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Manager Sacking

Can't believe Watford have sacked their Manager having took them up and having already won two games.

What confidence does that give their players knowing the guy they play for could be sacked with a few poor results.

Pressure enough in the Premier league- this only adds to it and Watford are surely now hot candidates for relegation.

You then look at Mccarthy at Cardiff who the bluebirds were all wanking over until five games ago - their owners so far are not pulling the trigger - thankfully for us - let's keep him in for our game.

At the other extreme my local club Telford are on a dreadful run 1 win in 13 I think, absolute clueless performances , players coming and going and due to an apparent relationship between the owner and manager they won't sack him. Was at a game recently where the Manager and Captain of Telford were arguing with their own fans during the game - yet the Manager won't resign and owner refuses to sack him. Likely relegation unbelievable.



  • That is the Watford model , looking to appoint Ranieri.

    The Pozzi family like to change their managers frequently , happy to be a yo yo club , with them owning different clubs their recruitment works well

    Pozzo Snr owns Italian club Udinese .

  • In any tenure by a Manager, there will be rough times, if when they happen everyone goes all Queen of Hearts "Off with his Head!" then the club will yo-yo and rarely improve in the long term, because as soon as the existing manager has a poor series of results he is out, and so the cycle starts again.

    That's why I dont like changing Managers and prefer they complete their contract, unless they want to leave, then it should be recognised quickly and expedited for the benefit of the club. There is no point in keeping a Manager who doesnt want to be at the Club.

  • Football management for 95% of clubs is like a merry go round , club managers in the Championship do very well to last 3 seasons ,

    Most clubs see changing the manager easier than changing the team .

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