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Match Discussion: Swansea City U23s v Ipswich Town U23s - Professional Development League South

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This is the place to discuss the Swansea City Under 23s v Ipswich Town Under 23s Professional Development League South game at Landore on Monday, 4 October 2021 at noon.


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    Is it OK to just turn up down landore and watch?

  • Yes spectators have been allowed in to all U23 and U18 league matches in the last few weeks

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  • Losing 1-0

  • 2-0 now. Somthing seriously wrong with this system. Awful so far.

  • 0-2 half time

  • 3-0 down now...

  • Full time 3-0

  • Sounds like another tough game for Under 23s @Gazza4421 ?

  • This does not sound good - interested to hear from the regular match reporters!

  • Here's the Official Match Report:

    Swansea Under-23s were handed their first home defeat of the season as they were beaten by Ipswich Town in their Professional Development League encounter.

    After starting the season with a win and a draw on home turf, the Swans were on the losing end of the scoreline thanks to goals from Fraser Alexander, Tete Yengi and Harley Curtis.

    A youthful Swans side, including 16-year-olds Ben Lloyd and Joel Cotterill, plus a number of other teenagers battled hard but were unable to haul themselves back into the game.

    There was also valuable game-time for Tivonge Rushesha as the defender continues his return from a long-term knee injury.

    Ipswich had started the game on the front foot, Tawanda Chirewa’s run through the Swansea defence early causing trouble before he dragged his shot wide.

    Swansea grew into the game, with Tarrelle Whittaker and Dylan Morgan proving their main attacking outlets.

    But it was the visitors who took the lead. Swansea goalkeeper Nico Defreitas-Hansen did well to save Bailey Clements’ low shot, but Alexander managed to turn the save into the back of the net in the six-yard box.

    Yengi doubled Ipswich’s lead just 10 minutes later, his great touch from Edwin Agbase’s long ball allowing him to cut in onto his left foot and curl his shot into the bottom left corner.

    The Swans' struggles continued into the second half, with Curtis making it 3-0 just after the break. A good ball across the box found the winger in space and he picked out the bottom corner.

    Swansea continued to fight but struggled to find a breakthrough. Morgan flashed a great cross in the six-yard box that Jaden Forrester couldn’t quite meet.

    Ben Margetson thought he had pulled one back for Swansea, converting a great header from Morgan’s free-kick, but the linesman ruled the defender offside.

    Swansea City: Nico Defreitas-Hansen, Tivonge Rushesha, Lincoln Mcfayden, Azeem Abdulai, Scott Butler (captain), Ben Margetson, Joel Cotterill (Rio Campbell, 45), Ben Lloyd (Jacob Jones, 75), Jaden Forrester, Tarrelle Whittaker, Dylan Morgan.

    Unused Substitutes: Ben Erickson, Jamie Searle, Adrian Akande.

  • Disappointing well beaten and result reflects game

    Reverted to 433 so more organised but poor team performance, passing and movement very poor

    Only bright light was Rushesha, our best player, and clearly back to full fitness

    Lloyd and Cotterill taken off and would be better playing for U18s and developing their game

    Something not right in Academy in my view Interesting and pleasing that Martin and Allen were at game

  • @RGD

    I'd be interested to learn how you think KO'L is doing. When he was in charge of the u23's previously, I thought the performances were quite poor and the teams were playing very much in the style we later attributed to Cooper. It seems from your comment in your last post that things don't appear to have changed.

  • I am not a fan of KOL and I think we can do better

    Clearly Martin wants the U23s to play in same style and formation as first team, don't think KOL is capable of coaching this

    His body language is similar to Cooper and these young players need high quality man management

    IMO We have a good squad of players who are not playing to their potential

  • I’m probably a bit more philosophical about today’s performance. We were playing a very good Ipswich side with an athletic forward line that rotated frequently and broke quickly, exposing the lack of pace in the centre of our defence.

    Our front two Forrester and Tarrelle Whittaker were starved of the ball in the first half and tried to do too much on the rare occasions they did get it.

    The damage had already been done by then, but I was pleased we kept going and made more of a match of it in the 2nd half, a couple of chances coming to Morgan, Forrester and Margetson with no reward. 

    Tivonge Rushesha, who performed well throughout, switched to midfield when Jacob Jones came on at right back.  Dylan Morgan always looked to create openings, although he’s clearly not a natural left winger. 

    Martyn Margetson was present, watching his son play. He was quick to explain to anyone who’d listen that he was wearing his England outfit as he was straight off after to the game to join the England set-up!

    Kieron Dyer coached the visitors. 

  • There has to be a benefit to both individually for the young players, their team performances and easier integration into the first team if the Academy is fully aligned with the possession style.

    I hope KO'L will be able to adapt but imo we do need that alignment, for all concerned.

  • Interesting developments from Brighton in the make up of their academy team playing a 30 + year in their team , after playing Bayern Munich who had a 30 plus central defender .

    What they found the experience of an older player who trains and plays with youngsters passed on their experience in match situations.

    Brighton have had Andrew Crofts now have Gary Dicker ,

    Man Utd have signed Paul Mcshane to the role

    Southampton have signed Olly Lancashire,

    The benefits to see is 8 academy players have made their debuts for Brighton this season .

  • Leon is still playing Welsh League. Could be in line for a new contract and an extended career 😀

  • The problem with that approach is that the average manager lasts 2 years and by the time most of these lads are ready to step up there will be a new style to fully align to. The lads who are on the doorstep of first team football tend to be training with the first team (Tivonge, Dan Williams all last season, even Lloyd and Cotterill have done a week here and there) ahead of potential transition.

    The academy never moved away from playing out from the back (90% of academies do it these days, we're not unique). We've "played the right way" since DJ, Rodon, McBurnie & co. were winning trophies with us. Some of the most productive academies of recent years don't advocate mirroring the first team at all - Stuart Webber at Norwich wanted a 4-4-2 in the u23s to ensure they'd get two strikers and two left-sided players on the pitch all the time, given they were the most difficult positions to recruit.

    We can't expect Whittaker to play like Piroe, or Tivonge to be like Laird. They're different players who can't simply be hammered into a shape that matches the first team, ready to slot seamlessly in down the line.

  • Well it shouldnt matter if the manager moves on, as the next manager we get, will be a possession based manager as well, wont he! So the fundamentals will be the same and there wont be such a transition as was required this time round.

    Also remember the formation has very little to do with the style a team plays so it is perfectly feasible to play 4-4-2/4-1-4-1/4-2-3-1/3-5-2 whilst playing a possession style, and there are benefits for the Academies to play different formations but still using the same style. Presumably that is why Man City are getting interested in perhaps offering us more loan players.

    I dont believe I said I expected Whittaker to play like Piroe, or Tivonge to play like Laird, however every player needs to understand the fundamentals of playing a few roles on the pitch using our style. Lets not confuse shape i.e. formation with style.

    Yes we could recruit very tall, less skilful CFs and start playing the ball long to them, but I suggest those arent the target market for our younger players. Now if we can find tall and skilful CFs, then Im sure we can accomodate them.

    We have a new batch of youngsters, we are asking a lot of them by playing them in teams above their age bracket, which is good, but the u23's should be following what we want in terms of style, fitness and professionalism. That's why having an experienced pro being part of the u23's is such a good idea to model the right behaviours, attitude and style.

    By the way, on the issue of Whittaker, he is a real talent, but he is very left footed, so he will either need to be really, really good at that or learn to be able to use his right foot and right side to a far higher level than at the moment. Otherwise good opposition teams and players will quickly learn that if they close down his left side he will not be anything like a dangerous with only room on his right.

    I hope someone is working with him on this as his excellent movement into the box late, gives us another option upfront.

  • So Leon Britten returns to work in U23s set up

    Its a start and I welcome it

  • You heard it here first, even the possible return to a playing role with the u23's 😂

    OK, it was a tongue in cheek comment initially but why can't my predictions be as lucky with the lottery 😕

  • He's got his badges so why isn't he working as a coach? Playing career at Ammanford too important?

  • Well he likes possession football, is in his thirties, known to be single-minded and a bit stubborn. Not sure his position on WBs.

    Presumably all that eliminates him as a credible manager!


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