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What happened to Benda

What happened to Benda. Hamer sems to be like woodman hump it long or into touch



  • Bit harsh on Hamer Martyn - I think he has done ok..

  • I don't think there's much to choose between the two. I do believe Benda's distribution is better and certainly quicker than Hamer's. I also wonder if Hamer is benefiting from the players now beginning to adapt to the system and making themselves more available to the short passing out from the keeper. Benda had to deal with there being very few options available to him. This often made him look as though he was dithering, but for me, it was the outfield players who were as much, if not more to blame.

  • Don't think anything has happened to Benda - he as with the other guys found it difficult to play from the back and made too many mistakes.

    Hamer has definitely been better and deserves the shirt at the moment. Current form he's definitely our no. 1 and I feel more secure having him in goal than Benda.

  • I would say that both Benda and Hamer are definitely an upgrade on Nordfield and Mulder - how they both got contracts when we were in the Premier league is completely baffling

  • Benda had the tough early games, Hamer came in at a good time when the team had a couple of weeks to figure out the basics. He's done what has been required but has had far less to do than Benda.

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    Looking at the shots faced stats Hamer has been just as busy as Benda when you look at the games at Preston Fulham Luton etc etc - I agree he is probably benefiting from the team improving but I also think the team has improved because of the experience he brings. He is no. 1 at present.

  • Really harsh on Mulder - I liked him. I thought he did a solid job for us in 18/19, and we weren't exactly in a position to keep a top keeper behind Fabianski in the Prem were we.

    I hope Benda comes good but not sure how you can call him an upgrade on Mulder - based on their performances for the Swans Mulder is the safer pair of hands.

  • I'll admit though thinking back Tremmel was really a different class to Mulder and Nordfelt, the perfect back up keeper and a top man. How I would love to have prime Tremmel as our current keeper... now that would be perfect.

  • 100% agree, Tremmel was more than capable of being our no.1 in the Premier league. Actually he arrived just before Vorm I think and played in some friendly games and I thought then he was our replacement for De Vries

  • The German keeper who was on trial and who played in friendly matches prior to the pre-season trip to Austria was Thorsten Stuckmann, while Tremmel signed in late August 2011 from Red Bull Saltzburg.

  • It was definitely Tremmel who looked good in the friendly v Celtic, that's what I was referring to. I don't remember the other bloke.

  • Stuckman was on trial during the early part of pre-season training at Llandarcy, and in the games in Austria Moreira played v Inter Baku, and against an UAE Olympic X1 Tremmel and Cornell played.

    In friendly matches at the Liberty v Celtic and Betis both Tremmel and Moreira played 45 minutes in each game.

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