooting practice in in readiness for this.

  • I missed the first twenty minutes as I was doing work over in my sons house.

    But I will give you an example of and when Cooper was criticised by many on here, for not bringing on players. Obviously he must have though that the players he had on the bench washer that particular game was not going to make much difference to the outcome

    Well today. We had Martin in his wisdom taking Piroe off, who didn’t look that pleased and put Cullen in his place

    What did Cullen do in that twenty odd minutes?? Well I’ll tell you, in that he might as well have stayed on the bench and the Swans to have played with ten men

    Mind you, I doubt if you will here any dissent to that substitution on here by the “Martin brigade” as Martin can’t do no wrong in their eyes

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